Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mini Album Made from Medical File Folder

FINALLY! I am finally getting around to creating some YouTube videos to share creative ideas and tutorials on some of the projects I have done for our What You Make It television show. Here is my first be kind -- but seriously, give me feedback and let me know what you think...or what kind of projects you would like to see.

You can watch the Searching for Winter - Mini-Album video on YouTube.

This project entitled "Searching for Winter" was a mini-album that I created as a Father's Day Gift for Royce about the time he arranged forWestonto be in a local independent film (when he was in the 6th grade. The film was shot over several months and there were LOTS of stories and adventure associated with the project. Not everything we want to remember will fit neatly into a scrapbook album -- and I LOVE mini-albums for those kinds of projects. Using this medical file folder gave me LOTS of places to add tons of pictures and journaling...and at the back -- a place to keep a copy of the final DVD version of the film.

I think this kind of album would be great to use to keep track of a recurring a birthday -- or the first day of school. You could created the basic album...and then add one page every year to keep the album current. I will be creating some more idea and tutorial videos over the next few let me know if there is a particular technique you would like to see. I love your feedback.

Hope you are ready for a wonderful New Year! We certainly are!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Character

I love the new cardstock that Jenni Bowlin has created with Coredinations. It is embossed and is made of two contrasting colors -- this one is red behind black. When you sand it -- the red is revealed in the pattern of some of her papers. It is delightful!

I used my cricut to cut out the large label shape -- and then used some temporary tape to tack it onto the page. Then I took some sandpaper and wrapped it around a stamping block so that I would have a fairly large flat surface with which to sand. The die cut kept me from sanding the cardstock where it was sitting so it left a great place to put my photo. I thought the background had a bit of a stamped leather look -- so decided to use it for the picture of Royce when he was headed out to PowWow (Royal Rangers -- camp) -- the men always go as guys from the 1800's -- and the character he has developed over the years is Trader Gray. The boys love to come up with something to "trade" with him for -- so he has amassed quite a collection of pointed sticks and arrowhead shaped rocks!

I loved this whole collection from Jenni Bowlin this month...her papers and embellishments always inspire me -- and this one really did too. I will be busy with November's kit for a while!

Wanted to show you a close up of this flower...I saw a tutorial here and had to make one....the 4 inch mini papers were perfect for this technique. Go check it out and make some for yourself.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Have My Heart

I have had this picture of my niece and nephew for awhile -- but haven't been totally sure how I wanted to scrap it has been sitting on my table for me to look at until I knew.

When I finished this background (as part of my techniques class) -- I just knew that this picture would finally find its home! The background was created with Adirondack Color Wash and Sea Salt....I KNOW -- I never would have dreamed that one up -- but Julie (our teacher is FANTABULOUSLY creative! You can still take this class from her -- and I would highly recommend it. You can learn more about her art -- and her class HERE.

I wanted you to see a bit closer detail of the "rose" I created for this page. Are you ready for another shocker?!?! That is made from a baby wipe! I bet you are thinking "Is there NOTHING she won't keep and try to use?!?!?" *laughing* The answer is "probably not!" The baby wipe got saturated with color wash during my "technique session" because I got it ALL over my hands. Once the wipe dried (I was scared to set it anywhere other than my craft mat for fear of spreading the "color joy), I thought it was really I cut it into strips -- thinking I might use it as ribbon. The flower was made by twisting and turning the strip and sticking it down to a piece of paper that had LOTS of sticky adhesive on it -- starting at the center and working out -- tucking the edge under as I went. When I was done -- I trimmed the paper away and glued a button in the center. I would definitely make a flower like this again -- it is really simple and could be made from ribbon or seam binding.

Hope you are having a great week...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Practically Perfect

I am taking the MOST fun class with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer!

She is Amazing! You know the kind of artist that just makes you sit and stare at their work...well she is one of those. You need to check out her blog.

Anyway -- as I said, I am taking an on-line techniques class with her -- and I am finding I am ending up with lots of yummy bits and pieces. So what do you do with bits and pieces? Well -- they kind inspire me to quilt. Even when they are paper pieces. So this is a layout I created with several of the scraps of paper I have created during my class homework assignments. I love this picture of my captures the JOYFUL side of her -- and that is just ONE of the many reasons that I think she is PRACTICALLY PERFECT in every way....kind of like Mary Poppins!

