Saturday, October 15, 2011

We are sad....

 My very dear friend and co-worker lost her husband yesterday.  He was a young man (remember I think you are still "young" if you are within 5 years of my age...yes it is a sliding window - but I'm ok with that!)  - and full of life and love for his wife, his children, his grandbaby girl and his work.
In fact, he was in the middle of a presentation at work - and collapsed.  Such a shock to everyone - and we will all miss him very much.  Jess played soccer on one of the teams in Spain when he was younger - and I enjoyed learning a lot about the sport during the World Cup - Jess was a very patient teacher (up until I met Jess and Carole - I only had a working knowledge of Football and Baseball and a willingness to watch Basketball with my nephew) - but Jess sucked me into this sport that was totally foreign to me.  I am sure I will be tuning in the next time the World Cup Tournament is being played - although it just won't be as fun since I won't have Jess available to explain the difference between yellow and red cards...and why certain guys on the team can't go past some of the lines on the field!

Jess always had his priorities straight.  He loved God (he was a pastor for many years and then worked to equip and resource pastors around the US). He loved his wife (he would just pop into the office to say hi or to surprise Carole for lunch) - and they were married for more than 30 years. He loved his kids. His eldest is a policeman and is married to a wonderful woman and they have a precious little girl whom Jess adored.  He has two beautiful daughters...and they are a reflection of their Mom and Dad - caring, sweet lovely girls. And then there was the bond between Jess and Buddy...his dog.  Yes - Buddy was clearly Jess's dog.

Jess will be missed. We know that He has gone to spend eternity with his God...and we know we will see him again. But for now - we are sad...we miss him...and there is a Jess shaped hole in our hearts.

I also need to let you know that those of you who have purchased items from my previous blog post that I did not get them packaged up yesterday or today - everything that was on my "to do" list just needed to be set aside so that I could spend time with on her and support her in any way that I could.  I am hoping that I can get things packed up and shipped out on Monday or Tuesday.  Thank you for your patience - I appreciate it!

I have been especially reminded over the past couple of days that I want to live every moment of every day as if it might be my last.  I want to tell the people that I love - that I LOVE THEM!  So - dear blog following friends - thank you for hanging out with me - for encouraging me - for challenging and inspiring me.  Know that I love you...and feel blessed to be your friend.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Few Things That Need A Good Home!

Ok...this post is long overdue...but I finally have taken all the pictures. It is going to be a bit long - so hang with me here. 

When I was doing the BIG STUDIO overhaul - I found a few kits or collections that were left over from classes that I have taught over the past year.  As you all know, I teach at local scrapbook stores and scrapping retreats, and I almost always end up with an extra kit or tool because someone cancelled or I had to buy a certain number of a product.  I am getting ready for the fall and spring round of classes - and need to move these things  out to make room for the new inventory. I would love for them to go to a good home...could it possibly be yours? *smile*  I only have one or two oftmost of these kits... If you click on one of the Buy Now Buttons and I have already sold it, you will get a message that it is sold out - and you can come back to this post and keep shopping. (shipping will be added at check out)

My Mind's Eye Haunted Halloween Kit - $25

October Afternoon: 5 & Dime Complete Collection Kit - $60

14 Pattern Papers
2 Cardstock Sticker Sheets
1 Die Cut Page
3 Alpha Cardstock Sticker Sets
2 Rubons
Mini Tag Album
Word Stickers
Label Stickers
Rubber Charms
Sprinkers - Spray Ink
Chip n Stick
1 Pkg Miscellany

Melissa Francis Fall Mini Album Kit - $ 35

10 Pattern Papers + 5 Coordinating Cardstock
2 Sticker Sheets
1 Melissa Francis Mini Album blank
3 Glitter Tubes
1 October Afternoon Fall Stamp Set
1 Pkg Fall Melissa Francis Chipboard Shapes

Graphic 45 A Proper Gentleman Paper Pack - $10

Basic Grey - Periphery Collection Pack  - $8

Basic Grey: Infuse Collection Pack - $8

Basic Grey: Phoebe Collection Pack - $8
This pack has two letter stickers missing.

Basic Grey: Stella Ruby Collection Pack - $8 SOLD

Cosmo Cricket - Social Club Crafting Kit - $18

Cosmo Cricket - Odds and Ends Collage Kit - $35

Mini Deck - 36 Papers
2 Tiny Type Alpha Sticker Sets
Button Pack
16 Designer Papers
Cut Apart Ephemera
                                                            Cardstock Stickers

Perfect Pearl - Confection Collection - $12.50 SOLD

Pink Gumball
Sour Apple
Grape Fizz
Blue Raspberry
2 Brushes
Perfect Medium Ink Pad

Imaginisce - iRock Tool - $13

Imaginisce - iTop Brad Maker - $15

Grab Bag - $50

Every one will be different, but filled with at least $75 worth of products....these are incomplete kits that I will combine together to create a one of a kind collection of paper crafting goodness.

Whew!  Sorry, it took so long for me to get this done...I know some of these supplies were getting REALLY lonely! LOL  Have a great day!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Hello sweet friends...

Hope you have had a great weekend - and are looking forward to the week ahead!

I just got a notice on my phone that middle Tennessee is likely to experience frost tonight!  Woo Hoo - I think that may mean that FALL is actually on its way here! YEAH!

I was able to re-tape the video tutorial on the mini canvases - it was a little frustrating having to tape it with the camera off to the side - so I am really hoping to get back to using my computer and the overhead camera again soon! I apologize for the number of times I was demonstrating something out of frame or the goofiness of telling you to "look at something" that you clearly COULDN'T see because my left hand wasand was in the way! LOL.  Oh well - I learned a lot by doing this one and hopefully will do better on the next one.

This afternoon, I got to start on the project I told you about in the video...the mini album that we want to send  to the family of the kidney donor Royce received last October 8th.  We want to share with them our gratitude - but want to be mindful that the gift we received came at the cost of the life of their loved one.  We take that sacrifice to heart - and want them to know that Royce cherishes that gift - and throough his life, their loved one is continuing to influence the lives of others. This is one of those opportunities where I can use my art to express what is in my heart! I hope that you find an opportunity to do the same!  Have a great week - and I will be back to share the progress I am making with our mini albums.