Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Next Step in Photography

I have had fun over the past couple of days getting to know my camera a bit better. I have been meaning to study my cameras' manual since the day I got it -- but just haven't gotten around to it. The very talented Becky Novacek has done a wonderful photography tutorial on Scrap In Style tv... and I printed it out and grabbed my manual and worked through both of them over the past couple of days. Becky really emphasizes that she rarely uses her flash -- even for indoor photography...and I decided to take that as a challenge to learn how to do that (although her results are WAYYYYY better than mine) too. After playing with settings, and reading and re-reading both her tutorial, my manual and Brian Peterson's book, Understanding Exposure, I took the following pictures around my house. I did play with Photoshop on a couple of them -- but only to emphasize something that I liked -- no need to lighten them since the settings allowed me to get plenty of light without a flash. I love the soft look without the harsh shadows that I usually get from using the flash. Just a few glimpses of bits of Christmas around my house.

Hope you are enjoying the last few days of 2007 -- and planning on having a GREAT year in 2008. I am busy working out plans for What You Make It and am excited about some of the guests that we are going to be able to have come and visit us in the months ahead. We have some great things in store -- wonderful projects and a time to create lasting memories together. I can hardly wait!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Journal Your Christmas

One of the things my grandmother, Jammy Jane, used to always say to me was "never stop learning." Her advice has become one of the tenets of how I live my life...I love to learn -- I love to try new things. I love to take classes from other scrappers -- I think it helps me think outside my "creative zone." Thought I would share with you something that I am participating in this Christmas...It is Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class. We get a prompt every day on what to journal about that day -- with a couple of challenges (ideas to try while we are working on our pages). I really wanted to participate in this class because I love the idea of recording some daily thoughts during this holiday season -- Honestly...there have been days that I did my writing/journaling but didn't get around to scrapping the page until the next day -- which I think is fine considering how busy this time of year gets to be.

This is the cover...had a super fun time playing with Tim Holtz's new grungeboard...this stuff is A-mazing! It bends -- it folds -- it inks and paints and is, of course, TOTALLY distressable.

The snowflake page is about -- what else -- the weather for Christmas...I pulled out the snowflake mini-album from Maya Road that I never got around to working on this fall...and took a couple of pages from it and glued them together to form the page. The page on the right is a little sleeve to fill with cards and letters (one of my favorite parts of this album) after Christmas is over. I have used several vintagey Christmas items (like the old Christmas card) as part of this journal...and know I will enjoy having it out as part of my Christmas decoration.

Hope you are capturing some of your thoughts during this season...and hope you are continually learning...What would you like to learn to do this year that you haven't done before?

Monday, December 10, 2007

What a Cutie!

And perhaps my youngest student for a scrapbooking class EVER! She did great during my button painting class...look at the detail she put in the wreath and tree on these buttons!

She ended up doing a full card....and her sister (younger than she is) also painted right along with us! Her mom did tell me that they do a lot of crafts -- but I still think she has a huge future in the arts! The class was in Glasgow, Kentucky at Scrapbook is just a wonderful store...lots of yummy goodness that you just want to wander around for hours!
I have been working on a journal called Journal Your is a great way to focus on the important stuff during this season that can get overlooked in the hustle and bustle...hopefully will keep going all the way til the 25th. Will take some pictures of what I have done so far in the next day or so and share. Think about taking time to write down some of your observations about Christmas over the next few days...and then tuck them away for scrapping afterwards. Here are some ideas to get you started...
1. What do you see around you that lets you know Christmas is near?
2. Are you a white light or a multi-colored light person...why? What did you have as a child?
3. What tradition from your childhood have you brought into your own family?
4. You know that song "The Little Drummer Boy?" -- if you were able to give Jesus a gift from your talents...what would that gift be?
I have really been thinking about that last one a lot the past few days...I was listening to Christmas music while working on a project the other day and the words to that song just got stuck in my head..."I played my best for Him -- pa rumpa pum pum." ( was the first part of the phrase that stuckin my head...but I just like saying the "par rumpa pum pum" part).
Hope you are ready for a great week...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Spirit today I intended to get all the white lights is kind of the thing that signifies the :officialdom: of the Christmas season being in full swing. I start with the ceremonial placing of the nativity scenes (multiple ones in various rooms) -- and then move on to the placing of the trees/garland and the hanging of the WHITE lights. But being the "orderly" person that I am -- there are the house has to be cleaned first....I can sorta squeek by on the nativity scene activity -- afterall Jesus was born in a MANGER -- which probably wasn't totally clean either...but the rest of it -- the decorating the house simply requires cleanliness.

