Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun with the ladies of

Scrapbook Village. Oh my stars...these ladies were so much fun. Bonnie, the owner of this fun store really knows how to create a crazy kind of fun event. I had the pleasure of joining them for their fall retreat...and I am still laughing!

I had the best group of ladies attend my class on creating your own stamps. They had already had a full day of cropping and shopping...and I am not sure that using some of the E6000 glue didn't put them over the top! (if you haven't ever used this wonderful product -- it will hold just about ANYTHING on a page -- but it also has a very strong smell that can make you a little giddy FAST!).

We were all giggling pretty soon after the class started. I told them -- you are going to leave my class "happy" one way or the other! *ha*

I love the community that happens with scrapbooking. You can't find that community at the "big chain stores" -- the friendships are formed around the tables at your local scrapbook store...and extend beyond the hobby to our everyday lives. I think that is terrific and I am so grateful for my friends that I have made through scrapbooking...they have changed my life and make it full of fun and laughter.


  1. YAY! I'm so glad it went well! I have been reading your posts in email and I am just now seeing the cute things you are selling. i'll have to take a closer look......OH why won't my children go to sleep?

  2. so much fun seeing what is going on in your life.... you are one crazy busy girl and miss you my friend.

  3. So glad that things went well. You had plenty of prayers headed out your way! We need to find an hour to use glue together soon. haha ( I meant glue-dots, but what ever you need to use is fine too)
    (May need more glue dots, my daughter has a serious addiction to bling on her lo's!)

  4. How fun!
    Love the new look of your blog!
    Can't wait to hear more about what you're doing.

  5. Anonymous7:44 PM

    One of the crazy ladies from your class at the SBV retreat. I'm the one in the light blue zip sweatshirt!

    Thanks so much for the class and I look ever so forward to the show.

    Michelle Hornback

  6. May I ask a question?
    Did you all marry? I see Jann Gray on everything:)
    Or will that be your last name when you marry?
    Just curious..I had to ask..'cause it was driving me nuts!
    So glad to see you teaching far as scrapping goes!

  7. HeyJill: We are getting married -- but with the opportunity coming up to do the TV show so quickly, we decided to go ahead and just my married name so there wasn't confusion switching mid-stream.

    Let's me practice! *wink*

  8. wow wow!!!! it looks like you gals had a total blast. And....perhaps you were a little HIGH too. :)

    You have been on my mind and heart -- so it is good to know that you are well and getting in lots of laughs.


  9. Hey...I just stopped by the website....IT IS AWESOME! Congrats on getting it up. It looks unbelievable and so impressive.

    GIRL YOU GO!!!!


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