Tuesday, April 28, 2009


There are so many reasons that I love scrapbooking...the fact that I know I am creating a collection of pictures and stories that are important to our family...and the those family members that are not here yet -- and some I may not ever have the privilege of meeting. They will know more about us than I have been able to find out about my ancestors....I think of it as my gift to them. And while that is the BIG motivator for me most of the time...another thing that I love about scrapbooking is the fact that sometimes it gives me the opportunity to create a meaningful gift for someone else. This shadowbox is an example of that...I created it for a baby dedication we were doing this past weekend at our church.

"Champ" is the little boy -- and what a cutie, huh?!?! He was adopted when he was just almost a year old....so we didn't really have "baby" pictures to work with....but I think the ones we chose to work with were just precious. I used three pictures and cut various parts of each one out and then used some foam square adhesive to pop each one up a bit higher...for a dimensional effect.

I also took some letters and used them to mask the child's name and painted on the backside of the glass....and then added some rub-ons to the front of the glass. The mom liked it -- and it got me thinking about what a super baby shower gift something like this could be....I found this frame at Hobby Lobby.
Hope you all are having a great week. I am spending the week finishing up paperwork from this semester -- and getting my grades filed with the University. Also, I have my niece's daughter here with me while her momma and daddy go to Gatlinburg for a few days. We are having an absolute BLAST. Ella is 18 months old....and just as sweet as sweet can be. I had a meeting away from the house today -- and had a friend come and stay with her for a few hours. When I returned home, Ella just sprang off of the couch and threw herself into my arms....gotta tell you it melted my heart instantly....such sweet joy....just happy to see me. WOW -- makes me want to give that same feeling to the people I care about....I may look a little silly -- but if it makes them feel as wonderful as Ella made me feel it will be totally worth it. Just a little mid-week pondering of "deep things" going on here. What are you pondering? What brings joy in your life?


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    hey....are you ok? hope so. Miss seeing you around.


  2. That is beautiful Jann!! Love it. You can spring into my arms when I see you and I will smile and love it! :)

  3. LOVE, love, love the painting on the glass of the frame. such a beautiful dimensional effect!


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