Sunday, October 28, 2007

Advent Calendar Kit

Here is the Advent Calendar we are going to do on "What You Make It" tv. Several of you have asked if you can get the kit even though you can't see the tv show -- and the answer..."but of course!" Just click here to see the kit in my Etsy Shop.

The kit comes with the die cut sheet metal, vintage sheet music, American Craft Thickers, a vintage German embossed Santa, enough buttons and sequins to decorate the edges and each of the handmade date tags.

With everything in one place, it is a quick project -- and would make a fun gift either as a finished calendar or as the kit.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lovely Treasures

Royce and I had so much fun today...

We went to the Nashville Flea Market...I almost can't even describe what it is like...everything from socks (a bundle of eight for $1) to gorgeous antique furniture and everything in between. I found a few treasures. An old bible -- with beautiful illustrations -- printed in 1895...OVER 100 years very cool....a turkey cookie cutter.... a 1937 World Atlas -- you wouldn't believe how lovely the maps are...a string of chandelier crystals and this incredible stamp box -- from an old store...full of stamps they used to make signs for the store... I wanted the box for storing my stamps -- it has wonderful divisions in it and LOTS of character. Royce bargained for the box AND all the stamps -- it was just so much fun to watch ... and then I got to bring it home. Can't wait to get it set up in my studio....and I simply HAVE to find a way to use some of these stamps...they are a is a list of a few of them:

(do you notice the MEAT theme?)
and 30 more...

Friday, October 26, 2007

"What You Make It" Sneak Peek

Well -- we are set for taping our first six show on Friday, November 9th. The house is a flurry of Thanksgiving and Christmas projects...and I am having so much fun. If you have been around me at Christmas time -- you KNOW that it is my favorite time of the year. Getting ready for "What You Make It" has given me an excuse to break out the Christmas CD's and sing It's beginning to look a lot like Christ-------mas!" at the top of my lungs. I have turned the AC down (because the weather is not cooperating with my Christmas fantasy just yet....and have put on a snuggly sweater! I think I may even pull out a little Christmas tree and some white lights just to keep the mood going! Don't think I won't! *smile*

Thought I would share a few of the projects that are in process. In a few days you will be able to order kits for some of these projects in my Etsy shop. Here are the kits that will be available.

1. Mini-book Kit with Jenni Bowlin's new brown paper line

2. Christmas Matchbook mini book (you get enough to make three gift books -- good for putting a quick give together for grandmom for Christmas)

3. A Christmas Findings Box -- A goodie box filled with vintage and other Christmas oriented goodies that you can use on Christmas cards or Holiday Layouts.

4. An Advent Calendar Kit....this one is really special. I will post a picture of it tomorrow...but you will want to check this out. It uses vintage sheet music and specially designed number magnets to help you and your family count down the days until Christmas. With the kit you can quickly get your kit ready before December. I will be happy to take pre-orders as we only have a liminited number of kits -- and as my friends, I want you to have the first opportunity to get them. The cost is $34.40 and you will have more than enough "stuff" to complete this project and probably a bunch of Christmas cards too. Just leave me a comment if you are interested in pre-ordering prior to be putting the kit up on ETSY.

And finally, these are some Christmas ATC cards that I created for an ATC swap. Enjoy....and even though I am working WAY ahead of the holiday schedule -- I really hope that you and your family are set to enjoy Halloween/Fall Festival and Thanksgiving before you move on to Christmas.

Happy weekend everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tagged...Happy Tag

My friend Wendi...can I say she inspires me in so many ways -- college professor...a loving Mom ...and intentional wife,,,,and an awesmely creative need to check her out here. You will enjoy getting to know her -- I promise.

Ok --anywhoo -- Wendi tagged me with some questions so here we go

Jobs I've had:1.counter girl for Kentucky Fried Chicken
2.Research Assistant for a History Professor 3) Dance teacher at a country western dance hall 4)Bank Teller 5) Graduate Teaching Assistant 6) Missionary 7) VP f Marketing) 8) Owner of small business consutling firm 9) University Professor

Movies I (do) could watch over and over:1. Pretty Woman
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. The Princess Bride
4. The Bourne Identity (and all of its sequels)
5. White Christmas (it is a ritual for me and my sister)

TV shows I watch:1. Law and Order (all of them...all of the time...any time)
2. Court TV Live Court Sessions
3. Heros
4. CSI ( Miami and Las Vegas)
5. 24

. HousePlaces I have lived:1. Burlington, Iowa(where I was born)
2. Dallas Texas for growing up
3. Waco, Texas(for college and graduate school)
5. Dallas for working with the Josh McDowell Ministry
6. Moscow and St Petersburg Russia -- for about six months at a time to set up orphanage work.

Favorite Foods:1. chip, salsa and ranch dressing)
2. guacamole AND mexican food (tex mex preferably
3. ANything that I can eat in the city of ROME Italy -- and includes a red bottle of wine
4, Chocolate....preferably with caramel and nuts included....but definitely chocolate
5, Carot Cake with cream chees frosting.....mmmmmmm makes my mouth water just thingking about it.

Favorite Colors:1. BLue2. Brown3. Orange4. Green

Places I would love to be now:Hmm....this one is easy.1. The Bahamas on vacation2. On the island of Maui with my beloved husband...sipping pina coladas and just letting us both unwind
3. In the midst of a deep intelectual/ theological discussion with about 6 men and women who I look up to spiritually. 7 I always wish that I were tucking some small children into bed and would have them look up to me an say ..."night night mommy." Ye[p that would be the showstopper right there.

Names I like but would not use for my children:1. Branden 2. Michelle. 3,Ruth4. Sterling!

That was fun. I will tag--1. Dana 2. Terri 3. Annie 4. Renee. 5 Chelle. 6 Jill
Have some fun gils.

Hello Groove....Are you Out There?

Do you ever feel that your mojo...your sense of knowing EXACTLY what to do when you sit down to be creative has just decided to take a sabbatical? I have looked at Starbucks and the Library -- and mine has not gone EITHER of those places! I would have -- which is precisely why mine is elluding me! -- So with said absence of my mojo and/or groove I have had to come up with plan be...which has been to set very specific limit on a layout -- and force myself to work within the confines of the products I am allowed to use -- the type of embellishments -- the time limit or somethings...letting those restrictions replace my currently abscent mojo. Gotta be honest...I like the results. Not feeling the creative panic I can sometimes get with mr smarty pants mojo just wants to take his own little vacation (Said in a very whiney nasaly voice -- which when you think of it -- why would I let some litte prissy mojo hang around with me anyway!?!?!?) So -- I am declaring my creative independence from mr mojo...although very much want Miss Groove to still hang around. My grilfriends over at SIStv are providing me plenty of inspiration and dares and challenges -- so Mr. Mojo can just stay gone for a while...and we will see if there is even a place for him when he ets back!

Hope your groove or mojo or whatever is working for you....if not -- come hang out with us girls ---and take on a dare or two...I think you will find you have plenty to work with.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

October Begun

Is it fall yet? You know frost on the pumpkin...go find the sweatshirt you put away in the springtime -- that kind of fall? Hmmm -- oh well...even if it is 80 degrees outside, I am gonna get some fall spirit going around here...anyone want to come over, turn the air conditioner WAAAAY down and roast some marshmellows in the fireplace?