Friday, June 01, 2007

Sweet Sugar

I rewarded myself today...and boy did I deserve a BIG reward! Some of you may know that my sewer backed up in my house...for the second time. Let's leave it at ICK!
Anyway, once it got fixed, there was a HUGE mess to clean up...and it was not a fun job. So I promised myself that I could open my Jenni Kit from May if and when I got it done. It was just the "carrot" I needed. I did my "office work" this morning...cleaned, cleaned, cleaned after lunch and then let myself PLAY! Oh I love this sweet...have so many ideas -- and I plan to keep on playing until every scrap is used! This is one of the lo's I got done -- several others in the works. Have a great weekend.


  1. Oh my.
    Just hearing the word "sewer" brings back nightmares although mine was septic tank - was yours?

    I hope it wasn't too bad!! Yikes!!

    Love your layout!
    I haven't opened mine up yet to play and here we are getting ready to get another one!

  2. UGH! I'm glad you rewarded yourself. Boy did you need it! I ended up going to Scrapn' Memories and getting the Zutter. Oooooh Ahhhh!

    Love this layout you are on a roll girl! Please lets get together soon!


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