I have been in a major organizational tizzy...trying to figure out a way to use my guestroom (still as a guestroom) and as a warehouse for kits for the show. I have company coming -- and I would prefer for them to not to have to sleep on the shelves! *smile* I said when I started writing...I INTENDED to get all the white lights up today -- but I didn't. I did make progress in the organization thing...and perhaps in a day or two I will get the lights up...but to substitute the season "jolliness" quotient that normally comes from having the winter wonderland effect from the hundreds of twinkling white lights -- I found another source for seasonal joy....listen to this. I hope it helps if there happened to be something on your "to do" list that didn't quite get done today.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You Can Make It

Thank you so much for all the great feedback you have given me about these Christmas letters we created for an episode of What You Make It. I used vintage Christmas sheet music, Tinkering Ink papers and German glass glitter...I got the letters from Deb Dambroise Designs -- she has so many absolutely FANTABULOUS letters, shapes and words. She is also offering these letters (Tuscan Joy) along with Melissa Francis paper in a kit that I thought you might enjoy...go check out her store on ETSY...I know you will fall in love with her products the way I did. She also has a very inspirational

Monday, December 03, 2007

Crazy Frog Dance

Do you watch You Tube? I occasionally will find a link that just makes me laugh...and this video is just that kind of thing. These boys cannot dance...but I love how committed to this video/dance that they are....The boy in front knows the words...the one in the back is bustin some moves! Enjoy...Happy Monday

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Reason

A few days ago, I pulled out my Mom's nativity scene and was hit by a wave of nostalgia. First of all -- I remember my Mom making it -- it is ceramic and back in the 70's it was the creative "rave." (Ceramics, that is). Instead of painting the figurines, she chose to antique them and then just put a cream glaze...very timeless and classic. They became a centerpiece of our holiday of the first things we put out when we started decorating.
It was really fun to pull each of the pieces out and reminisce. What a great reminder then (and now) that Jesus' birth is the "reason for the season." I decided to have a little photo shoot (so much easier than with people, by the way -- ceramics are VERY cooperative -- stand where you want them to stand and don't mind you taking TONS of pictures *smile*)...and did a little layout with Kelly Panacci paper to capture my memories from my youth -- and perhaps the new tradition of this nativity scene being one of the first things that I get out each year too.
What are your holiday traditions? I am working on a list...would love to hear what yours are!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Figgy Pudding Anyone?

Don't you just love the Christmas paper from Basic Grey...Figgy Pudding? I do -- they always amaze me with how versatile it can go graphic with it -- or more layered collage and it just works -- depending on what you want from it. I decided to layer it for this layout of the boys...the title I combined the BG raw chipboard "HIP" with the monograms that match the Figgy Pudding paper. I particularly liked that they are both self adhesive -- totally speeds things up a bit. I added some paper glaze on top of the letters to give them a bit of shine. The journaling and frame are a couple of Sizzix die cuts from the same paper.

After Thanksgiving the Christmas tunes went on -- and I got busy with Christmas...will have some new things to show you in the next few days. By the way, we only have nine more Advent Calendars in the store...but I am going to try and put some more together -- so if they are sold out by the time you get to them, please check back -- I will work on getting more added quickly.

Have a great week!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Looking for Rudolf

There is a family of deer that lives in our neighborhood. With the drought here in Tennessee, they are going to have a hard time this winter. Royce has put a trough out with corn for them. I think it will be fun to sit out on the porch and watch them come to feed in the back yard...wonder if Rudolf will show up!?!?!
Hope you all had a good black Friday -- did you go shopping? I stayed away...just didn't feel like fighting the crowds. Weston however, went to spend the night with friends camping and waiting for Best Buy to open. I am sure I would have thought that was quite an adventure when I was 17 -- but at just sounds like a cold sleepless night!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to thank all of you that have sent well wishes and congrats. We launched What You Make It last night and have had some emails from folks that were able to catch it...and a few that said they were unsure of the I wanted to make sure I posted them here again.

