Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a Blessed Woman I Am

Have too many thoughts to document for today - so will put them in a NOTE...and start the list!

1. What a blessed woman I am!

2. Loved hangin' out with my Dad at the hospital - actually going out for a walk around the oncology floor and thought to myself "I better pick up my pace - it won't look good to be "lapped" by the cancer patient!" Dad thought that was pretty funny too!

3. Loved hangin out with my sister and family so blessed to have ALL of them in my life. My brother-in-law is incredibly smart - and I enjoy our conversations. Added to that he is a man who is passionate about living out his that about him.

4. Am so blessed to have Royce and Weston back home making it possible for me to be here....I miss them a lot - but am thankful that they support me even when I am gone.

5. Got to read through my nephew's Senior Thesis and was really impressed with his insight and focus on making our faith REAL and ACTIVE not passive. (Much more to it than this - but then...he was writing a THESIS whereas I am writing a blog post. Here is one of his Senior him MORE!

6. My youngest niece drew a picture of me today. My favorite two details were my eyelashes (very black: which is prompting me to perhaps go see someone about updating my "look" as it appears that according to her picture I am stuck somewhere in the 80's. On the other hand...her details included me on - wait for it - "ICE SKATES!" Yes...she sees me as still being capable of gliding across the ice on two thin blades of steel. God bless her!

7. I have a sister and older niece who were able to talk me down from the ledge when I decided to color my own hair tonight....and as I washed it out the sink was filled with PINK water...Now whether they are being absolutely candid or not - they have me convinced that my hair is NOT PINK...that it merely added some "undertones" of red....which is definitely better than PINK hair.

5. So I end where I started....What a blessed woman I am!