Monday, January 29, 2007

Cold...very cold

I can't remember being this cold since my time in Russia -- specifically Siberia!
It has been so mild for the whole winter and now it is like the weather is trying to make up for it! No snow -- but sub-zero temperatures none the less. Don't get me wrong...I love cold weather -- otherwise I wouldn't have survived in Russian weather...but it just kind of caught me by surprise. Also kind of reminded me of my time there -- and to be thankful for all the opportunities I have had in my life.
I love the picture of this horse sled -- which is called a Troika, in Russian -- three horse sled...different from our normal two horse sleigh. In the winter, villagers get around this way much easier than with you see them everywhere. Good memories.
What are your favorite memories of winter?

Monday, January 22, 2007

My Sweet Sister

Chelle asked me the other day about my sister...seems I talk about her often -- but never show pictures of her. Go figure!
So here she is -- together with her husband...and several years ago with me when we worked together at the Josh McDowell Ministry. That was really cool -- to get to work doing something that really mattered to both of us and get to do it together. She has since become one of the best Mom's I know to my niece and nephew. I am so fortunate that she and her husband Tod have allowed me to be part of their lives -- I love them both very much. My sister has always been dear to me -- I felt so blessed when we adopted her to have gotten a sister...and I have realized over the years that I have been truly blessed with a Godly woman for a sister and a best friend.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Treasured Toys

This summer I found some of my favorite toys as a child. These Barbies are from the early 60's...guess they almost qualify as ANTIQUES...but I don't want to think of that because that would make me one too! *laughing*

I also realized I was an interesting mix of a "girly girl" and a tomboy. I loved june bugs, roll pollys, tinker toys and Tonka trucks...but the next minute I would be dressing up my Barbies and writing melodramas for my sister and me to perform for the neighborhood kids. what a fun and diverse childhood I had...and it just seems like yesterday....wait --it was yesterday...I couldn't resist dressing up the Barbies when I took their pictures...afterall they had to be ready for the photoshoot!
Remember to take time to "play" everyday!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Off to Panama

My guys are off on a mission trip to Panama with 20 other men. They are way up on a mountain building a school and a church for the Guymi Indians and a pastor that works with them. I miss them -- but am so excited that they are getting to do this together. Royce is in charge of logistics for the group...Weston is in charge of cutting block. If you think of it -- please pray for them...for safety and for some great opportunities to share with the children and their parents that they come in contact with while they are there.
Have a great week...

Friday, January 12, 2007

One Little Word

Two weeks ago, Ali Edwards' weekly challenge was to pick one little word to represent something that would challenge or represent you for this year. I chose the word WIFE...(see blog by this title below). This week, her challenge was to create something to keep your word in front of you all the index card...a word on the wall or simething else. I decided to do a mini-book with Jenni Bowlin's kit. Loved the papers and it was quick to put together because I just printed out my blog entry on some old ledger paper and added it in. Love that this sits on my desk reminding me of what my intentions are for this year. If you can't read the journaling it is basically the "WIFE" entry below.

Monday, January 08, 2007

A Happy

Look what I made!
I have a layout I am working on that needed....something. Kind of vintagy...kind of hip...and I couldn't figure it out....then it came to me -- it needed crocheted flowers!
Easy pattern...if I can do it -- you can do it. Here you go:
Hook D/3
Large Flower:
Chain (ch) 2
Rnd 1: 5 single crochets in second chain from hook
Rnd 2: Single chain (sc) in back loop of first sc, 2 sc in next back loop, sc in next back loop, 2 sc in next back loop, sc in next (that gives you seven loops)
Rnd 3: (Sc, ch 2, 2 double crochets (dc) sc) in back loop of each of the last seven sc around.
Fasten off with a slip stitch in same sc as first petal (seven petals)
Small Flower:
Chain 2
Rnd 1: 5 sc in second loop from hook
Rnd 2: (sc, ch2, 2 dc, s) in back loop of each of the 5 sc loops (5 petals)
Have fun!


Last week, Ali Edwards challenged folks to choose "one little word" to be the word that would challenge them, drive them, encourage them or represent them for this year -- 2007.
I loved the process. I had done similar things in the past when trying to set goals for various projects I had going on in my professional marketing life...finding if I could narrow the essence of the project down to one or two words that it would reveal what the REAL goal was or the end result we were trying to achieve. Funny how we are willing to use wonderful tools like this in our professional lives -- because they are so effective -- but we forget to apply them to our personal lives -- where we have as great a need to know where we are going and more importantly how we want to get there! (you know I believe it is the JOURNEY that is important, as much if not more so than the destination itself.) word for this year is WIFE. After 45 years of being a single gal, my best friend and the man of my heart has asked me to be his wife. The prospects are enough to make me feel more than a little light-headed. We both have major career stuff going on...we both have that needs our attention -- not to mention a wedding to plan and our lives to merge. I was tempted to pick a verb...some sort of action -- after all this was going to be a year of MANY actions. But the more I thought about it -- the more I realized that wasn't really where my heart was tugging me for the word to represent this year. It wasn't an action was a description of a TRANSFORMATION I want to see happen in my life. A chrysalis if you would -- not that I think I was an ugly catapillar finally turning into a butterfly (those of you that know me know that being single was a "good thing" in my life not something to try and avoid). I am changing -- with God's help -- into being a lifelong companion...committed to the good and the bad...the challenges and the triumphs...a helper and the one being helped.
A wedding doesn't make this change. Moving in together would not make this change happen. It is a change of mindset...from defining myself as "just me" to defining myself as part of "us." Now that is a challenge worth spending a year (or more) on. So for this word is WIFE. Expect to see several layouts as I explore this transformation.
Thanks for being my dear friends. Good change takes help...and I know I have a wonderful group of people to assist me with the process.
What is YOUR "one little word for the year?