Channel 31, Scottsville WPBM
Mondays - 6:30 pm
Thursdays - 2:00 pm (on Thanksgiving right before the 3:00 football game -- bet that will go over BIG! *smile*)
Saturday at 10:30 am

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and I will leave you with a few of the things I listed on my "blessings" list last night.

1. A loving family -- father, stepmom, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew, fiance and future stepson.
2. A group of friends who are awesome and supportive
3. A brand new tv show that allows me to share my love of art, creativity and documentation with a whole new group of ladies.
4. A yard where deer show up each night and walk slowly down my driveway.
5. A porch, where on crisp mornings I can go and sip coffee and listen to the cows mooing.
6. A studio that is fun to walk into and inspires me lots of fun vintage goodies.
7. A great group of students at Cumberland University who have reminded me about being young and exploring life and all of its possibilities.
8. And of course, each of you.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Hello from Atlanta! I thought I was headed south -- but it is CHILLY here. Actually, winter is my favorite crisp cool air -- somehow clears my head and energizes me...but I came here a bit sporting a sweatshirt hoody (that I randomly threw in my suitcase) everywhere I go!

Guess I was thinking winter this week when I created this layout...when I looked at the yummy October Afternoon papers -- I thought they would work with some wintery pictures I have been want to to scrap...and this was the result. The frame is just some left over chipboard that I sewed one of the pieces of paper to -- and then cut a free form frame out and popped it up with some pieces of cardboard to give it some depth. I may have to do this again...I like how it turned out.

Well...What You Make It starts airing on Monday...I can barely believe it...and am totally excited (and a little nervous). Am so accustomed to teaching live classes where the ladies taking the classes give you feedback and ask questions -- and when I was taping the show it was just me and the cameras...a bit of a different feeling. But you know what -- my speech teacher used to tell us that when we were nervous to just imagine our audience in their underwear and you just couldn't stay nervous. While imagining the cameras in their underwear was just not the same...I DID imagine some of my students sitting out there and pretended I was just teaching a regular class...(although they were all fully clothed) -- and it worked! I know I will get more accustomed to it the more we I hope everyone will be patient -- and I will love the feedback. I am a student at heart -- and will listen to input carefully. I want What You Make It to be fun -- a place to try new things...and get a bit of inspiration for your own projects. So talk back to me...tell me what you want to see -- what you want to try...techniques that intrigue you. This show is for you...

Thanks for all my friends that have been cheering me on -- I couldn't do this without you...and I appreciate you very much. And I look forward to getting to know those of you in my viewing audience better. I am going to begin teaching at Scrapbook Village on a regular basis -- so it will give us some one on one time together. I will post my schedule here as soon as I am certain of it.

Have a great weekend...and see you next week!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun with the ladies of

Scrapbook Village. Oh my stars...these ladies were so much fun. Bonnie, the owner of this fun store really knows how to create a crazy kind of fun event. I had the pleasure of joining them for their fall retreat...and I am still laughing!

I had the best group of ladies attend my class on creating your own stamps. They had already had a full day of cropping and shopping...and I am not sure that using some of the E6000 glue didn't put them over the top! (if you haven't ever used this wonderful product -- it will hold just about ANYTHING on a page -- but it also has a very strong smell that can make you a little giddy FAST!).

We were all giggling pretty soon after the class started. I told them -- you are going to leave my class "happy" one way or the other! *ha*

I love the community that happens with scrapbooking. You can't find that community at the "big chain stores" -- the friendships are formed around the tables at your local scrapbook store...and extend beyond the hobby to our everyday lives. I think that is terrific and I am so grateful for my friends that I have made through scrapbooking...they have changed my life and make it full of fun and laughter.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Another Sneak Peek for What You Make It

These were fun projects. The first is a set of ATC cards with the Night Before Christmas poem spread throughout. The plan is to create new sets of cards for various holidays and that the Spindle can become a permanent part of the decor.
This "ho ho" card I saw on Ali Edwards blog...cute cute...had to snag it -- made with Heidi Swapp "She" letter masks...lumiere paint and then sprayed with Hollyberry Glimmer Mist....that stuff is addictive.

This spread I just ran Terrifically Tacky Tape all the way around the edges and then sprinkled with German glitter...sticks better than with liquid adhesive.

