Friday, April 03, 2015

Illuminated Journaling: It's Friday...But Sunday's Coming

When I think what happened to my sweet Savior on that first Good Friday, I almost stop breathing.

It was beyond horrific!

As excruciating as the physical pain was that came as a result of His scourging, dragging His cross through the streets of Jerusalem lined with jeering crowds, being nailed to the cross and raised up so that his weight pulled at the spikes that held His body on the cross -- all of that paled in comparison to the pain He felt when He chose to take on the sins of the world...MY SIN - and in doing so caused Himself to be separated from God!

Our perfect Messiah took our sin. He took our separation. He took our inevitable and deserved death. He took on Satan...and on Friday there was nothing that could be called "good."

But our Salvation story doesn't end on Friday. That dark day eventually came to the end. That night found His disciples huddled together in fear. His followers were beyond grieved...and probably couldn't even bring themselves to continue through Passover. I'm sure they felt that they couldn't celebrate the night that death "passed the Hebrew people over" in Egypt because they were so stricken by seeing death come to their friend, brother, son....Messiah. Friday was a dark day. As was Saturday too.

As Sunday dawned...they began to stir. Their brains and hearts that had been paralyzed with grief began to think of what they needed to ponder how they were going to go on without Him. Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to take care of Jesus' body. He had died just as the Sabbath was beginning, so all they had time to do was place him in a tomb.

As Sunday dawned...our eternal fate changed from darkness to light!
Mary found the tomb empty. He had risen! He faced Satan and sealed our Salvation! Friday was a dark, dark day...but Sunday brought glorious light!

On hard days...nowhere near as dark and hopeless as the Friday of Jesus' crucifixion, I cling to the fact that it may seem like Friday...but Sunday is coming! Glorious, Splendid and Miraculous Sunday! Hallelujah Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

Guest Blog Post on Illustrated Faith

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I also have a blog post on Illustrated Faith today! Go check it out...Shanna Noel asked me to share how journaling in my Bible has impacted my walk with the Lord. I loved writing this blog post - it shares just how personal our faith journey God uses our life experiences to draw us closer to Him and how through His death, burial and resurrection He made each of of His Heirs. I love talking about my Heavenly Father -- and I love sharing with my fellow heirs! Please jump over there for a short visit if you have time!

In Other News:

I have been working hard on finalizing the Workbook for all of the Illuminated Journaling Live Workshops that I will be teaching beginning this month. I will share a picture of it when I get it back from the printer! I just can't believe how quickly all of this has begun to come together.  If you would be interested in having me come lead an Illuminated Journaling Workshop in your church or area, please contact me, I would love to get to be with you!

Every Spring I hit the road for some SERIOUS business travel! I am blessed to love traveling and am definitely going to be taking advantage of the peace and quiet of the hotel rooms to get some in depth study time in my Bible. But - I got to thinking...I ought to check and see if any of you guys live near the places I am working and maybe we could do a meet up or a mini-workshop or at least a cup of coffee! I'm still working on a few dates, but here are the cities that I know of for sure!

Knoxville, TN - April 13-16
New Orleans, LA - April 20-22
Beaumont/Lumberton, Tx April 23-24
Anaheim, CA - May 3-8
Roanoke, VA - May 11-14
Indianapolis, IN - May 16-18
Orlando, FL - May 19 - 22

New Online Workshop:

My latest Illuminated Journaling Workshop: Words In The Word will cover lots of tips and techniques for adding a variety of lettering styles to your Bible Journal entries. We'll cover basic hand lettering, spicing up your handwriting, using stamps and stickers as well as imitating your favorite fonts. Learn how to make your Words pop and add impact to your entire page.

I hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful Easter weekend! Blessings and Love,

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Illuminated Journaling: Time to Stop Worrying & New Workshop

"Who can add a single hour to his life by being anxious?" Matt 6:27

Well it's not for a lack of trying on my part! For the past few years, it feels like I haven't had a single day where my "to do" list needs fewer than 25 hours to be accomplished. I bet you have days like that too...there is just too much "do" and not enough day!

And on top of that - I start worrying about HOW I'm going to get it done and WHAT the consequences are going to be when I don't. After all, that's what RESPONSIBLE people do right? We focus on getting the "tasks" done.

Ahh - but God says His wisdom confounds the wise.

When you don't have time to get everything done, God says "stop and come tarry with me for an hour."

When everyone is looking to you to solve their problem, God says, "Let me show you what to do."

When you look at your list and say "there's no way!" God says, "I am within her, she will not fail."

When you would say, "I can't go to bed, I have too much to do." God says, "Come unto me all who are weary and I will give you rest."

When you look down the path that you must walk and are afraid of what is around the next curve, God says "Let not your heart be troubled - neither let it be afraid for I am with you!"

I want God's kind of wisdom...His way way is just a lot of WORK and WORRY...and that doesn't add even one hour to my day!

Supplies: watercolor, Prismacolor pencils, Pitt pens, Distress Ink in Tumbled Glass for background

Pre-Register Here!

I am having the best time working on the lessons for my newest Illuminated Journaling Workshop: Words in the Word. This self-paced workshop will cover lots of tips and techniques for adding a variety of lettering styles to your Bible Journal entries. We'll cover basic hand lettering, spicing up your handwriting, using stamps and stickers as well as imitating your favorite fonts. Learn how to make your Words pop and add impact to your entire page. The Workshop will start April 12th, but if you Pre-Register you can save a little bit. I have also added some Workshop Bundles so you can catch up on any classes you have missed.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Illuminated Journaling: See and Remember

 See and Remember: Imagery is a powerful memory and study tool. Even before we master reading and writing, we draw. Images have the ability to transport us back to a moment in time and remind us of the details of that moment like it happened yesterday. It brings the past into the present. It brings a spiritual lesson to the forefront of our memory and refreshes our mind and our heart.

In the scriptures, God often used things we would SEE as a sign to REMEMBER the things that He has done. In Genesis, He used the rainbow to remind us that He had made a covenant that “never again would all flesh be wiped off the face of the earth by flood.” In Joshua, He had the Israelites take 12 stones from the dry riverbed of the Jordan and stack them up so that “When your children ask, ‘What do these stones mean to You?’ Tell them, ‘They are a memorial to what the Lord has done.’”

Something really remarkable happens when we engage imagery with our time in the Word. When we take the time to express what we have learned in a tangible way, with words and images, it is like the flash of the camera casting illumination on the subject and recording that moment in time in a way that insures our ability to return to that truth time and again.

See and Remember...this idea occurs over and over again in scripture...God providing a tangible reminder of a spiritual truth.

This page blends all of these thoughts together...I loved the vintage "flash" camera (I'm a bit "vintage" myself) and I loved that everything was monochromatic except for the one photo of the rainbow. This one has been running around in my head for a few weeks now - and I have to say that as I saw it coming together - it moved me more than what I had imagined. God is so good to me like that!

Here is a photo of this "in process" - it felt a bit chaotic and I wasn't at all sure that I was liking the results...but I just kept on going...even in art, we don't have to have it ALL figured out to begin...I'm really glad I kept going - as this particular journaling page has touched me in a profound way...and I have had some truly delightful moments of discussion with my Heavenly Father about just how AWESOME He is - and how wonderfully He meets with us in the most unexpected moments and ways!

I hope you will try to "keep going" on something this week that you find yourself wanting to give up on...and I pray that you are delightfully surprised with the results! Blessings!

Supplies: Watercolor, Colored Pencils/Gamsol, Micron Pen, White guache