Have a lovely rest of your week!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Just a Minor Baby Step Blog

This year started out so strong -- so many creative ideas....that needed exploring....and then -- well....then LIFE -- the big ole capital letters version of LIFE stepped in. So much of it it...all at once...and then it felt lie it did a big ole DOG PILE on top of me.

Those of you that know me well -- know that being creative is an outlet for the stresses and the strains of life....and the fact that there hasn't been much creativity to show for the past few months should tell you that I have not been in a place to be doing much creativity. But I do truly Believe that is going to begin to change! I have been back in my studio -- bit by bit...and it feels GREAT.

I am taking a wonderful on line class from Julie Fen Fan Balzer. She is amazing Check her out here...and has gotten my inspirational brain in hopefully you will be seeing some more creative activity from me soon.

One other thing of very favorite camera producer...THE POLOROID...has a new printer/camera combination....but you can also just get the printer....which is what I am thinkint about doing. It will blue tooth pictures from your cell phone and print them out 2 x 3 -- with sticky backing. Great for scrapbooking! It also doesn't require ink...everything is in the paper you use. You have have to check these out! Of course you TOTALY maniacs will want the kind that is the camera AND printer all in one!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


There are so many reasons that I love scrapbooking...the fact that I know I am creating a collection of pictures and stories that are important to our family...and the those family members that are not here yet -- and some I may not ever have the privilege of meeting. They will know more about us than I have been able to find out about my ancestors....I think of it as my gift to them. And while that is the BIG motivator for me most of the time...another thing that I love about scrapbooking is the fact that sometimes it gives me the opportunity to create a meaningful gift for someone else. This shadowbox is an example of that...I created it for a baby dedication we were doing this past weekend at our church.

"Champ" is the little boy -- and what a cutie, huh?!?! He was adopted when he was just almost a year we didn't really have "baby" pictures to work with....but I think the ones we chose to work with were just precious. I used three pictures and cut various parts of each one out and then used some foam square adhesive to pop each one up a bit higher...for a dimensional effect.

I also took some letters and used them to mask the child's name and painted on the backside of the glass....and then added some rub-ons to the front of the glass. The mom liked it -- and it got me thinking about what a super baby shower gift something like this could be....I found this frame at Hobby Lobby.
Hope you all are having a great week. I am spending the week finishing up paperwork from this semester -- and getting my grades filed with the University. Also, I have my niece's daughter here with me while her momma and daddy go to Gatlinburg for a few days. We are having an absolute BLAST. Ella is 18 months old....and just as sweet as sweet can be. I had a meeting away from the house today -- and had a friend come and stay with her for a few hours. When I returned home, Ella just sprang off of the couch and threw herself into my arms....gotta tell you it melted my heart instantly....such sweet joy....just happy to see me. WOW -- makes me want to give that same feeling to the people I care about....I may look a little silly -- but if it makes them feel as wonderful as Ella made me feel it will be totally worth it. Just a little mid-week pondering of "deep things" going on here. What are you pondering? What brings joy in your life?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On-line Gift Certificates today is a bit non-craft/scrapbooking related -- but it could help you get some new crafty read on!

I know we are all looking for ways to save money in these economic times -- and I found one way I wanted to share with you. It is called SWAGBUCKS!

Here is how it use their search engine (powered by Google) for the internet searches you would be doing anyway...and each day you are awarded or win a certain number of SWAGBUCKS. (You must be signed into your Swagbucks account) but it is really simple -- and each day you have to potential of winning 1-5 Swagbucks...I haven't ever won more than 3 -- but I see others get 4 or 5 -- so know that it is possible. Honestly -- once you win for the day -- you can continue to use it or go back to your normal search engine because you only win once a day. Your account accumulates your Swagbucks...and then you can redeem them for gift certificates or other items. Pretty cool -- and TOTALLY FREE!

To get started....go register for your own Swagbuck Account HERE.

