Friday, January 05, 2007

Random Thoughts

Have you ever kept track of what you were thinking?

No I mean really...for a whole day?

I did today. Won't go into why...but I did.

I set a time twice every hour that I wrote down exactly what I was thinking about at that moment.

Some of it isn't pretty.

Some of it would make good punch lines to a joke...if I only knew the joke!

Here are just a few of my entries today...

9:10 -- Is there still coffee left in the coffee pot? Did I throw out the grounds, or are they still sitting in the coffee machine?

9:40 -- I love that the seat gets warm in my car.

10:10 - That looks stupid!

10:40 --Is this a one way street I just turned on? Stink -- why do they make streets one way...I hate do I get back to where I came from? I can see the building from here -- would it just be quicker to park and walk?

I will spare you 11:10 and 11:40 (let's just say I was involved in an animated discussion) not with my honey.

12:10 How did it get to be this time...shoot I am going to be late.

12:40 Why is that woman letting that child stand up in the grocery cart? Could I catch that child if it fell? How fast would you have to be able to run to do that? Faster than I can run...that's for sure. I never was good at math -- why is that? Why do things that sound like math word problems scare me?

1:10 -- Do other people rinse their pans out before cooking in them or is it just me?

1:40 -- You think someone would tell her that just because you CAN do something doesn't mean that you SHOULD do it. (clearly there was NO JUDGEMENT going on in my thoughts! *yikes*) you get the point. I just looked back over them all...and realized that not once did the "alarm" go off and I was thinking about the Lord...or what I could do for Him today. That kind of made me sad. Hmmmmm....need to work on that "setting my mind on Him" thing. Thankfully He gives me grace...and is probably just happy that I stopped and listened to my thoughts long enough to know what was missing.

Love you all...hope your week ends well.


  1. JannieBaby... U are too cute! Im borrowing Jeanette's nickname for u. I love it. Totally fits.. .Anway... Josh really really enjoyed talking with you. We'd love to get together and spend some time chatting bout stuff!! xoxo C u tonight!

  2. You are amazing...enough said :)
    And by the way, yes, I too am neurotic and I do wash my pans before I cook in them !!

  3. Yes...rinse; don't know Y..just a weird habit that I have and apparently other people have also!! Hee Hee
    Have A Wonderful Weekend!!!


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