Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well we have news

Hello friends...

Well tonight we got the pathology report about Mom's brain tumor. It is a very aggressive form of cancer that there really is no cure for. The doctors are not really recommending surgery because of her frailty and how hard it would be for her to recover from the procedure -- only to have the tumor come back almost as quickly as it was removed.

We are supposed to talk with an oncologist Thursday or Friday to find out possible other treatments, but these will have to be weighed against "quality of life" there are still a lot of decisions to be made.

We have talked with Mom and she knows what the pathology report says...and she is very calm and at peace. We are continuing the steroid treatment that helps keep swelling down in her brain and allows her to retain motor skills -- so today she was up out of bed and walking a bit which made her feel really good. Her appetite is also really good...pretty much eating anything that is put in front of her. I sneaked her a chocolate candy bar in tonight (a big no no for diabetics -- but who doesn't need a little chocolate to comfort them?) When I left her she was engrossed in a Texas Rangers baseball game...very much aware of what all the plays were that were being made and thoroughly enjoying that is very comforting.

My sister and I would appreciate your prayers. The decisions we need to make in the next few days will be hard I am sure -- but I feel like we are totally on the same page so it will be good to be making them together.

I love you all...and appreciate your support.

Hopefully will have another update soon. Hope all is well with you guys.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home in Dallas

thank you all for all of your prayers. It has been good to be with my sister and her family and to be able to spend so much time with my Mom at the hospital.

We have had some good days and some bad days. Mom had a biopsy done on the brain tumor on Friday and came through that procedure really well. Over the weekend however she was really sinking fast...and we were not seeing any positive progress. The neurologist decided to put her on some very STRONG steriods to shrink the swelling around the brain mass...and by today she has REALLY improved dramatically. She more like her old self (which is good and "bad" for those of you who know my mom *smile*). She decided that she was ready to "go home" today....but settle for a blueberry muffin instead. Nothing like a little bribery! *ha*

Seriously, we need to wait for the pathology results from the biopsy -- which we are very hopeful that we will get on Wednesday...because we really can't make ANY decisions until we know what we are dealing with -- and Mom can't stay on this high dose of steriods that is keeping her strong and more cognizant for much longer. We are praying for news we can begin making some treatment and "next step" decisions.

On a lighter note...I have two new scrapbooking converts. First, my niece Lindsey has totally gotten into her birthday present from me was a "goodie bag" of scrapbooking must haves. We do some each morning before we go to the hospital...and after our baths at night. She is totally addicted -- and quite gifted for one so young. She comes up with creative ways to use her limited supplies...and does great journaling. It is fun to watch someone who doesn't have any hang ups about what the latest technique is...she just wants to tell a story and make you understand what is going on in the pictures. I think I should write a book..."Learn to Scrapbook Like An Eight Year Old -- You'll have more fun not to mention better pages." I took a few pictures of her work and her working that I will have to share later.

My second convert is my sister...she purposely stayed away from what Lindsey and I were doing at first...but now she is hooked. It is fun for the three of us to sit around the dining room table (now dubbed the "scrapbooking" room) cutting, pasting, rubbing and painting...and unfortunately, creating a list of items that we simply MUST stop and pick up the next day at either JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby or the LSS, The Scrap Bucket. Don't worry Annie -- I am being true to ScrapIT....just getting my sister and niece hooked on it so when they come to visit they will be well prepared for coming to a crop. Which reminds me...Lindsey asks me every afternoon if we are going to have our "crock" that night. Not sure why she calls it that -- but it is her word for what we do.

Ok...enough for now -- I finally got on the internet tonight so I ahve a lot of catching up to do...but wanted to get an update out there for all of you sweet friends that have been checking on me.

Love you all...and miss you greatly. Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Update on Mom

Thank you dear friends for your prayers and support.

I talked with my sister, the neurologist and the neurosurgeon this evening. Mom definitely has a very large brain tumor...but the steriods that they have placed her on have brought back some of her short term memory. (Yesterday you could tell her that she had a brain tumor and she would respond, "Oh...that isn't good" and then go back to what she was doing and not remember what she had just been told. Something to be said for not having any anxiety about it.)

We have decided that we will go ahead with a biopsy on Friday...which will tell us what kind of cancer it is. Armed with that information, we can make the next decisions.

I am headed to Dallas on Friday and will be able to be there with my sister and Mom during these times.

I am grateful that I have such a good prayer support group and sweet friends...since this was a new addition to some of the rather stressful things that have been happening lately -- I guess I could have been overwhelmed with it all. But by the grace of God -- I feel great peace and am just trusting the Lord to carry me through what each day holds. Trying not to think too far down the path -- becauase I don't know what is there anyway and wouldn't want to get ahead of God and HIS plans on all of these things that are going on in my life.

I love you all...and will try to keep you updated once I get there.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

I LOVE birthdays...mine and everybody else's. It is a time to celebrate the person...knowing that God put them on this earth for a reason -- their birthday is a good reason to remember that none of us (or what happens to us) is either a surprise to God...or experienced without his knowledge.