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Most of you are too young to remember that song...

For united we stand,
divided we fall
and if your back should
ever be against the wall
I'll be there....

I loved it then...
I love it now.

Glad Royce is the one that has my back.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Random Thoughts

Have you ever kept track of what you were thinking?

No I mean really...for a whole day?

I did today. Won't go into why...but I did.

I set a time twice every hour that I wrote down exactly what I was thinking about at that moment.

Some of it isn't pretty.

Some of it would make good punch lines to a joke...if I only knew the joke!

Here are just a few of my entries today...

9:10 -- Is there still coffee left in the coffee pot? Did I throw out the grounds, or are they still sitting in the coffee machine?

9:40 -- I love that the seat gets warm in my car.

10:10 - That looks stupid!

10:40 --Is this a one way street I just turned on? Stink -- why do they make streets one way...I hate do I get back to where I came from? I can see the building from here -- would it just be quicker to park and walk?

I will spare you 11:10 and 11:40 (let's just say I was involved in an animated discussion) not with my honey.

12:10 How did it get to be this time...shoot I am going to be late.

12:40 Why is that woman letting that child stand up in the grocery cart? Could I catch that child if it fell? How fast would you have to be able to run to do that? Faster than I can run...that's for sure. I never was good at math -- why is that? Why do things that sound like math word problems scare me?

1:10 -- Do other people rinse their pans out before cooking in them or is it just me?

1:40 -- You think someone would tell her that just because you CAN do something doesn't mean that you SHOULD do it. (clearly there was NO JUDGEMENT going on in my thoughts! *yikes*) you get the point. I just looked back over them all...and realized that not once did the "alarm" go off and I was thinking about the Lord...or what I could do for Him today. That kind of made me sad. Hmmmmm....need to work on that "setting my mind on Him" thing. Thankfully He gives me grace...and is probably just happy that I stopped and listened to my thoughts long enough to know what was missing.

Love you all...hope your week ends well.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Small Things

make me happy. Oh granted -- the big things do too...but small things often go un-noticed and therefore their intended joy creation never gets released into the universe. i find this happens because of ttwo reasons...

1, The small thing is TOO small to be notice by those of us that go at sucha hectic pace that we simply miss the small things.

2. We are so focused on achieving the BIG THINGS that the little things take up too much of our energy to stop and deal with them -- allowing them to release their intended into the we belittle the small is an obstacle to achieving the BIG thingS....

Case in point 'TO DO' list was several different areas of my life. THESE areas are important to me -- they have potential impact on my life for years to come...I was focused on accomplishing a few things to check off the list and report back to the powers tha be that I had made progress....when across my path came two little boys named erin and tate. They were in the parking lot at Walmart...and I ALMOST PASSED THEM BY. They were singing nursery rhyme kind of silly songs...and even though they were croutched down by the tires of a car -- I STILL felt sure that their Mommy was somewhere nearby...I kept walking...but the sounds of their sweet innocent voicesbecame like a gossamer string around my neck...not hurting...but not breaking. And I stopped and went back to talk wiht them. Erin the older one -- he's ALMOST 5 said that they were on a trip...a really really reallylong trip...but he was afraid that he and tate were going to have to do the rest of it by themselves. T hat certainly got my attention. "Why would you do the trip by yourself." "Well, we waited a long time for our poppa to come home...andwhen he did he said we weren't going on the trip. My Mom just laughed and said..."you don't have to go...but you can't steal the good it will do these boys." So we left on the trip about three days ago. . . and we think we are almost these...but we haven't seen our Mom for a long time." I asked questions to determine how long...and discovered that the boys last saw their mom on New Years Eve Night...she left them to fend for themselves in the car in the Walmart Shopping Center while she did something. At this point I knew that this situation was a HUGE situation nand beyond my ability to manage. I asked the guys getting the shopping carts from the area around us to immediately go and get a store manager. And then I sat down on the ground between Erin and Tate...and I learned some new songs...and I taught them one about HOPE. There was no crying...nashing of teeth...just two confused boys doing what they had been taught to do and wait...and one middle aged lady willing to get down on their level and sing. There was beauty in that...for a small moment the rest of the world went away...and I had two lives held in my hands while others scurried to get the right authorities to show up....and we managed to giggle...snort...somebody tooted (not me!) and we laughed some more. Tate is the little one..about three. Said, "it can't be her that tooted cause Angels don't toot." To him, I was an angel. To me he had once been a small thing...who's innocence and trust in ME...parlayed into me stopping...spending time with a couple of small things -- that will most likely leave an everlasting impression on my soul.