Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home in Dallas

thank you all for all of your prayers. It has been good to be with my sister and her family and to be able to spend so much time with my Mom at the hospital.

We have had some good days and some bad days. Mom had a biopsy done on the brain tumor on Friday and came through that procedure really well. Over the weekend however she was really sinking fast...and we were not seeing any positive progress. The neurologist decided to put her on some very STRONG steriods to shrink the swelling around the brain mass...and by today she has REALLY improved dramatically. She more like her old self (which is good and "bad" for those of you who know my mom *smile*). She decided that she was ready to "go home" today....but settle for a blueberry muffin instead. Nothing like a little bribery! *ha*

Seriously, we need to wait for the pathology results from the biopsy -- which we are very hopeful that we will get on Wednesday...because we really can't make ANY decisions until we know what we are dealing with -- and Mom can't stay on this high dose of steriods that is keeping her strong and more cognizant for much longer. We are praying for news we can begin making some treatment and "next step" decisions.

On a lighter note...I have two new scrapbooking converts. First, my niece Lindsey has totally gotten into her birthday present from me was a "goodie bag" of scrapbooking must haves. We do some each morning before we go to the hospital...and after our baths at night. She is totally addicted -- and quite gifted for one so young. She comes up with creative ways to use her limited supplies...and does great journaling. It is fun to watch someone who doesn't have any hang ups about what the latest technique is...she just wants to tell a story and make you understand what is going on in the pictures. I think I should write a book..."Learn to Scrapbook Like An Eight Year Old -- You'll have more fun not to mention better pages." I took a few pictures of her work and her working that I will have to share later.

My second convert is my sister...she purposely stayed away from what Lindsey and I were doing at first...but now she is hooked. It is fun for the three of us to sit around the dining room table (now dubbed the "scrapbooking" room) cutting, pasting, rubbing and painting...and unfortunately, creating a list of items that we simply MUST stop and pick up the next day at either JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby or the LSS, The Scrap Bucket. Don't worry Annie -- I am being true to ScrapIT....just getting my sister and niece hooked on it so when they come to visit they will be well prepared for coming to a crop. Which reminds me...Lindsey asks me every afternoon if we are going to have our "crock" that night. Not sure why she calls it that -- but it is her word for what we do.

Ok...enough for now -- I finally got on the internet tonight so I ahve a lot of catching up to do...but wanted to get an update out there for all of you sweet friends that have been checking on me.

Love you all...and miss you greatly. Thanks for your support.

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