Monday, March 19, 2007

Dress Forms & New Ideas

Hello friends...Thought I would introduce you to a couple of new things in my life...

I have a new "thing" for miniature dress forms. Found these two recently. The wire one is supposed to be used to make a paper mache dress form -- but I like it how it is. The other one is flat...and I added some 7 gypsies paper to it -- some tulle and vintage ribbon to :dress it up a bit. Fun fun.

The other thing here is my new idea to make embellishments. I had challenged myself to do at least 25 layouts with just the things that I had in my scrapbook coming up with new and exciting embellishments required a little extra creativity. I have a TON of this plastic table covering...and decided to try something new with it. I used STAZON ink and stamped a couple of images onto it...waited for it to dry -- and then used acrylic paints on the back...loved the results and the possibilities are I have a whole new lease on life for my rubber and acrylic stamps...I am looking at them in a whole different way -- and it is FUN!

Hope you are having a creative week...and doing well. I head out for a couple of weeks on Wednesday. Going to Dallas to help with the Estate Sale for my Mom's stuff so we can get her house on the market. Pray that I am actual helpful to my sister -- since with this neck thing I can't lift anything -- the good news is I am a GREAT maybe I will help us sell more stuff! Then I am off to a conference in Hawaii. Now before you get all jealous -- the conference is so intensive that I tease the folks putting on the conference that they might as well hold the conference in Pittsburg for all the time that we have to notice our surroundings. However, when it is over -- the wonderful ladies I am traveling with and I will stay a day and half to unwind a bit -- and I am hoping to test out my camera on some pretty pretty scenery. The new Magic Lantern Field Guide to the Rebel Xti has been released and I just got it today -- so hopefully on my plane ride over to Hawaii, I can review it and figure out what all the little buttons do that I haven't figured out so far. YEAH!

Blessings and Peace --


  1. wowzas jann! those flowers are beautimous! :D

  2. Wow - stunning and so dimensional!
    Love them! Love all of the stuff you have been up to!!
    Good luck with your mom's estate sale. Be safe! D

  3. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Cool flowers! Hope the sale goes well for you and your sister! Are you REALLY going to Hawaii for a, I don't know..........WEDDING? What's going on with those plans? Take care of that neck...will keep praying for you!

  4. beautimous flowers... ur sooo creative!! so glad ur feelings better and i hope ur travels are safe!! xoxo love u!

  5. should take {R} with you to Hawaii and gee let's see here..GET MARRIED!
    Take care!


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