Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mini Album Made from Medical File Folder

FINALLY! I am finally getting around to creating some YouTube videos to share creative ideas and tutorials on some of the projects I have done for our What You Make It television show. Here is my first be kind -- but seriously, give me feedback and let me know what you think...or what kind of projects you would like to see.

You can watch the Searching for Winter - Mini-Album video on YouTube.

This project entitled "Searching for Winter" was a mini-album that I created as a Father's Day Gift for Royce about the time he arranged forWestonto be in a local independent film (when he was in the 6th grade. The film was shot over several months and there were LOTS of stories and adventure associated with the project. Not everything we want to remember will fit neatly into a scrapbook album -- and I LOVE mini-albums for those kinds of projects. Using this medical file folder gave me LOTS of places to add tons of pictures and journaling...and at the back -- a place to keep a copy of the final DVD version of the film.

I think this kind of album would be great to use to keep track of a recurring a birthday -- or the first day of school. You could created the basic album...and then add one page every year to keep the album current. I will be creating some more idea and tutorial videos over the next few let me know if there is a particular technique you would like to see. I love your feedback.

Hope you are ready for a wonderful New Year! We certainly are!