Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Reason

A few days ago, I pulled out my Mom's nativity scene and was hit by a wave of nostalgia. First of all -- I remember my Mom making it -- it is ceramic and back in the 70's it was the creative "rave." (Ceramics, that is). Instead of painting the figurines, she chose to antique them and then just put a cream glaze...very timeless and classic. They became a centerpiece of our holiday of the first things we put out when we started decorating.
It was really fun to pull each of the pieces out and reminisce. What a great reminder then (and now) that Jesus' birth is the "reason for the season." I decided to have a little photo shoot (so much easier than with people, by the way -- ceramics are VERY cooperative -- stand where you want them to stand and don't mind you taking TONS of pictures *smile*)...and did a little layout with Kelly Panacci paper to capture my memories from my youth -- and perhaps the new tradition of this nativity scene being one of the first things that I get out each year too.
What are your holiday traditions? I am working on a list...would love to hear what yours are!


  1. Wow that is so cool!

    Holiday traditions?
    I wish it were to really decorate the house like our family did growing up, but since I won't get on a ladder I suppose our family tradition now is to drive around and look at all the houses that are decorated.

  2. My mom made one too, but she did the colors. Love yours. I have three sets. One cream and gold, one like my moms (only store bought) and a great plastic set for the kids.
    My favorite holiday tradition:
    My mom would place the baby Jesus figure in our dining room buffet drawer. The manger was all set with all the rest and as kids, if we did something good we were allowed to place straw in the manger where the baby would be "born". The idea was to get the manger warm for the baby. BUT, if we were bad...she would take one out and shake her head saying "Baby Jesus sure is going to be cold"! Talk about terror! No one wants to be the one to freeze the baby Jesus.
    BTW...My baby Jesus is currently residing in my dining set drawer as well and we start the straw tomorrow. Pray that he's nice and warm come Christmas!

  3. Wow....first of all, I love nativity sets. I also love the fact that your mom antiqued and glazed the figurines...sounds like something a friend of mine would do...hmmm... ;)
    It is beautiful and what a wonderful way to honor your mom at Christmas time.


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