Friday, June 15, 2007

Lindsey Loo Hoo Book

Cover of the book that I did for my niece to record all the things she loved when she was eight. The cover was made by ironing velvet squares over rubber stamps (fluffy side toward stamp) -- you really want to use a fairly simple design stamp to do this as detail doesn't show up well.

This is the next two pages...more color correct that the next two...used the Love, Elsie fabric paper with adhesive back to make flower petals with wire in them.

Page 3 and four (love the journaling cards from Jenni Bowlin)

Back cover...


  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    WOW!! She is going to love that!!! What a cool aunt you are!!

    Lisa Chapman

  2. Oh my...soooo beautiful! You have an amazing talent - you take 'scrapbookig' to a whole new level of art!!!
    Miss you friend!! Can't wait to see you (hopefully soon!)
    Did I mention how much I LOVE this!!! Who would have thought to iron velvet onto stamps (except you of course!)!!

  3. this is so beautiful!
    you are Miss Techniquie:)
    are they here yet?
    enjoy your family:)

  4. loving that mini! just delightful! esp loving the green . . . love me some green lately . . . :D

  5. This book is wonderful! Your sisters kids are so grown up! I know it's been a while but wow, time goes quick!



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