Saturday, October 06, 2007

October Begun

Is it fall yet? You know frost on the pumpkin...go find the sweatshirt you put away in the springtime -- that kind of fall? Hmmm -- oh well...even if it is 80 degrees outside, I am gonna get some fall spirit going around here...anyone want to come over, turn the air conditioner WAAAAY down and roast some marshmellows in the fireplace?


  1. very fun! I always love seeing your designs. very inspiring.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! And YES! When can I come over and roast marshmallows in your fireplace? How about some hot cocoa too?

  3. Hiya girl
    OK we both must be out of it because I never really noticed that you have a blog. Blogging is very new to me. A few months ago, I did not think that I could create one -- but i did it. And, thanks for showing me love.

    Now...about your fall pages. Lub 'em. I have not been able to get in the mood of the season because the weather had been so warm. Now, finally, it is cool and lovely. I am feeling FALL. So the weather and your layouts are really going to inspire me to get some autumnal pages done this weekend.


  4. Roasted marshmellow's? When? They are my favorite:)

  5. Jann,
    Congrats again on making the catwalk. I have "tagged" you so check out my blog and then spread the love.



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