Have a great day...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tear It Up

I had so much fun in Houston last weekend visiting one of my best friends, Mona. She has a lovely home -- and three beautiful grown daughters that love to come over and spend time with their mama. I love spending time with them too -- and they brought their absolutely precious kiddos with them. It was beautiful weather (which if you know Houston -- is a rarity due to humidity) and we spent time sitting on the porch talking and laughing...and almost as much time around the kitchen island cooking and talking and laughing. It was just the best few good for my soul. One afternoon I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of the newest member of their family...NASH. With beautiful natural light on the front porch, we just threw some blankets down and started snapping pics. He is so beautiful.
I just had to scrap a few of them -- and will post a few more later this week (gotta get those dreaded taxes done before I can play!). The page above was created by using some scrap KI Lace paper as a mask (the flowers) and spray painting the green cardstock. I then tore it into strips and then sewed them back together and pressed the seams to the front and side. I like how it kind of ended up having a soft worn feel to it. I added few swirly stamps (Autumn Leaves) and some glitter (Art Institute) berries.
Isn't he just beautiful?!?!? Babies just smell so sweet (well -- most of the time!) And he is a "snuggler" so I took full advantage and held him as often as possible. Great memories...I am so blessed to have such a sweet friend -- and love that her daughters have become my friends too.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pictures aren't ALWAYS necessary

I know that is almost scrapbooking heresay, right?!?!? Seriously, if you have a story to tell, but no picture to go with it -- you STILL need to tell the story. I decided to let a bit of my "artistic" self emerge to create the setting for this particular story. So I had fun with paint and stamps...making sure to leave room for the STORY. Do you have a story to tell? I can't wait to read it! Go for it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Letting your cardstock take Center Stage

You know me...I love the layered page...I love techniques...I love distressing....but every once in a while -- I want to get back to the basics. These two pages were really about letting the cardstock be the basis of the page....and I like how they turned out. They are from two extremes of Weston's life -- but in both -- he clearly knows how to work the camera...

In this first one, I tried to make the Mickey Ears reflect the "REFLECTION" of weston in the pictures.... I think that the red pops off the page a bit more because I outlined the letters....just an idea. If you are using a Cricut, you can use the Cricut Color Markers before you cut out your shapes and they will come out evenly outlined...a time saver and a nice touch.

On this layout, I used one of the Cricut Shapes from the Graphically Speaking cartridge. It is an element that I think was intended as a "foundation" shape for a mini-book...but I resized it to FILL THE PAGE....and I love the rounded edges and all the little holes down the side....very graphical -- and would be fun to also add other colors of paper behind it. The largest I could get it to cut was about 11x11 -- so I could have put it on another piece of patterned paper or cardstock to make it a 12x12 -- but I liked the "see through" element so just kept it as is.

Hope you are having a good week. I would love to see your projects where you let your cardstock take center them here for us to see.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun with Embossing

I have used two different kinds of embossing on this layout. The birds and the script underneath the tag are both stamps that I then used embossing powder on and then heat set.
The tag is something new that I just discovered you can do with your Cuttlebug. If you will ink your Cuttlebug Embossing folder(any kind of ink other than permanent ink like Stazon) prior to running your paper or tag through the Cuttlebug you will get a very interesting embossed background. I tried inking both sides of the embossing folder and found I like the results best on the side that actually has the Cuttlebug logo printed on it. When you are done, just use a baby wipe to clean off any remaining ink. My mind is spinning with fun new ideas...and will be sure and post them here. Hope you have had a good it Spring where you are?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Couple More Edgie Ideas

I had a great time Friday Night with my scrappy girls! It was cold and messy outside -- but as usual it was warm, fun, friendly and full of encouragement inside! I had a couple more ideas about how to add an "edge" to your page and thought I would share them with you. In the layout above ( funny is that picture of me and my sister putting on a "show?") I used a piercing tool to prepare my layout for some hand stitching (I wanted to add a bit more orange to the layout). Then before i did the sewing, I used some distress ink in a similar tone to the background cardstock to darken the edge...then went ahead and added the orange stitching.