Perhaps those words are more sobering than the Happy Birthday song...but today, I needed to be reminded of them. Most of you know that Royce and I have decided that the course of our lives will not take us down the same path. (A diplomatic way of saying :we broke up:). It has been very hard on me...because, personally, I had planned to spend the rest of my life with him. Ilove him and I love his son, Weston, with all of my heart. But love and a future takes two people who are absolutely sure that it is the correct plan -- and we didn't have that.

So today, I am celebrating that I have been here for 45 years...all under the watchcare of my heavenly Father.

I had a lovely time at the ScrapIt! crop this weekend. What a blessing my dear new friends are there. Ruthie made me and Ann (whose birthday is day after tomorrow) the most delicious cake. There was so much laughter and great conversation...oh and we did get a little cropping done. Six months ago, I didn't have these close friends...women with wisdom and wit who were ready to jump in to support me emotionally during these "goofy, mixed up, sad and icky" days. I am a blessed woman.

I am here for a reason.

I am not a mistake.

None of what is going on in my life is catching God by surprise...and He intends to carry me through it -- sometimes using the arms of my friends...and probably sometimes just comforting me as I sit in my chair reading His words. And sometimes I believe He intends to just use my friend to make me laugh so hard that I forget for a moment that I am even sad.

Kind of like this morning when I walked into work. In my office chair were three pots of Rhododendruns. My sweet friend Carole, who has been to my house and realized that the nearly dead Rhododendrun that had been planted by the houses previous owner was now officiallly dead and GONE -- decided to take my front landscape into her own hands....she not only has me well equipped with healthy plants....she has promised to come and plant them herself....and remind me when they need to be watered. I rise up and call her blessed....because while I love beautiful flowers and want them around my house...I don't really have that "green thumb" thing going unless I am in the middle of a scrapbooking painting project and have a lovely shade of Heidi Swapp "moss" on one of my thumbs.

Life is good. Friends are good. God is good.

Happy Birthday to me.

Love you guys....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Only a week behind...

Hello friends...

I finished some projects last week...but never had my computer and scanner in the same place as the lo's when I had time to actually scan them (wow that was a LOT of variables...the stars must have REALLY been aligned today to make this happen). Here is a quick look....

Yesterday, I had a GREAT day doing Father's Day "make and takes" at Scrap It! on Saturday. It was the first time I had gotten to do this...and it was a BLAST! We made cards and gift tags. By the end of the day we had made 47 cards and 49 tags!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

On Turning 40

Not sister -- who happens to be five years younger than thanks for thinking I was that young!

As a big sister, I am accustomed to doing most thing BEFORE my sister...and turning 40 is just another one of those things. Also as a big sister, it has always been my job to pass on pearls of wisdom to make her life know -- stuff like how to not get caught if you participate in Senior "skip" day...the fact that despite what our mother says you should NOT let her perm your hair...and chocolate and ice cream truly is a cure for a broken heart.

So...I took it as my sisterly duty to prepare her for turning 40. Here is what I said.... (for any of you that aren't turning 40...file this can thank me later).

1. Age is just a number...sounds trite - but it is true.
2. Don't act older than you think you are...turning 40 is not an excuse to start wearing house coats and knee high stockings that show under said house coat.
3. This is a GREAT are old enough to know what you want and still young enough to get it.
4. Don't try to dress like a 20 year old...enough said.
5. With this age comes wisdom you have never had before...use it to make the world around you better.
6. With this age comes discernment about what is important (and perhaps MORE importantly) what is not -- it makes living day to day MUCH easier...look forward to that.

Ok...I won't go on -- but we had a great conversation and I assured her that the best is yet to come...I have certainly found it to be so.

As my gift to her this year...(since I started scrapbooking AFTER her birthday last year), I did a little mini book for her on the 40 things I love about's a few shots. I made it from the Maya Road "coffee break" box and book

Have a great week.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Little Things

matter....a lot!

For add a "K" to flan (a great desert), and you have a piece of meat. A whole different course....definitely not to be served together.

In the national weight table for women being an inch taller allows you to weigh 10-15 lbs more and they are alright with it. WOW do I want to be TALLER!

However, it is other little things that matter the most in my life. My friend, Ann, said, "Hey have a good day...and ...I love you" as I walked out the door today. My heart was a little droopy -- and it picked right up. My friend, Tracey, saw me and her face lit up and she ran up to give me a made me feel like I was important in her life. My friend Dana, asked me to meet her this weekend...just to have some girl time.

I often forget that by simply showing joy and love to people who matter to me I am doing a BIG thing. Lord, help me remember the lesson you showed me today. It is how You love both little and big ways....teach me to love like You do.

Speaking of little things....this is Ginger

This is a picture of her when she was a few weeks old...(she is a pomeranian/poodle mix). She really is a bit of a princess...worthy of a tiara. So I want to celebrate that. I think I will be working on a "Princess" scrapbook page this weekend....of another "little thing" that matters.

Hope you all have a great weekend...and know if I see you it will be with great JOY....because you matter....very, very much!