Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't You Love a DEAL?!?!?

I have found a couple of great on-line shopping spots for scrapbooking -- and I thought I would share with you...

First of all you need to check out PaperCents.com -- cause they always have the latest and greatest and a bargain prices. If you would like to know how to get an even a few more dollars off your order, send me an email and I will hook you up!

For unique rubber stamps -- I am a fan of Catslife Rubber Stamps. What I really love is that you can order them mounted or UN-mounted which saves a lot of money....just use some double sided tape and use an acrylic block -- or use self adhesive mounting foam and keep them in three ring binders (takes up much less space).

And for Digi or Hybrid scrapping -- my favorite these days is A Cherry On Top scrapbook shoppe. Love that they have a wide range of digi papers and embellishments. You know -- even if you just want to add an embellishment to a traditional scrapbook page -- you can use your computer to create it -- so don't rule out a little hybrid scrapping even if you aren't sure you want to go all digital. It opens up a lot of new possibilities.

One last favorite I want to tell you about is my secret on-line flea market....MantoFev. Oh my stars...I have to keep myself from visiting on a daily basis. You just never know what you will find...a scrap of sari fabric...some delightful retro charms...vintage papers...you know -- all the goodies that just add that extra something special to your page. So -- in the spirit of sharing and not hoarding all the good stuff to myself...I wanted you to know about Sara...she is a delightful lady -- who loves to find unique and special items...and has the good grace to share them with us at very reasonable prices. Go check MantoFev out for yourself.

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday...my dear son, Weston, turns 18 tomorrow -- so we have big plans in store....

Finally....and totally unscrapbook related...I want to tell you about a book that has held me spell bound for the past few weeks. It is called The Shack...and while I rarely do this -- I want to recommend it to you as a "must read." You can order it directly from the publisher but I am also sure that you can get it on Amazon.com or Borders. It is a story of a man (Mack) -- not a terribly "religious" man who has tragedies in his life that make relating to God a difficult thing. He receives an invitation to visit "the shack" for a weekend...and while there spends time learning that God is not so "religious" either -- but that a RELATIONSHIP with Mack is of utmost importance. I must confess that I was reading it (the first time) on an airplane and was sobbing (tears of joy and healing) and making such a mess that the flight attendant came to check and see if I were ok...when she saw the book....she sat down and her eyes got all watery too -- she said, "Oh -- isn't it just WONDERFUL...I can't think about it without feeling so very good." It is fiction....a page turner...and yet so full of wisdom and insight to that part of us that seeks to understand our Creator...even when it is difficult. I won't say anymore...but I will leave you with a line that is used many times in the book....and I mean it as I say it to you now....

"You know...I am especially fond of you."


Monday, July 07, 2008

It's not good...

Not good at all when a whole month goes by between postings!~ What could I have possibly been doing rather than blogging? Hmmmm.....let's see. I have been traveling quite a bit...Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston and Kansas City. We taped our 33rd episode of What You Make It. (can you believe it? I still am amazed that we done that many)

I promise more in the next few days...but thought I would share a few projects I have been working on lately
These busts are from the challenge that Holly Wood and I did. We found these vintage department store busts...and decided to see what we could come up with -- mine is the one on the left (hers on the right). It was a fun challenge. Mine is called TRUE BEAUTY...based on something my grandmother used to tell me..."Jann -- to be truly beautiful, you need to be as pretty on the inside as you are on the outside." I chose to write my favorite scriptures and quotes and mod podge them to the inside.... The last picture is of some of our silliness during the What You Make It taping Holly and I did with our projects....you can just imagine some of the puns that were flying around....(we were all about to "bust out" laughing constantly).
Several of my projects lately have focused around Weston. He graduated -- and is headed off to college in what seems like just a few short weeks. I did one layout about bits of wisdom I wanted to make sure he knew. The book is an altered book that he and I worked on together for Father's Day -- filled with things that he (Weston) has learned from his Dad. I loved the time we spent together doing this -- and love that he was able to come up with more than 100 things that he attributed directly to his Dad. Some were funny -- some serious -- but all of them show that he feels that his Dad has poured his life into him over the past 18 years. His dad LOVED it...and rarely a day goes by that he doesn't pick it up and read some of it. Us Mom's are kind of allowed to show our mixed emotions when our little chicks begin to leave the nest -- but Dad's think they are supposed to be STRONG...even though they have a hard time seeing them go too. I think this book helps it a little bit.
This final layout is one that just kind of "happened" one night. I was playing with paint (acrylic and alcohol). During one of my recent trips, Weston was there working with me and I found myself relating to him solely as a peer -- not as a parent and it was both a bit of an earth shattering and wonderful moment all tied in together. So I wanted to mark the transition -- from My Boy to This Man!
Ok...I promise not to let it go so long....more later.