On the layout below -- I simply used a pencil and a scalloped edge ruler to mark the scallops onto my background. I then painted with white paint on the outside of the scallops and finished it off with a sharpie giving a good thick line to the edge.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Create an Edge to Your Layout

I love this picture of my two nieces. Lindsey got to go visit her new sister in Guatamala.

I wanted a little bit of an edge to the page -- but didn't want to distract for those cute little owls or the picture -- so I stitched close to the edge and then used a bit darker distressing ink and rubbed it into the edge. I like the instant subtle border. Try it...and let me see what you come up with.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Create a Stamping Mask

I love the special look of a die cut edge...but I also like them in smaller sizes than they usually come in -- so I decided to try and make my own. I used a corner and edge punch by Fiskars and then trimmed along the shapes to create the wavy edge.

To set off the edge, I used some distress ink to darken the outer edge.

I also wanted to stamp just on the inside part of my card. To do that -- I created a mask out of a piece of scrap paper. I placed the mask over my decorative edge and stamped with my script stamp to fill in the center. This is an easy technique to use anywhere on a layout. You can create a shape and then stamp inside of it on your page. Lots of possibilites.

Have a great week.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paint Rags as Art -- the color of GREEN

I wish that I could give you a huge list of things that I am currently doing that would be considered "green." But, in reality, I am taking baby steps. A layout that you will see later this week was inspired by a moment of exasperation when yet ANOTHER yellow pages book showed up on my doorstep. It feels like these HUGE books get outdated faster than they can be printed -- and with competitive books -- it just means that the number you are likely to get is doubled. I hate the idea of throwing out pages and pages of paper into a I looked at the book a little and decided there were at least TWO uses I could repurpose it for.

The first was as a leaf/flower press. I am going to try and do some mono prints with natural materials...and having them FLAT is a key part of now that book is my official press. I took a few minutes and added some wax paper between several spaced out pages...and it is ready and waiting for spring and my mono-printing project. The fact that it has become a TOOL makes me feel better about it.

Secondly, (since in face TWO yellow pages books showed up on my porch simultaneously) and I never use them -- I hop on the internet when I need a phone number...that was just driving me BATTY seeing all that wasted paper -- probably headed to a land fill. So -- with the second one I started tearing out sheets of the white pages (number listings) will see what I made with those in a day or so. But an idea for you Moms would be to save the yellow pages books and do a paper mache project with the could make a pinata around a baloon using the paper and some flour paste as glue. Fun stuff...good messy fun -- and GREEN!

Ahhhh but I digress. Today's card was created from a paint rag. One of my things I have been trying to do in my studio is to not use so many paper towels or baby wipes. I have several old hand towels that I use...the same way I would use a paper towel...wiping up paint or glue or whatever (When these get dirty, I can just throw them in the washer with bleach and they are good as new)....and then I have torn some strips of muslin and have them in a tub for when I need to blend inks on a page....This background is the result of one of those strips of muslin being totally soaked with color. I don't wash these...I just set them aside to make flowers or something else out of....but this one just ended up as my background because I thought it was kind of interesting.

Just as a fun side note...the "artificially colored" stamp is one Royce found for me at the Nashville Flea market. Actually, he found about 50 old stamps from a meat packing house...they are AWESOME....and I am determined to use them....although it isn't just ANY layout that you need a stamp that says PORK SAUSAGE or "FRESH GROUND LAMB!" but I am sure that if I just think about it for a bit, I can find the perfect way to use them. I just LOVE them....worn almost to the nub from use...and the fact that he KNEW me well enough to know that I would adore having the stamps. Oh -- and he also got the huge lidded box that they came in (pictured above) -- ink stained...I just love it...clearly going to be a stamp storage solution for me when I get my studio a bit more organized. My other treasures seen here is a huge old family bible, a turkey cookie cutter and some Chandelier crystals. Am I blessed beyond measure or what!?!?!?!
Happy last day of February...hope you enjoy it -- and are ready for March to "come in like a lion."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gel Medium Transfer

