Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Bit Behind....

in putting my finished pages into albums. I even have the albums...and the protector is just that I haven't sat down to do it -- and the pile just keeps growing and growing...and GROWING! These are pages I have finished since the first of about five months worth...any guesses on how many?
Shall we make it interesting? Post the number of pages you think I have stacked up here -- and I will send a RAK to the person who gets the closest. If two or more of you guess the correct amount -- I will do a little drawing to see who gets the prize.
I should have taken the picture with the ruler in it -- for reference...but I forgot -- so I will tell you (for those of you that are mathmatically minded) that this pile is about 10.25 inches high.
Good guessing. I will give you a week to make your calculations. Next Thursday, November 6th, I will post the winner.

Friday, October 10, 2008

So -- How Did I Do, You Ask?

Lists are good. At least for me!

I was up by 6:15 -- three snoozes felt oh so good! But still up in plenty of time to get everything done before I headed off to my classes at Cumberland. It was a gorgeous day -- and I just felt GOOD driving to class knowing that I had accomplished everything that I needed to before I got to the school.

My students were "on the mark." They all turned their papers in -- and nobody got lower than an 82 on the exam...I am real proud of them. With the new Monday=Friday class schedule, we have had less lecture time -- so I had to rely on them to do more work for themselves out of the book...and they had -- because there were questions on the test I hadn't covered in lecture. YEAH for them!

While they took the test, I got started reading their I didn't make much of a dent in 63 3-5 page papers..but I got started -- which puts me AHEAD of the list, cause grading papers wasn't even on it. After class, I went over to the library and did the "scantron" thingy -- so all my tests are graded! Mark that one off the list!

I stopped by the post office -- got my packages in the mail...stopped and saw a dear friend -- and actually felt like I had time to stop and talk for a few minutes because I was ahead of schedule.

Came home -- got things started for the evening -- two loads of laundry (again NOT on the list -- but it was fun to write it in and then SCRATCH it off!)....headed out to walk -- 2 miles...great music....dinner...and now I am catching up on my emails, blogging and off to visit the galleries on SIStv for some creative inspiration.

Because I got the WHOLE list done -- and a couple of extras...I am going to go crop with some girlfriends from church and not going to feel guilty or like there is SOMETHING else I should be doing...

Yep....lists are a good thing -- at least for me.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's Good to Make Lists

In Jann world that is...lists are what I live by. They guide me from one activity to the next most important activity -- allowing me to lose myself completely in whatever I am doing until the "list" comes and taps me on the shoulder (and with a bit of a british butler voice) says, 'I say, my dear, the list indicates it is time for you to wrap up these activities as you're Sssshhhhhhhhheduled (you know how they make the word SKEDULED start with the hissing sound a snake makes....)SSHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheduled to be fixing dinner for those lovely men in your lives. We don't want them starving now do we Mam? No -- I thought -- put that down and come along.!"

I know you think that last little foray into my brain was a bit odd...but you might find it totally ODDER still to discover that those voices do in fact reside in my day....and those days that I don't let them come out and be in charge of the "LIST" -- well -- they just don't go very well. Imusst confess I have tried recently to rid myself of my list -- and I have this very day come back to it crawling on my hands and knees asking it to take me back. No -- I am not to proud to beg....if I must. And I must. I need the list....on so many levels.

1. I need to begin walking again -- if it isn't on the list -- it doesn't get done.
2. I need daily time spent in God's word and Bible study...if it isn't on the list -- it tends to be a quick review of the day before I go to sleep -- not a very satisfactory way to keep a strong relationship with my Savior going.
3. I need to eat well...Ok -- just see that one THROWN out the window if it isn't on the list
4, I need to be creative and polishing my craft every day.

It's not that I lack discipline...but the only form of discipline that works for me is for it to be on the list...

And the reward system that comes with the list.. Such exquisite joys! When I have completed an item on the list....I can take a PERMANENT INK Marker and slash through that item. It is finished....complete....done. That is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment....even if that same item returns to the list the next day....for one brief span of time -- I was the conqueror rather than the conquered.

So --I am getting back on track with my lists...which means I anticipate having much more productive days. The goal, you ask? Yes...the goal is to by means of working the list -- to create 8 -10 minutes a day of unscheduled time....where I can drop the list....pick up a mug of hot a book....soak in a bath...plan the plot for my next great novel....or just go make out on the couch with my lovie. And if that can be attained....I am willing to put myself back in the hands of "THE LIST> for it makes me better than I am by myself

I am starting day one with LIST tomorow...I will let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow's List

1. Arise at 6 am -- light breakfast -- stretching
2. Read devotion and journal
3. Examine projects in process and make notes of what should be done next.
4. Shower, change into "Professor Woman" and go give my lovely students their first exam for this semester.
5. Grade tests
6. Drive home...stop at store for weekend groceries.
7. Mail RAK packages to winners of the Stash Diet Challenge last weekend.
8. Get Dinner started
9. Go walk 2 miles (be sure and take great music)
10, Pack for a day of scrapping with the girls on Saturday.
11. Clean up scrap area...and move more items into the Scrapbook Yard Sale Pile (ok...the actual sale hasn't made it on the list yet -- but I am GONNA DO THIS....have to reduce the stash in a HUGE way.
12. Quiet time...check up on blogs, emails, message boards etc.
13. SLEEP.

Ok....that just tires me out typing it....but it is what I want...I want the discipline of the list to help me get more done in less time. do you get all that is on your plate done with time left over? Seriously...I want to know!