Love these "My Word" books from BoBunny Press...cute Christmas papers too. The trick is to alternate light/dark or pattern/solid between the letters to make sure they show up well. I added an outline to help it pop a bit more.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Final Push

Before we begin taping on Friday...and hope to begin airing edited programs on Monday, November 19th. Our air times areL

Mondays at 6:30 pm
Thursdays at 2:00 pm &
Saturday at 10:30 am -- I believe we will be replacing the last remaining fish and wildlife program on that channel. I somehow think this fact will come as a blow to my 80 year old father who is very proud of the fact that he raise two daughters that LOVE to fish....amd sure it will be seen as a betrayal to our family values for me to kick the fishermen out of their PRIME spot so us girls can (and I quote) -- just go to town cuttin and pastin, bitchin' and stitchin'" Perhaps it would just be best to leave the details down to the bare minimum...and distract him by taking him fishing soon!

Life seems to get complicated even in the midst of very good stuff.

Drove up to Scottsville where the station is on Friday in order to do an interview with the talk show host of the station -- Francis. She is a precious Godly woman who is a canceer suvivor -- and has just a tremendous testimony as a result, She knew we were there to promote the new Scrapbooking program...."What You Make It." -- but she wanted to talk about missions -- since she had heard that I had been a missionary for 20 years...Want to guess what we did?

Fortunately, I have done a fair amount of scrapbooking projects where I talk about my faith and my missions experiences -- so we jjust pulled those out and had what I like to describe as a :double sided simultaneous conversation about two dichotomous subjects that was brought gracefully to a stopping point when we ran out of time and one of us said, "AMEN>? (did I mention that we taped not ONE but TWO programs?!?!?! -- so I must not have offended her too badly)

Fr\om there, Holly and I went up the Scrapbook Village -- they have agreed to sponsor the show and we wanted to meet Bonnie, the owner. She is a little spitfire. Totally has that story whiped into shape. They were doing a crop on Friday and Saturday...and ladies ahd come from all over --- Indiana -- Alambama...but they were have a hoo of a tiem. Many of them will be back next weekend to attend the Retreat! About 259 ladies are signed up...and from what I hear a LOT of craziness is likely to happen. I am teach a class on Friday night -- after taping for sessions of What you Make I am going to need to adopt some of their craziness if I am going to be able to stand on my feet. We are doing a really fun porject...making new stamps out of fun foam -- and then using them to create the background for a two-page layout.

I will take pictures so you can see whatwe end up doing.

Seriously, om Friday, I will be taping the first four show of "what You Make It." I have put in hours and hours of work on projects....and trying to get the website ready to go as well...If you have a moment, please pray that I will stay calm and just ENJOY the process as much as possible....this is the FUN STUFF>...and I don't want to be so stressed about ti that I miss the FUN STUFF!

Ok...enough rambling...will finish up a couple more projects tomorrow and then will post some pictures of the projects. You can see a few of them by visiting my Etsy shop...(not trying to trick you into buying anything ) just letting you know where pictures arel....

Ok....Gotta get to bed. Hope everyone celebrated getting an extra hour this weekend...and therefore are that much more ready for the week. Hugs to every one of you.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Advent Calendar Kit

Here is the Advent Calendar we are going to do on "What You Make It" tv. Several of you have asked if you can get the kit even though you can't see the tv show -- and the answer..."but of course!" Just click here to see the kit in my Etsy Shop.

The kit comes with the die cut sheet metal, vintage sheet music, American Craft Thickers, a vintage German embossed Santa, enough buttons and sequins to decorate the edges and each of the handmade date tags.

With everything in one place, it is a quick project -- and would make a fun gift either as a finished calendar or as the kit.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lovely Treasures

Royce and I had so much fun today...

We went to the Nashville Flea Market...I almost can't even describe what it is like...everything from socks (a bundle of eight for $1) to gorgeous antique furniture and everything in between. I found a few treasures. An old bible -- with beautiful illustrations -- printed in 1895...OVER 100 years very cool....a turkey cookie cutter.... a 1937 World Atlas -- you wouldn't believe how lovely the maps are...a string of chandelier crystals and this incredible stamp box -- from an old store...full of stamps they used to make signs for the store... I wanted the box for storing my stamps -- it has wonderful divisions in it and LOTS of character. Royce bargained for the box AND all the stamps -- it was just so much fun to watch ... and then I got to bring it home. Can't wait to get it set up in my studio....and I simply HAVE to find a way to use some of these stamps...they are a is a list of a few of them:

(do you notice the MEAT theme?)
and 30 more...