Journaling: Serenity on the face of a woman captures a sense of eternity in a way that beauty never could.
I have tried lots of ways to take an image and transfer it to paper or fabric -- and this is one of the easiest. One of the things I like, is that you can print the image out on your own ink jet printer -- on a transparency. Remember that it will transfer "backwards" so if there is writing on your image, you will want to select print mirror image on your printer settings. Here are the steps for doing the transfer:
1. spread a generous amount of gel medium (gloss or matte) onto your paper or fabric. I really can only tell that I have enough by spreading it out with my fingertips. It needs to be very moist and "slickery."
2. Quickly put the image (printed side down) into the gel medium and let it sit for at least 30-45 seconds.
3. Take a spoon and begin to rub from the center to the edges fairly firmly. Because it is a bit slippery, use one hand to hold the transfer in place.
4. Peel up a corner and check to see if you are getting a good transfer. If not, rub a bit more -- if so, go ahead and peel back the transparency.
Each transfer will turn out different -- I think that is part of the beauty of them. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Working With Embossing

For this card, I really wanted the leafy background -- but I also wanted to make sure I had room for the stamped word "passion." First, I stamped the word "passion" with red ink and embossed it with clear embossing powder. Then I used clear embossing ink and stamped the background and sprinkled espresso embossing powder. Before I used my heat gun to melt the powder, I took a soft paint brush (soft works much better than stiff) and holding the card upside down, I brushed away the powder that was covering up my previously stamped word. Once I had removed the extra powder, I heated the background. The embossing powder acts as a resist so I could then rub distress ink into the cardstock and stain the paper with various colors to create the multi-hued background.
It sounds like a lot of steps...but it really is very simple...try it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stamping on Acrylic

Similar to the stamping we did on the buttons a few days ago -- you can also stamp on a sheet of acrylic or a transparency to give added dimension to your embellishments or pages.
You will need to use solvent ink (like Stazon) and give it a few minutes to dry before handling -- but I love the look of stamped images over other elements on my page. On this page, I stamped the tree and the butterfly in white and then put the piece of acrylic on pop-dots (in the corners -- hidden by the eyelets and twine) to raise it up off of the sheet of butterflies. I also used rubons (American Craft -Jane) to add the word, flutter. Below is the finished page.

I saw an ad in Anthropologie that showed a window with this pale blue color behind it -- it was filled with butterflies and was totally inspired to try and recreate it a bit.
Journaling reads: It is my nature to worry and when things are not going quite right, my heart begins to flutter with anxiety. I am so glad that my Father in heaven has told me that He cares about the things I care about -- and that I can trust Him to take care of me. Be still my heart.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gesso-ing Book Paper

I am just a fan of all shapes and using book pages as part of a background is a natural for me. However, sometimes your images can get lost on the page because of the strength of the words on the book what do you do to "tone it down" a bit? Gesso.
Gesso is slightly chalky -- but is very opaque (which is why it is good for covering things up as a primer) you want to be a little careful how you use it or you will totally obliterate the words from your background. I have found that if you load your brush with gesso and then use a paper towel to "brush off" most of the excess gesso -- you will get a nice "dry brush" effect that softens the words or images on your background papers -- still allowing them to be visible, but not dominant.
The other thing I did on this card was to dry brush just a touch of cream color acrylic paint over the gesso -- I could have put the acrylic paint into the gesso to tint it (which I probably would have liked better -- but I just forgot). Then after that was dry...and dripped some watered down acrylic paint at the top of the card and let it run down to give a bit more visual interest.
Thanks for stopping by -- hope you are having a great week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inking with Embossed Resist

This technique has so many variations, it could keep you busy for WEEKS! hee hee I think you will be seeing it from me several times in the days to come because my mind has been having fun thinking up new projects to try out -- so hopefully I will have some to share soon. Let me share with you the basics...and then I would love to see what you come up with.
Basic Embossed Resist Technique:
1. Ink a stamp with embossing ink.
2. Sprinkle the stamped image with embossing powder (clear or tinted).
3. Heat the embossing powder with a heat gun until melted. Let cool.
4. Apply distress or chalk inks in multiple colors to background.
5. Wipe the excess ink off of the embossed image with a baby wipe.
A few variations you might want to try:
1. Use colored ink for your stamped image.
2. Used tinted embossing powder (or put different colors on different areas of the image).
3. Collage multiple stamped images.
4. Use Distress Embossing powder -- and rub the release crystals off prior to inking your background.
Have fun...and let me see where you go with your creative muse!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Stamping on Buttons

I am so excited about this Monday morning...I think there is something fresh and new about the beginning of a new week. Hope you are anticipating a great week too.

