Saturday, April 26, 2008

You may be asking...

where have you been? I know -- I have been a very bad blogger! So sorry! I've missed you too. The answer is that we made a very last minute decision to be a part of the Nashville Women's Home Show -- and it took just about every single moment (had to cut back on both potty breaks and sleep) we had to get ready. Thought I would share a few highlights for you.

First.... a HUGE thank you to Jenni Bowlin...who allowed us to use part of her booth from CHA to get started. Weston took it and added to it so we had a 10 x 20 foot booth with beadboard walls.... that looked like this.

The What You Make It booth was filled with Scrapbooking albums, journals and memo books...all unique custom designs made with vintage materials. We introduced a new line of products called "Lil Bump Books." These are one of my personal favorites. They come in five color pallattes and are made from vintage 1930 reproduced fabrics that were found on flour sacks....just really sweet. Here are a couple of examples.

Several of you have asked about getting a "Lil Bump Book" for a friend and I will be listing those on the What you Make It store very soon. I just need to get finished with school and those will be right up there. If you have something in particular that you are interested in -- please email. me.

The other totally fun thing that happened during the Women's Show was that I got to teach on the "Herself" stage. We had a full house...and had a blast with some quick and fun scrapbooking techniques.

THeir favorite? The Glimmer Mist that we got to share with them at the end of the demonstration. What girl doesn't want a little sparkle in her life?!?!?!

Well...I am off to finish up some grades for my students -- but I will try and be better about blogging now that school is about over.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by our was great to see some friendly faces in the midst of our new endeavor!