Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hello Groove....Are you Out There?

Do you ever feel that your groove...you mojo...your sense of knowing EXACTLY what to do when you sit down to be creative has just decided to take a sabbatical? I have looked at Starbucks and the Library -- and mine has not gone EITHER of those places! I would have -- which is precisely why mine is elluding me! -- So with said absence of my mojo and/or groove I have had to come up with plan be...which has been to set very specific limit on a layout -- and force myself to work within the confines of the products I am allowed to use -- the type of embellishments -- the time limit or somethings...letting those restrictions replace my currently abscent mojo. Gotta be honest...I like the results. Not feeling the creative panic I can sometimes get with mr smarty pants mojo just wants to take his own little vacation (Said in a very whiney nasaly voice -- which when you think of it -- why would I let some litte prissy mojo hang around with me anyway!?!?!?) So -- I am declaring my creative independence from mr mojo...although very much want Miss Groove to still hang around. My grilfriends over at SIStv are providing me plenty of inspiration and dares and challenges -- so Mr. Mojo can just stay gone for a while...and we will see if there is even a place for him when he ets back!

Hope your groove or mojo or whatever is working for you....if not -- come hang out with us girls ---and take on a dare or two...I think you will find you have plenty to work with.

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  1. I am so with you on the Groove/Mojo deal. And, the funny thing is that the challenges/dares are really helping me -- the inspiration comes from without vs. within.

    SISTV is wonderful and I am so inspired by the variety of styles. I have learned so much from you and appreciate your transparency as a woman and artist.

    Thanks and hugs


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