Today's card started from a scrap of vintage wall-paper. I sometimes think I am an "old" lady stuck in a young woman's body -- just because of the things that I love!

There really wasn't much needed for this card after I glued the scrap of paper to my card...just wanted to pull out some of that red and green in the embellishments...and chose a couple of buttons to do that. They looked too "modern" on the I decided to stamp a bit on them.

To stamp on plastic you need to use solvent ink (Like Stazon or Archiver Ink by Ranger). Because of the rounded surface on buttons, I have found that small stamps work best. You can stamp and turn the button several times until it has been covered with the image the way you like.

Just tie a bit of twine through the buttons and add to your page...and you have a lovely embellishment!

Have a superb week...filled with lots of creativity!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stamping on Material

Add stamped images or words to a card or layout by putting them on material. I like the frayed edge of this label (I ripped the fabric rather than cutting it to give it the frayed edge).
To get a crisp image don't use chalk or water based inks...they will absorb and blur when printed onto the fabric. I use solvent inks like Stazon on Archival Inks by Ranger.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Faux Marble on Acrylic

I am having so much fun playing with acrylic scraps these days. I used a left over piece of Hambly Clearly Heavy overlay to for the foundation of this card. I put the piece through my cuttlebug and cut out the flower shape...and stamped the petals with Stazon Opaque White.
To create the look of marble I used three shades of blue alcohol ink (with a bit of liquid extender) on a felt pad and pounced them over the acrylic card...leaving the flower blank. Let the ink dry and then repounce. Finally, I backed the card with a piece of white vinyl. The vinyl has texture and adds depth of color to the ink stained card.
Embelish with doodling and liquid pearls.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Faux Wax Seal

This is another fun "faux" technique.
To create this faux wax seal I used embossing ink, UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) powder, heat gun, small piece of chipboard, Perfect Pearls, a bit of acrylic paint or some alcohol ink -- and finally a rubber stamp or wax stamp. It is also helpful to have a pair of tweezers
Begin by cutting a circle out of chipboard slightly smaller than the size you want your finished "seal" to be and covering with a good coat of embossing ink....and sprinkling UTEE powder to cover. Sprinkle a mound of UTEE powder on a scrap piece of paper for dipping. Melt the powder with your heat gun (holding it with tweezers) and then immediately dip the chipboard in the little mound of powder while it is still warm...and then melt that layer as well.
Continue this process -- along with sprinkling a bit of Perfect Pearls onto the top dipped chipboard in between meltings. Let the UTEE melt over the sides. When you get a thickness that resembles a wax seal, use a small rubber stamp or wax stamp to create an impression in your melted UTEE (do this immediately after your last melting). Leave the stamp in place for a couple of minutes and let the UTEE cool...then remove the stamp. You can highlight the impression by brushing across it with a dry brush of metalic paint...or use alcohol inks to stain it the color that you would like.
When I am doing this -- I make several faux wax impressions and keep them for future projects.
Would love to see any projects that you are please link me to them in the comment section.
We finished up the first round of speeches this semester today...and I have to say that I am impressed with this group of students. These were some of the most creative speeches I have heard...and I am sure they will only get better as the semester goes on. I feel so blessed to get to work with these University students...they sure keep me on my toes -- but I get to the end of each class and feel like we are making progress...and hopefully are helping prepare them to accomplish great things in their futures.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Masking Tape Technique

I love the look of old book papers...or printed leather...and I think this technique gives me a feel of that with just a couple of steps.
First begin by covering your substrate with torn pieces of masking tape. Overlap them at odd angles for the best results...
Next brush a thin layer of mod podge over the surface and let it dry.
Finally, create a tinted glaze by adding water to acrylic paint. If you want it to stain darker use less water...the lighter you want it -- use more. Brush the glaze over your background and let it stand for a few moments, then use a paper towel to wipe it off. Repeat to add depth...and maybe even change the color of the glaze to give it even greater depth.
It's as easy as that.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Thirty

