Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello from Hawaii

I am missing you guys like crazy -- but I must admit that if you have to miss people -- this isn't a bad place to do it.
The bible tells us to be content in whatever state we are in...and Hawaii is one of the BEST states I have ever been content in! *smile*
Seriously, the conference is going well. Thank you for your prayers for my neck. I made the trip over went quite well...and also did well during my speaking sessions. I have some general sessions to go still and am stuggling a bit with pain in my neck now (strangely after all the "hard" stuff is done). God was so gracious to keep me mostly pain free during the time that pain would have distracted me from teaching -- so please hear that I have no complaints -- I feel very blessed. I am here until Monday and then travel home -- arriving on Tuesday. I can't wait to catch up with you then. Again -- thank you for your prayers. Have a blessed weekend.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dress Forms & New Ideas

Hello friends...Thought I would introduce you to a couple of new things in my life...

I have a new "thing" for miniature dress forms. Found these two recently. The wire one is supposed to be used to make a paper mache dress form -- but I like it how it is. The other one is flat...and I added some 7 gypsies paper to it -- some tulle and vintage ribbon to :dress it up a bit. Fun fun.

The other thing here is my new idea to make embellishments. I had challenged myself to do at least 25 layouts with just the things that I had in my scrapbook coming up with new and exciting embellishments required a little extra creativity. I have a TON of this plastic table covering...and decided to try something new with it. I used STAZON ink and stamped a couple of images onto it...waited for it to dry -- and then used acrylic paints on the back...loved the results and the possibilities are I have a whole new lease on life for my rubber and acrylic stamps...I am looking at them in a whole different way -- and it is FUN!

Hope you are having a creative week...and doing well. I head out for a couple of weeks on Wednesday. Going to Dallas to help with the Estate Sale for my Mom's stuff so we can get her house on the market. Pray that I am actual helpful to my sister -- since with this neck thing I can't lift anything -- the good news is I am a GREAT maybe I will help us sell more stuff! Then I am off to a conference in Hawaii. Now before you get all jealous -- the conference is so intensive that I tease the folks putting on the conference that they might as well hold the conference in Pittsburg for all the time that we have to notice our surroundings. However, when it is over -- the wonderful ladies I am traveling with and I will stay a day and half to unwind a bit -- and I am hoping to test out my camera on some pretty pretty scenery. The new Magic Lantern Field Guide to the Rebel Xti has been released and I just got it today -- so hopefully on my plane ride over to Hawaii, I can review it and figure out what all the little buttons do that I haven't figured out so far. YEAH!

Blessings and Peace --

Friday, March 16, 2007

What a "Pain In The Neck"'s true...I officially have a pain in the neck! Several of them actually -- and they have nothing to do with people, places or things!
I had been feeling a lot of pain in my neck, shoulder and arm -- but just thought it was stress...but last Friday it was confirmed that I have 7 bulging discs and one herniated disc that is pressing on my spinal column and leaking fluid into it. The neurologist scared me to death -- mentioning words like "quadraplegic and paralyzed," but fortunately he sent me directly to a neuro-surgeon and he was much more optimistic -- and at least wants to try some non-surgical treatment prior to resorting to surgery. Always love it when a surgeon isn't scalpel happy!
I have been going to physical therapy and using a cervical traction device at home...and I really have come to love that little machine. I feel so blessed to live in a day and age that we have so much more medical knowledge than previous generations have been privy to. I believe that God is healing me and I am being very compliant so as to get the most benefit from this treatment. It is painful...but I am blessed with a high pain tolerance level -- which is helpful for me to continue with this treatment plan. The neuro-surgeon says that it is really a 50-50 chance that this will decompress my spine enough for this herniated disc to slip back into place -- but then someone has to be in the 50% that it works on -- so I am believing that it will be me! *smile* Would you believe that with me? This whole working on starting my own business would be extremely difficult if I were out of work for the amount of time I would need to be to recover from the surgery. Obviously, this is not something that has caught God by surprise -- so I am utterly convinced He has a plan -- but in my limited view of the world, it would certainly seem better to me to be able to do this therapy and recover rather than go through the surgery.
I was able to make one trip to Palm Springs after my diagnosis...and that went well. Was able to take my little neck stretcher device with me -- which caused great happy to be home and back in full time therapy...but basically none the worse for wear.
Just wanted to keep you updated...and ask for your prayers. Am hating that scrapbooking is a bit more difficult these days because of the neck brace I am wearing -- but am convinced that I will find a way to do some of it - cause it keeps my sanity. What is up with youw guys....miss you tons!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Thought I would share a Design Team assignment I have been working on for Scrap'n Memories over on Nolensville Road. These are the new Creative Imaginations Bare Essentials cutouts. I think they have several different ones: Baby, Family, Love, Faith, Create, Imagaine and obviously, Travel to name a few. It was a fun home decore project. Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Be safe and have a good week.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Measure of a Man

Woo Hoo...two posts in one day! I am Shhhmokin'!
This is one of the ones that I told you I had been working on over the last couple of days. Took it apart this afternoon...and when it fell back together, I really liked it.
To answer the implied question of what is the measure of a man the journaling asks: How does he stand in the eyes of His God? How does he stand in the eyes of his Father? Who is he when no one is watching? Weston-- You are quite the young man...You serve God, you honor your Father and you can be trusted to make good choices.
Hope you all have had a great Saturday.

Unrepeatable Miracle

Got a little scrappy last night and this morning....thought I would share one of the finished ones. Tried a new journaling technique of tying ALL the letters together -- no spaces...I kind of like how it turned out -- frames it kind of like stitching....though not my best handwriting --I was too conscious of NOT picking up the pen!
The journaling says: Tyler, you are such a special blessing to our family. God only made one like you. He looked at your soul and knew just the gifts that He had in mind for you. It is so exciting to watch you grow into those gifts. I can’t wait to see how you will use them.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sewing Seeds Challenge

Hey girls...I ran across this blog that was talking about a girl that is headed to Africa to work in the orphanages there. Her mom is working on getting a skirt made for every girl in the orphanage because they only own one outfit each. It just touched my heart. I checked out the pattern they are suggesting (although any would do) and it looks easy peasy. How about us all trying to do at least one skirt by March 31st. It would probably only take us each a couple of hours and about $10-15 dollars -- and I KNOW from working with orphans in Russia that receiving something that is given to them personally makes them feel so loved and cared for. No just touched my heart and wanted to share the opportunity. Learn more about it here.