Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tagged...Happy Tag

My friend Wendi...can I say she inspires me in so many ways -- college professor...a loving Mom ...and intentional wife,,,,and an awesmely creative scrapbooker....you need to check her out here. You will enjoy getting to know her -- I promise.

Ok --anywhoo -- Wendi tagged me with some questions so here we go

Jobs I've had:1.counter girl for Kentucky Fried Chicken
2.Research Assistant for a History Professor 3) Dance teacher at a country western dance hall 4)Bank Teller 5) Graduate Teaching Assistant 6) Missionary 7) VP f Marketing) 8) Owner of small business consutling firm 9) University Professor

Movies I (do) could watch over and over:1. Pretty Woman
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. The Princess Bride
4. The Bourne Identity (and all of its sequels)
5. White Christmas (it is a ritual for me and my sister)

TV shows I watch:1. Law and Order (all of them...all of the time...any time)
2. Court TV Live Court Sessions
3. Heros
4. CSI ( Miami and Las Vegas)
5. 24

. HousePlaces I have lived:1. Burlington, Iowa(where I was born)
2. Dallas Texas for growing up
3. Waco, Texas(for college and graduate school)
5. Dallas for working with the Josh McDowell Ministry
6. Moscow and St Petersburg Russia -- for about six months at a time to set up orphanage work.

Favorite Foods:1. chip, salsa and ranch dressing)
2. guacamole AND mexican food (tex mex preferably
3. ANything that I can eat in the city of ROME Italy -- and includes a red bottle of wine
4, Chocolate....preferably with caramel and nuts included....but definitely chocolate
5, Carot Cake with cream chees frosting.....mmmmmmm makes my mouth water just thingking about it.

Favorite Colors:1. BLue2. Brown3. Orange4. Green

Places I would love to be now:Hmm....this one is easy.1. The Bahamas on vacation2. On the island of Maui with my beloved husband...sipping pina coladas and just letting us both unwind
3. In the midst of a deep intelectual/ theological discussion with about 6 men and women who I look up to spiritually. 7 I always wish that I were tucking some small children into bed and would have them look up to me an say ..."night night mommy." Ye[p that would be the showstopper right there.

Names I like but would not use for my children:1. Branden 2. Michelle. 3,Ruth4. Sterling!

That was fun. I will tag--1. Dana 2. Terri 3. Annie 4. Renee. 5 Chelle. 6 Jill
Have some fun gils.


  1. OH Jann,
    Thanks for the "shout-out" and I love your responses. We have so much in common. We could really hang out together and have fun. First, we would go to a Mexican restaurant, we could have some lovely wine, great intellectual/spiritual conversation and then top it all of with a Bourne Identity movie.

    But the best part of your response was the "night night part." It brought tears to my eyes. Your heart is so big and I am sure you have been what Dr. Maya Angelou would call a "community mother." That is a role to be very proud of -- and it is no less wonderful than having been a biological mother.

    Hugs Hugs

    P.S I am teaching at my LSS tonight.

  2. ha . . . my mojo has been taking WAY too many vacations lately . . . loooooooong vacations . . . :P

  3. uh-oh....looks like i am a little behind! must get workin' on that!
    by the way, you were a dance instructor?! how fun!

  4. wendi - you are oh so right...she is an amazing 'community mother.'


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