I am feeling the need for a little sunshine today. Actually, when I woke up this morning -- the clouds were gone...and there was just the hint of a sunrise. The birds were certainly taking advantage of it. Oh, I know that winter still has many more days ahead -- but I love when you get a hint of the spring to come.
Today's card is my only little bit of sunshine. It is a gesso - resist technique. You first put the gesso down on your background...I used white...but you can tint gesso with acrylic paint to make it whatever color you like. Gesso has a chalky base...which makes it resist the Distress Inks (by Ranger and Tim Holz). After you rub in two or three colors of the distress inks (I chose shades of yellow, orange and red) -- spritz with gives a water stain effect...and the bit of dampness lets you wipe away the bit of ink that is on the Gesso. I then stamped with archival/solvent ink (like Stazon) and embellished.
Hope you have found a little sunshine in your day deserve it -- even if the weather is not cooperating -- create a spot of it for yourself! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty-Nine

Oh it cold indeed here!

This is a fun little technique I thought I would share with you...putting a picture under an embossed transparency! Am having so much fun with my cuttlebug lately...since I discovered that you can put thin acrylic through it...Like I did on these Heidi Swapp letters....
on this layout about my new niece!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty-Eight

I love my old typewriter. I love the sound of the keys striking the ribbon and making their mark on the paper. There is something very satisfying about touching the key and knowing that touch will actually CREATE words on a page.
Don't get me wrong...I love all the things that my computer does for me...but one thing I like BETTER about my typewriter is that the INSTANT gratification of the printed word it gives me...yeah -- I am a bit "old school."
Today's card started out as a thin piece of which I Mod Podged some scraps of a sewing pattern...If you look closely -- I was REALLY going for the SIMPLICITY theme because that word was actually part of the pattern...but in the needed this little blue tree and the words, "Let go for a moment...Just Be."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty-Seven

Brrrrr! It is veeeeery cold here today -- and rainy...just the kind of day to stay in, bundled up and sipping a hot cup of tea! That is exactly what I am going to do. I had three wonderful sections of classes yesterday -- but am so glad that I do not teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays...and that I work at home...cause I just don't want to get out in this mess today.

This card's background is created by doing a paper basket weave like I did to create this Christmas stocking out of Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding paper.
In order to make the stocking -- I created a 12 x 12 sheet of woven paper so to make the card I just did the same process in miniature.

Here are the instructions:

1 Cut scrap papers into twenty-four (24) .5" x 6" strips. Ink edges, if desired. (if doing a big background I recommend using 1" x 12" strips of paper)
2 Arrange 12 of the strips vertically along a piece of scrap cardstock and lightly tack just the top with removeable adhesive. This pattern works best if you alternate between lighter and darker strips of paper for nice contrast.
3 Arrange the other 12 strips in a similar pattern but horizontally. Taking the next strip, begin to "basket weave" it through the 12 vertical strips (going under and over each vertical strip with a horizontal one).
4 Repeat this process for all 12 strips until you get a full, woven, 6" x 6" (or 12" x 12") sheet.
5 Seal strips with Mod Podge and let dry for a few hours or until it is no longer tacky (you may apply two coats, if desired). I also misted with Glimmer Mist while the Mod Podge was wet to give it a bit of shimmer.
6 Once dry, flip project over and trace card pattern (or whatever shape you want) on the back of the cardstock sheet at an angle (so the basket weave is diagonal rather than straight across).
7 Cut out and embellish to your heart's content!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty-Six

Today's card is made from know the paperish/plastic-ish material that mailing envelopes like those used by FedEx are made of? It really is both paper and plastic...and if you put a little water on it before you start -- it will absorb acrylic paint where it is paper -- and resist it where the little threads of plastic are...which makes for a kind of tie-dyed effect when you wipe the paint off... Just another idea to "re-use" those envelopes rather than put them in a landfill. Hope you are off to a great last day of January!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty-Three