Friday, October 26, 2007

"What You Make It" Sneak Peek

Well -- we are set for taping our first six show on Friday, November 9th. The house is a flurry of Thanksgiving and Christmas projects...and I am having so much fun. If you have been around me at Christmas time -- you KNOW that it is my favorite time of the year. Getting ready for "What You Make It" has given me an excuse to break out the Christmas CD's and sing It's beginning to look a lot like Christ-------mas!" at the top of my lungs. I have turned the AC down (because the weather is not cooperating with my Christmas fantasy just yet....and have put on a snuggly sweater! I think I may even pull out a little Christmas tree and some white lights just to keep the mood going! Don't think I won't! *smile*

Thought I would share a few of the projects that are in process. In a few days you will be able to order kits for some of these projects in my Etsy shop. Here are the kits that will be available.

1. Mini-book Kit with Jenni Bowlin's new brown paper line

2. Christmas Matchbook mini book (you get enough to make three gift books -- good for putting a quick give together for grandmom for Christmas)

3. A Christmas Findings Box -- A goodie box filled with vintage and other Christmas oriented goodies that you can use on Christmas cards or Holiday Layouts.

4. An Advent Calendar Kit....this one is really special. I will post a picture of it tomorrow...but you will want to check this out. It uses vintage sheet music and specially designed number magnets to help you and your family count down the days until Christmas. With the kit you can quickly get your kit ready before December. I will be happy to take pre-orders as we only have a liminited number of kits -- and as my friends, I want you to have the first opportunity to get them. The cost is $34.40 and you will have more than enough "stuff" to complete this project and probably a bunch of Christmas cards too. Just leave me a comment if you are interested in pre-ordering prior to be putting the kit up on ETSY.

And finally, these are some Christmas ATC cards that I created for an ATC swap. Enjoy....and even though I am working WAY ahead of the holiday schedule -- I really hope that you and your family are set to enjoy Halloween/Fall Festival and Thanksgiving before you move on to Christmas.

Happy weekend everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tagged...Happy Tag

My friend Wendi...can I say she inspires me in so many ways -- college professor...a loving Mom ...and intentional wife,,,,and an awesmely creative need to check her out here. You will enjoy getting to know her -- I promise.

Ok --anywhoo -- Wendi tagged me with some questions so here we go

Jobs I've had:1.counter girl for Kentucky Fried Chicken
2.Research Assistant for a History Professor 3) Dance teacher at a country western dance hall 4)Bank Teller 5) Graduate Teaching Assistant 6) Missionary 7) VP f Marketing) 8) Owner of small business consutling firm 9) University Professor

Movies I (do) could watch over and over:1. Pretty Woman
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. The Princess Bride
4. The Bourne Identity (and all of its sequels)
5. White Christmas (it is a ritual for me and my sister)

TV shows I watch:1. Law and Order (all of them...all of the time...any time)
2. Court TV Live Court Sessions
3. Heros
4. CSI ( Miami and Las Vegas)
5. 24

. HousePlaces I have lived:1. Burlington, Iowa(where I was born)
2. Dallas Texas for growing up
3. Waco, Texas(for college and graduate school)
5. Dallas for working with the Josh McDowell Ministry
6. Moscow and St Petersburg Russia -- for about six months at a time to set up orphanage work.

Favorite Foods:1. chip, salsa and ranch dressing)
2. guacamole AND mexican food (tex mex preferably
3. ANything that I can eat in the city of ROME Italy -- and includes a red bottle of wine
4, Chocolate....preferably with caramel and nuts included....but definitely chocolate
5, Carot Cake with cream chees frosting.....mmmmmmm makes my mouth water just thingking about it.

Favorite Colors:1. BLue2. Brown3. Orange4. Green

Places I would love to be now:Hmm....this one is easy.1. The Bahamas on vacation2. On the island of Maui with my beloved husband...sipping pina coladas and just letting us both unwind
3. In the midst of a deep intelectual/ theological discussion with about 6 men and women who I look up to spiritually. 7 I always wish that I were tucking some small children into bed and would have them look up to me an say ..."night night mommy." Ye[p that would be the showstopper right there.

Names I like but would not use for my children:1. Branden 2. Michelle. 3,Ruth4. Sterling!

