Monday, March 17, 2008

Too Much Fun

Is it possible to have "too much fun!?!?!?" naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I had such a blast last weekend at Scrapbook Village's Spring Retreat. Neither snow nor rain -- and certainly not "dark of night" kept these gals from gathering at The Lodge in Glasgow, Kentucky. Except for stopping a few minutes to run outside and catch a few pictures of the beautiful snow (our biggest snow all winter) -- we cropped til we dropped! Ok...I admit -- there were a few ladies that stayed up later than I did...someone said they locked the doors to the big room at 3 am...and I am pretty sure I was snuggled up in my jammies before then.

Friday night, I helped Lisa Galvin and Debbie Turner host a 'make and take' extravaganza...there were six stations with a different projects that were absolutely FANTABULOUS. A group of doctors attending the retreat serenaded us with "scrapbooking" songs...the likes I have never heard...they sounded strangely like Christmas songs...and yet -- not at all Christmasy (if you know what I mean!) ha!
Saturday morning, I had the best class of women who took the "pledge" to just have fun and PLAY! And boy did we! We tore into Grunge board techniques with a vengence...painting, staining, sanding, pounding, glitzing and antiquing it to our heart's content. One of the things that Tim Holz says about Grunge Board is "you can't distroy this stuff." We certainly put it through it's paces -- and I am here to tell you it stood up to it all...not one piece of Grunge Board was harmed in the process of making our mini-books...but several pieces were "highly distressed."
It was fun to have our first guests on What You Make It this weekend too. I know you are going to love them AND their fun projects. Debbie Turner joined us with a fun travel layout -- and showed us several ways to create pockets with stitching, stapling and eyelets (to keep brochures and travel mementos with our layouts). You will not want to miss this show.
Lisa Galvin also joined us. Her first project was a deco-book...a kind of circle journal that you design around a theme of your choice. You then send it on to a group of friends who add their pages to your book. Everyone starts a book at the same time -- and sends it on to the next the time your book gets back to you -- you have added a page to everyone else's book and your's comes back as a new piece of art -- that you can treasure and enjoy. Lisa also created a precious clock for a baby's room with decopage techniques. It is a quick and fun project that would be a great gift.

And finally....note to helps to read the directions!