I have gone outside the last few mornings to find "Frost" on everything...brrrr! The trees, the grass and even the windows on the North side of my house -- all covered with a sheer coat of icy sparkly ''FROST." Seeing this inspired my card today....Hope you are warm whever you may be!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty-Two

Ok...I admit it -- I am a distress "fiend!"
There...I said it...and I am proud!
We tear our paper....scratch it....stab it.....why not PUNCH it!?!?!
I liked how this turned out -- this technique is DEFINITELY going to show up on a larger page.
Technique Tutorial:
1. Save up a bit of frustration. (ok -- don't save it up -- it will still work, it just makes it more fun)
2. Use heavy weight cardstock, card board...or a tag.
3. Use your cropadile (I used my Big Bite so that I could just move the paper and punch) or any where hole punch and randomly put holes into your paper. Punch a LOT...don't be shy
4. Make sure they overlap in some areas...and let some of your punches go off the page.
5. Use distress inks (starting with your lightest color) to add color to your background in swirly motions.
6. Stamp an additional image in Archival ink (most others will react to distress ink and not print so test your ink before your work on your main piece.
7. Run a distress tool along the edges to fray them a bit more.
8. Use distress ink (Walnut Stain or Frayed Burlap) to stain the edges....because you have distressed the edges the ink will absorb into the fresh paper edge, giving it an almost BURNED look.
9 (optional) take a Q-tip or edge of a makeup sponge and dab the punched holes with the same ink you used to stain the edges....just to give them the same aged look.
Enjoy -- and punch away -- I think you are gonna like it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty-One

Maybe I am the only one who needs to be reminded of this. I am always having to speak the truth to myself that the grass ISN'T greener on the other side -- it just looks that way from a distance. Life is a journey -- and even if I LOVED everything about where I am at the moment (and I honestly, don't) -- I am not STAYING there...but I do feel that I need to make the most of wherever I find myself at the moment.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Twenty

Innauguration Day! I feel so blessed to live in a country where "We the People" are given the chance to say who we want to be our leader. If your guy (or gal) wins or still had the chance to speak up and have your voice counted. That is an amazing thing. Today holds much promise for our country. I pray for our new President that he will be a strong, good and wise leader. There are a lot of problems facing the United States right now -- but even still, because we have a choice in our leadership -- there is HOPE.
Today's Creative "something" was created with a collage stamp and some water colors...Be sure and use Stazon ink if you want to watercolor after you have stamped your image.
Have a great day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Creative "Something" Day Nineteen

We had snow today -- was really just a "skiff of snow" -- but snow nonetheless. Hope you have had a good day wherever you are!

Creative "Something" Day Seventeen and Eighteen

Day Seventeen: Had some fun with aluminum tape (got it at Loews -- I think it is used to seal airconditioning duct). Stuck a couple of widths down to cardstock...and then rolled it through the Cuttlebug in an embossing folder. Love love LOVE all the texture you can get with that. Then I dripped some alcohol inks onto the surface. They work GREAT with metal and acrylic -- really any slick non-porous surface. Am going to have to try this again.

Sorry for the delay in posting...was just super busy with the What You Make It crop on Saturday. We had sooo much fun. I totally loved getting to know the ladies I had never met before that were able to attend. And I have to say that it was equally fun to get to spend some time with friends from the past too! I will be posting pictures later.

This little card came out of another project. I was working on staining some other tags, and got huge drops of Walnut Stain (in eggplant color) all over my craft sheet. Just dipped this tag in the eggplant stain before wiping the rest up. A few spritzes with Glimmer mist -- and viola -- the background was created! I have had this little bird charm for theLONGEST time...and decided yesterday was the day to use it. I love the sweet little birds peering into their nest...Momma and Poppa birdies are anxious to see what is up with their chicks....I can TOTALLY relate!
I will be back to post my daily creative from today a bit later...but I have to go take a walk in the snow right now...I think it will energize me -- I love snow and think there is nothing like taking a walk when there is actually SNOW falling down on you! Have a great day....if you are where it is cold...snuggle up and keep warm!