That was fun. I will tag--1. Dana 2. Terri 3. Annie 4. Renee. 5 Chelle. 6 Jill
Have some fun gils.

Hello Groove....Are you Out There?

Do you ever feel that your mojo...your sense of knowing EXACTLY what to do when you sit down to be creative has just decided to take a sabbatical? I have looked at Starbucks and the Library -- and mine has not gone EITHER of those places! I would have -- which is precisely why mine is elluding me! -- So with said absence of my mojo and/or groove I have had to come up with plan be...which has been to set very specific limit on a layout -- and force myself to work within the confines of the products I am allowed to use -- the type of embellishments -- the time limit or somethings...letting those restrictions replace my currently abscent mojo. Gotta be honest...I like the results. Not feeling the creative panic I can sometimes get with mr smarty pants mojo just wants to take his own little vacation (Said in a very whiney nasaly voice -- which when you think of it -- why would I let some litte prissy mojo hang around with me anyway!?!?!?) So -- I am declaring my creative independence from mr mojo...although very much want Miss Groove to still hang around. My grilfriends over at SIStv are providing me plenty of inspiration and dares and challenges -- so Mr. Mojo can just stay gone for a while...and we will see if there is even a place for him when he ets back!

Hope your groove or mojo or whatever is working for you....if not -- come hang out with us girls ---and take on a dare or two...I think you will find you have plenty to work with.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

October Begun

Is it fall yet? You know frost on the pumpkin...go find the sweatshirt you put away in the springtime -- that kind of fall? Hmmm -- oh well...even if it is 80 degrees outside, I am gonna get some fall spirit going around here...anyone want to come over, turn the air conditioner WAAAAY down and roast some marshmellows in the fireplace?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A couple of layouts

I have been having some fun working with different paper lines...and on the one below slopping some paint around. The Reflections of a Hot Young Woman was a bit of a tongue in cheek journaling regarding how one gets from Hot to Hot Flashes...and the fact that I actually like where I am now -- more than "back in the day" when the boys thought I was "hot."

This layout is about the day I turned 30 and chose to spend it fishing with my Dad -- it was just wonderful...early morning -- fish were biting all day....beautiful suroundings --- peace and yes, I caught the biggest fish!

Have a great week. I am headed to Dallas the end of the week for my Dad's 80th birthday. Will try and get his mini-album done before I leave....he doesn't know I am coming so that will be a fun surprise too. Take care all

Monday, September 17, 2007

RAK Winners

Thanks for all your help project is coming along nicely. I did the drawing last night -- and the winners are:

Renee Graham

Please email me and I will pop your prize into the mail to you.

Thanks again for everyone's help.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Couple of New Layouts

My students made it through their first round of speeches...and while it seems to surprise them -- nobody died! *smile* They did a great job -- and now that they have the first one under their belts, I am sure it will be easier for them next time.

It finally began to feel like fall today. There was a bit of crispness in the air -- enough to leave the doors open and just enjoy the breeze. Quite the change from just a week ago. Aren't the seasons a wonderful reminder that even the toughest things come to an end? The last month has seemed like the heat was going to be un-ending -- but today, a cool breeze blew and my memories of the heat almost vanished.
Here are a couple of layouts I've been working on lately...just like the weather, it seems my style changes too. Go figure!

I love this picture of my sister sitting in the middle of the bed -- she is so animated -- which how we both are when we stay up talking these days. We did the same thing when we were little -- although it was mostly giggling then.

This one is of my brother-in-law. If I could have picked a brother -- I would have picked him...he is smart and driven and a "guy's guy" -- and underneath it all he has an incredibly tender heart and loves the Lord -- the best of all worlds -- and I love that he loves my sister.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dad is Turning 80

Hello friends:

I need your help. My Dad is turning 80 at the end of this month. I am in the process of putting together a mini-album for his birthday. The goal is to have pictures from every decade of his life...along with quotes about Dads/Fathers and I want there to be 80 of them and I am running out of ideas. I would love it if you would help me by leaving a message here finishing one of these sentences:

A Daughter needs a Dad because....

A Daughter loves her Dad because....

