Monday, June 25, 2007

Burned organza flowers

These beautiful and sophisticated flower have been created for several hundreds of year by "ladies in the know." They used them to create personalized jewlry that coordinated with their lovely gowns....or as one story tell to signal to a particular beau that she was open to his proposal of marriage. Now, it is time for that knowledge to be passed on to the next generation.
Prepare well, ladies...for the burden is great to bear...and the cost...oh the cost... -- well it is actually almost non existent -- but that doesn't go very well with our line about burdens and costs now does it?!??!
Few simple supplies
1.Quarter yard of organza fabrics in 2-3 coordinated colors. I chose to brilliant blues (one dark, one light) a pale pink and an off white. Lots of combinations available for those.
2. A drafters circle template to draw out the multi-tudenous number of circles you will need. Three sizes 1.75 " 1.5" amd 1". Make as many of each as you want to end up with in flowers.
3. tea light candle set on a cookie sheet with a bowl of water near by...yes...we are playing with fire and must remember our fire safety.
4. tweezers
5. Small assortment of beads and beeding needle and thread (coordinated with you color pallate).
6, Green felt to shape the leaves as the base.
Step One:
Cut out all of your circles and shapes
Step Two: Hold each circle close -- without touching the flame -- until the edges begin to melt, curl and crinkle.
Step three: when all the edge has been curled...make a quick pass across the flame with the center....this will make for major crinkles that begin to form the flourishes of the petals. You may get a vew burn spots...but usually they work out to add charm to the flower...once the beads are in place you hardly noticly them at all.
Step Four...stack the three sizes of circles that have now been crinkled on top of each other and select two leaves to serve as the base. With your beading needle, make on stitch through all layers to secure the locations. On the next stitch add one small bead. Repeat four more times. For this size of flower, five beads are definitely enough to form the center.
I can make about 30 flowers in an evening -- once I get the assembly line going. I have found that bright shades mix well with sublte shades that you might not normally think of working have fun experimenting. If you make some -- I would love to see them...put a link into this blog entry to tell us where we can go check them out.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy the process....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Point of View

Well folks...those of you that have been doing the One Little Word blog challenge know that this week's word is MY. Two letters...inspiring lots of thought. Since I have been reading a lot lately about collage and altered art...and have been beginning an album on scrapping my faith -- I decided to do a combined challenge that would work for all three...(nothing like piling it on huh?!?!) "MY" layout is called...My Point of View. The journaling reads:

I think there is a reason that God has us start out in this world as small children. As a child, we can't help but look up for ansers. We don't think we know it all. Children lift their arms up to be picked up and comforted. They know that things will be better in the arms of their parents. As we grow, we seem to outgrow that knowledge. We begin to think that we somehow have to figure out the answer to all of life's questions ourselves...when our Heavenly Father is waiting for us to raise our hands up...asking Him to lift us up. I want to view life's challenges from the point of view of God and the only way for me to gain that point of view is to quit struggling and ask Him for help.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lindsey Loo Hoo Book

Cover of the book that I did for my niece to record all the things she loved when she was eight. The cover was made by ironing velvet squares over rubber stamps (fluffy side toward stamp) -- you really want to use a fairly simple design stamp to do this as detail doesn't show up well.

This is the next two pages...more color correct that the next two...used the Love, Elsie fabric paper with adhesive back to make flower petals with wire in them.

Page 3 and four (love the journaling cards from Jenni Bowlin)

Back cover...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ooooooooooooo Wow

You know I love words...I am a writer at you KNOW I love the One Little Word blog with its challenges to use single words as a starting point for a layout. But I was totally surprised today when they announced their "favorites" for the last challenge word -- STOP...and my layout was on the list. Wow. cool. Fun challenge -- try it. There will be a new word on Wednesday!

Ready. Period.

Well...I guess posting about them inspired me to get on the stick and finish this layout about my guys. It was fun...spray painting, wax and transparencies...all rolled into one!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Guys

Have I mentioned how blessed I feel to have these two men in my life, lately? Well -- it's about time doncha think? *smile*

I don't know if you all know this -- but guys aren't like girls...not at all...nope -- not even a smidge like us. And I think that is a good thing. It certainly keeps things interesting...and me on my toes.

I snapped this picture the other day when they were working on some Royal Ranger stuff...mano a mano. They were out there building fires. Lashing sticks together to make a table. Throwing a tomahawk at the trees and just having a hee-ho time. I loved watching them working on it all together. Just being guys. What a blessing to have a teenager that enjoys spending time with his Dad. I hope that means that their relationship will only get stronger from here -- and they will have years to do "guy" things together.
Major cleaning going on at my house. My sister and nephew and niece are coming for a visit and bring the rest of the stuff from my Mom's house to me. Have to clean out and organize so I have some place to put it. Good exercise -- helping me think through what I need to keep and what can be thrown away so when Royce and I get married it might not be such a huge chore to merge our households. What was that interior design show that used to be on tv that took the stuff from the bride and groom's houses while they were on their honeymoon and created the new house from both? Merge? or something? Wish they still did that!
Hope you all are off to a great weekend.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Stop The Clock

Ok...I had to keep playing with Jenni's kit...and then remembered the one little word challenge going I decided to try and combine is what I ended up with.

Don't we as adults want time to slow down -- but when we were kids we couldn't wait for the hands to spin on the clock so we would be OLDER!?!?!?! What was up with that...boy talk about 20/20 hindsight! *smile*

Sweet Sugar

I rewarded myself today...and boy did I deserve a BIG reward! Some of you may know that my sewer backed up in my house...for the second time. Let's leave it at ICK!
Anyway, once it got fixed, there was a HUGE mess to clean up...and it was not a fun job. So I promised myself that I could open my Jenni Kit from May if and when I got it done. It was just the "carrot" I needed. I did my "office work" this morning...cleaned, cleaned, cleaned after lunch and then let myself PLAY! Oh I love this sweet...have so many ideas -- and I plan to keep on playing until every scrap is used! This is one of the lo's I got done -- several others in the works. Have a great weekend.