Monday, January 28, 2008

February Paper Kit

Have you checked out this month's paper crafting kit? I have been having a lot of fun playing with it myself...I made a little mini-book and put it in the brown jewelry box that comes with the kit as a gift for Royce for Valentines...just a little place to write some sweet notes to him. There are some other layouts in my gallery...and more to come in the next few days.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello from Dallas

This is the view out of my hotel window in downtown Dallas. Love the lights of a city at night. The conference has been terrific. Really lovely people to work with -- and terrific music. I am now off to spend the night and a few hours tomorrow with my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. Just an added blessing to the trip to get to see family too.

Have a great Sunday

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where does the time go?

I thought it was only yesterday that I blogged...and then I checked the date on my last post...and had to just laugh...time just speeds by (when you're having fun, have a huge list of to do's .... or you are over 40!).

I had so much fun getting together with a group of ladies that I have met on SIStv. We all got together for a day of scrapping, eating, giggling and all around fun on Saturday. It was actually one of my most productive days ever at a crop! It helped that we did several "round robins." Have you ever done that with your friends? The basics are: you start a layout with your picture...and you have anywhere between 5 - 10 minutes to begin. Then the buzzer rings and you hand it off to the next person at the table -- and you take the layout from the person on your right...and have 10 minutes to work on it. and so on and so on -- until your layout comes back to you....with a bit of everyone else at your table on it! I love it because it stretches me in a couple of ways. 1) You get a project mid-way in and have to see what would be appropriate and helpful to add. 2) you are on a time limit -- so you are forced to think, act and glue it down...which is not one of my strengths...I tend to like to linger and ponder and try lots of different things -- adding up to extended time on each and every layout. This makes me move out of that comfort zone -- and discover that I like what my initial instincts are in most cases. I will try and get a couple of examples posted so you can see what I am talking about -- I really like the results even though they don't end up how I thought they would in my head. You might want to try this idea too sometime...

School has started and I have two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is really interesting because each class has it's own personality...and are both going to be a fun challenge to me this semester. I do love the energy I get from working with young people...although I am tired at the end of the day -- my creative side seems to be rev'ed up and ready to take off. These are some of my students from last semester...good guys....and am enjoying seeing them around this semester to -- kind of makes me feel like an "insider" here too!

Am off to a conference in Dallas this week. Haven't been back to Dallas since September and am hoping to get to hug my family's necks while I am there...I miss them a lot. All that being said -- I was telling Royce that I really have begun to feel like Nashville is home to me. I just feel very blessed in all of this.

Hope you all are having a great week. I am prepping for taping again next week...and think we will have some fun things to work on. Hopefully, there will be a link for January's The Big Stuff on my website in the next day or two...and I am working on the prompt for February. I am excited about all of you who have decided to play along. If you want to get our monthly newsletter GLUEPrints...just sign up here.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hang on Tight

We have lots to do this next year! I have been having the best time getting ready for our next taping of What You Make It. I have begun to get emails from you, our viewers, and it is such a treat to begin to imagine you on the other side of the camera while I am taping. Several of you have mentioned that you liked the segment we did on "scrapping our faith" -- so I have been working on some regular segments on that topic. Here is one of the layouts I am going to show you how to make this month. It uses our What You Make It Februrary Paper Crafting Kit that will be available in the store in a few days...and features the "fussy cutting" technique...where you cut out a portion of the patterned paper to use as an embellishment. I promise, it looks harder than it is -- I'll show you a couple of tricks that will have you "fussy cutting" all over your pages! Everything on the page (with the exception of the letter stickers) are in one of the February is filled with beautiful pinks and blues...and the add on kit gives you some richer reds to create Valentine layouts with.

Here is a sneak peek at the February Add On Kit and it's yummy goodies...

I have one more little peek to whet your appetite...I have something BIG planned for us for the whole year of 2008.

We are going to tape the BIG announcement on Friday -- and it will air the week of January be sure and tune in. In the meantime -- be sure and sign up to receive the new Glueprints newsletter over at our What You Make It that you can get in on all the BIG fun.

Finally, I am teaching a class at Scrapbook Village in Glasgow on Saturday. It is a mini-book called A Year In Preview. I know it will be fun -- so I hope to see you there.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008: New Beginnings

Welcome to 2008. Have you made any New Year's Resolutions? I have a few -- and I will share them with you -- that certainly helps with accountability, right? But first a funny story...