I have just finished organizing my studio and have created two boxes filled with surprises and scrapping goodies. If you leave me a message here finishing one of those two sentences, I will
put your name in a drawing for one of those two boxes. I am planning on doing the drawing on Monday the 17th, so check back here and I will let you know who the winners of the goodie boxes are.
Thanks so much for your help. Have a great day

Saturday, September 08, 2007

OLW -- *Pure*

Ok...this didn't scan very well...but I took this "cool" picture of two Heidi Swapp hearts floating in a wine glass...IRL the photo looks clearer...I added the real hearts on top of the photo...the plan was to keep it simple to highlight the picture -- but since the picture doesn't look so good here you kind of miss the effect. ha!

Journaling: Our pure love was worth waiting for... I knew I would know it when I found it...and I just kept waiting. Honey, you are the best there could have ever been for me and even if I found you later than I would have liked -- it was worth waiting for.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Oh Sew Fun

One of my fave scrappers is Becky Novacek. She issued a challenge for us to sew on our layouts. I sew often -- but I decided to take it up a notch...and use fabric a lot more than I normally do. I had some fabric left over from a baby quilt I had done -- and I didn't want to throw it out -- but there wasn't much left...(yes I know -- thus is the rationalization of a certified "pack rat") -- so I decided to use it on this challenge layout.

I have some hidden journaling that reads:
There is journaling that you can't see that says: Little girls grow into young laides all too fast. I pray that you will always take time to build castles and to dream of joy. Sandcastles are there for a moment and then gone -- but the time is still well spent in building them. Your dreams will last a lifetime. Take time to do both kinds of things...those that are for the moment and those that will last much longer. They will both enrich your life.
Hope you are all set for a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

GEN teXt: 9/05/07

I have been pondering this layout for a while...just didn't know what the title would be (and you know me and my titles)...but due to a good spell of insomnia last night I came to the conclusion that the title needed to be GEN teXt....the whole thing being about this generation of young people who communicate almost exclusively via cell phones and IMs. After that, the layout came together really quickly.Am getting ready for my students to start giving their speeches next week. It is going to be great fun. These are really simple speeches...but I am looking forward to them, because they are how I get to know my students and see what strengths we can build on -- and identify what skills we need to shore up.,,,fun fun fun.

Hope you are all doing well this week. I am hoping the have a scrappy weekend. I feel the need for just a big slice of it. How about you

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tag...I'm it

Chelle tagged me...for eight interesting facts....hmmmm -- let's see. What qualifies as interesting....

  1. When I was in graduate school, I had to make a documentary on an assigned topic. Mine was supposed to be on a local rattlesnake roundup (I went to college and post-grad in Texas). There are very few things I am afraid of -- but snakes are definitely one of them. It was one of the scariest experiences I have ever had...but now -- it is kind of funny to watch the video...I was in the middle of a pit of rattlesnakes (more than 300) and trying to do the interview with the snake wrangler shaking like a bowl of jello. Perhaps it was just a confirmation that I was never supposed to be a news anchor or reporter! Ha. As a sidenote -- rattlesnake really does taste like chicken.
  2. I remember random useless what color shoestrings someone I met ONE time was wearing...don't know why I do this -- but it did come in handy in school for remembering facts...I am old enough now that my brain is crowded with bizarre useless information -- but fortunately, sometimes it comes in handy.
  3. I think the three most relaxing places on earth are Amalfi, Italy, Abaqui, New Mexico and Maui, Hawaii.
  4. It takes me three days to unwind on vacation -- oh I relax on the first three -- but it is on the fourth that my brain stops thinking of all the stuff I am NOT doing...this is on my list of things to try and work on because very rarely do I get more than one or two days in a row to clearly I need to learn to RELAX FASTER! *laughing*
  5. I have a goal to read all of the New York Times Best Sellers list novels this year.
  6. There is something about chocolate pudding that makes me happy.
  7. The best sleep I ever get is when: there is a thunderstorm that lasts ALL night, I am sleeping on an overnight train or I have the bunk on the bus that is over the generator...there is a low hum to all of them that seems to lull me to sleep.
  8. When I grow up I want to write a novel.

Ok...let's see my turn to tag. I tag Terri, Annie and Bethani

Here is a layout I finished today -- after working most of the day on this week's lesson is a picture I have had of Royce for awhile...I love that it captures him in the midst of trying to figure out if he should say something or not. Someone who doesn't know him would probably just think he was "watching" the situation...but to those who know his personality...he is clearly distressed with the way something is being done. Unlike myself -- he does a GREAT job though at weighing his words before jumping in to give direction...I love that about him...and I love this picture.