Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Faux Birch Bark...And I can FINALLY reveal...

I brought this birch bark box back (say that three times fast!) with me from Russia several years ago. I loved it's embossed top and the lashing that holds it all together. I have loved birch trees since I was a young girl. Our family would spend time up in the Boundary Water area in Northern Minnesota...and the white papery bark of the Birch trees always caught my attention. 

My sister and I would find pieces that had "flaked off" and use them for all sorts of creative projects. While we were in Minnesota, she and I would use the papery bark as roofs for the little stone houses we built from stones we gathered from the edge of the lake. Sometimes our Barbies got to live in them...and sometimes we dreamed that little elves and fairies would find the homes we had built for them and would think we were the "best-est" home builders ever. *smile*

We also would use pieces of it to write postcards to our grandparents...I still have a couple of those that my Jammy Jane saved for me...real treasures, they are. We always brought a few pieces home with us so we could use it on some arts and crafts project we thought up to pass the time on a rainy day! I wish I had access to some NOW - as I can think of a dozen things I want to use it on...a birch bark Christmas Village, a love note to my honey, as the spine on a vacation mini album...and I could go on! *smile*

So when I saw this birch box, I knew I had to have matter what I used it for - it already held some great childhood memories and that was enough.

I don't really know why it didn't occur to me earlier - but as I was dusting it earlier this week, my hand rested on the embossed pattern on the top and I saw it in a different way...and I just had to pick it up and take it into my studio and use it as my inspiration for this week's Christmas in August project. I think it may be one of my favorite cards I have made lately...I love the texture and it's rustic charm...but I am guessing I am particularly fond of it because of all the wonderful memories it evokes in my heart. Precious time with my sister in the midst of some of the most beautiful trees in the world.

I couldn't resist adding the Mama Deer and her lil baby on the inside of the card. is one of my favorites for sure!

I also am loving the "lashing" detail.  I made extra because I have several more ideas for other Christmas projects...and maybe some masculine note I'm sure you will see me revisit this basic design again. Here are a couple of close ups of the wreath on the front. I took the time to add some "birch" detail to the tree...super easy - but it makes me smile none the less! know I am happy because I had the excuse of a winter scene to pull out the LIQUID APPLIQUÉ! Woo Hoo! It was a happy day INDEED! *smile*
And now....I am super excited to let you know that I have been working on redesigning my website - and for a very special reason...! I will be doing another post to tell you more about it...but - if you watch this tutorial, you will get a little "advance information!" *smile*

Hope you all enjoy! And be sure and save some time for creative play!