This is the honest, truth. A few year's ago I was standing in line at a Target store waiting to check out during an "after Christmas sale." I was amusing myself by people watching -- and I confess..."people listening" as there was a very animated group of women behind me chit chatting as they waited to check out too. The topic of their conversation was "pet peeves." They were talking about things that their husbands do that drive them crazy...and you can guess that there was a fairly common and specific list of complaints. But one of the ladies chimed in with a kind of unique one... she said, "I hate it when he uses a word that he doesn't know the meaning to -- and acts like he know WORDS matter!" At the time, I had a couple of thoughts...being a single gal and not involved with anyone I had little to relate to their conversations -- but of course that didn't stop my head from running down the path. I remember thinking specifically two things..."you have forgotten the blessing of having these men in your life -- and yes, WORDs matter...specifically the Bible tells us that words have the power to hurt or heal -- and these words seemed to be focusing more on the former than the latter."

Yes, I know it is easy to judge someone when you don't live in their situation -- so please hear, sweet friends, that I wasn't focusing on these women as a people to be judged...but it struck a chord in me about something I wanted to be "purposeful about should I ever find myself in their shoes." I wanted to always remember what a blessing it is to have a man whom I love involved in my life (warts and all -- since I certainly have my own faults) and secondly, to speak highly of him rather than rehearsing all of his faults...(a lesson I am glad I thought about then -- and am trying to apply now that I have Royce and Weston in my life). So I was pondering these ideas and lost track of their conversations until they caught my attention once again and I heard the same lady whose husband mis-used words say...."So, have you all made any New Year's REVOLUTIONS?" Honest....that is what she said...not resolutions ---revolutions. Talk about something coming back to bite you in the "behind!?!?!?!" But then, that made me start thinking too (guess I was in a "deep thoughts" mode that day). Aren't we more likely to actually act on things that we think of as REVOLutionary as opposed to just RESOLutionary?

I have a few things that I want to be purposeful about this year...I want to REVOLUTIONIZE these areas of my life...change them with specific results. Here they are:

1. I want to be more non-processed food, cook at home more than eating out and continue with my plan to lose weight.

2. I want to continue learn to be a good wife...focused on my relationship with Royce -- and appreciate the differences that God placed in each of us. *interestingly enough -- Royce purposefully misuses words -- just to make me laugh -- and I never can forget the life lessons I learned standing in that line in Target everytime he does....I love God's sense of humor!

3. I want to spend time daily in God's Word and in prayer. Nothing gives me more balance, purpose and direction than time spent building my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

4. I want to be intentional about learning more about Photography. I love taking pictures -- but I want to take BETTER PICTURES and use my camera and it's capabilities more fully. I am planning on taking some on-line lessons...and doing some projects to practice with my new knowledge. (More on that later -- as it is one of my surprises for you this year -- but I want you to get ready to play/practice along with me).

5. I want to maximize this incredible opportunity I have to do the What You Make It tv show. I want to continue to improve the segments of the show...and to make the website as inspirational and easy to use as possible. I would love to hear from you guys on what I can do to make either one (or both) something that is of interest to you.

I am sure as I move further into 2008, that I will add to this list....but this seems a good place to start. to share my first layout of 2008.

When we were cleaning out my Mom's house I found a TON of pictures from her childhood and my early childhood. I am having fun working my way through them. This is the VERY first picture my parents took of me -- on the day they adopted me and brought me home from the orphanage. Looking at it is a very powerful experience to me...I see so much in this little girl's eyes...I was an older child -- and it was very rare for an older child to be adopted back in the 60's...My journaling clearly has some adult perspective -- but focuses on what I see in her eyes.

Journaling on hidden tag reads: can you see it in my eyes? The hope of a two year old who has just met her new Mommy and Daddy? This is the very first picture my parents took of me on the day they brought me home from the orphanage. I haven't even walked into my new home. Am I as scared as I look? Will they love me? Will I be good enough? Somehow I knew what an awesome gift being "dopted" was. What a blessing as an older child to find parents who didn't have to have a baby. What was yet to unfold as we became a family was unknown -- but for the first time in my life...I was home.

I also had fun dividing the white lacy Bazzil cardstock into four parts and trying four different ink/paint techniques to create the background. I like the softness of it...and am glad that I got to do a layout with this picture that holds so much of my earliest history.

Would love to hear about your focus for 2008...what is on your list of "REVOLUTIONS?"

Happy New Year....