Monday, October 30, 2006

The joy of time with a SuperStar

I love Kelli Darr Superstar...

Here is why:
1. She has a tender heart
2. She is an encourager.
3. She shares.
4. She makes me laugh
5. She looks great in blue
6. She has the most expressive green eyes I have ever seen.
7. She loves Jesus.
8. She loves her husband.
9. She loves her kids...
10. She teaches me to use my Rebel camera better.
11. She is a linear scrapbooker
12. She knows when there is ONE embellishment too many on her page
13. She isn't afraid of color
14. She knows the value of chocolate
15. She is a good friend
16. She is a good listener
17. She is a good storyteller
18. She makes time for the important things in life
19. She not only knows my love language but is willing to speak it.
20. She lives her faith out in the open.
21. She is a woman that understands balance in life...but is willing to let the scales be tipped out of balance for something that is important.
22. She doesn't take herself or others too seriously.
23. She is a giver.
24. She is wise beyond her years.
25. She is willing to express sadness instead of acting like everything is ok when it isn't
26. She is able to live with an "unknown" even though she prefers for everything to be planned out and in its place.
27. She uses what she has available to her in unique and creative ways.
28. She appreciates the beauty in little things.
29. She is a teacher that doesn't make you feel stupid for the things you don't know.
30. She applauds success in others without feeling like it takes away from her own significance.

I think she is a wonderful woman...and I am blessed to know her.

Is there someone in your life that you think is terrific but perhaps haven't taken the time to tell them? Consider this a challenge to encourage them with words of affirmation.

Have a great week. I am blessed to have each of you as my friends...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Guess Who Is Ready for Winter

Oh yeah baby! That's right! Anastasia is ready to romp in the cold crisp air. So much so that she isn't staying all snug in her bed at night and early in the morning...she is FAKING having to go outside to potty.

Can you believe that? A potty faker!

That's what having a cute face like that around will getcha...a trip to the door where you are hit with a COLD blast of air to your face and up your nightie! And is she contrite? NOoooooooo! She just gets a "wiggly butt" and happy that it is cold and wet outside...runs around until she has sniffed every area of the yard then comes in and sits patiently on the rug while I grab "her" towel and give her a quick rub down....then patters back to bed like she had actually DONE something...and was ready to sleep. I take my chilled feet and body back to my snuggly bed -- and KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that soon she will be at the side of the bed "faking" it again....but just on the off chance that she really does HAVE to pee...I can't not let her out.

Ok...have I really spent my whole blog time talking about my dog faking me out in the middle of the night? Hmmmmm says something about my life huh?!?!?! *laughing*

Thursday, October 19, 2006

One more cute pic

I love this picture of Dalton….most of the pictures I took of him were a bit of a blur. You know that old saying, “a body in motion will stay in motion…a body at rest….blah blah blah.” He was definitely a body in motion.

How 'bout Dem Apples

A few more pictures from our photo shoot. Who knew that kids would be amused so much by a pot of apples. The funniest thing was that they took one bite out of each one and carefully replaced them in the pan...with the exception of Miss A...who ate hers all the way to the core. They were so very cute....lots and lots of scrapable moments. Can't wait. May have to use these for our fall mini album class coming up on Saturday....would be fun to remember this whole session with a little book.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet Woodreaux

It rhymes with

Royce and I went to the car auction today
and I found a new friend...that I just had
to bring home.

It is perfect for scrapbooking crops...all
the seats fold more reaching
in the back seat...just lift the hatch....load
and we are off to ScrapIt!

I didn't know I could be so giddy about a
car...but I think he is cute! (Don't ask me
how I know it is a boy...but he is..just like I knew
my last car was a girl....Ali the Altima).

Ok...enough craziness....just wanted to share.

Love you guys...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's Here and I am Learning

Is it wrong to love a camera? I mean...not like you love people or God or anything...but just love the feel of it in your you can conquer the image world? I hope not -- because I am just so much lovin' my rebel.

Had a totally fun day Sunday with Chelle and Dana and their five kiddos. We went to an old abandoned house and had just too much fun. The kids were great -- and incredibly patient and who knew that a pan full of apples could provide so much entertainment! I think we got some good pics...I won't make you look at all of them (I took over 300) -- but thought I would share a couple that I liked the results....

Hope you have a great day. And know I love you MORE than my Rebel....I just like it a whole whole LOT!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fun In the Form of Photography

Guess what is coming to my house tomorrow? I am so excited. I must confess that many of my friends have been the source of great envy as I have seen them take breathtaking photographs with the Canon Rebel. Of course, I totally give them their due -- it might not be the camera at all.

However, if I am to have any hope of taking delightful pictures...I need good tools. (This does begin to sound like a rationalization doesn't it). Ok...flat out -- I wanted it...I waited til I had the money to buy it and NOW ------it is mine. well -- at least in less than 24 hours it is. *sigh* Do you think I will be able to get any scrapbooking done at the ScrapIt! crop tomorrow night? I packed my things like I will...but I am guess my nose is going to be in the manual of my new XTi...unless I am conversing with my girlfriends. It is bound to be fun either way.

All of you Rebel users...give me your best tip...I learn best by people telling me stuff -- so I have become your local friendly sponge. I will even get you a Starbucks if you teach me something nifty!

Have a great day....I am going to be watching for the FedEx guy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I want to go back to Italy

Ok...I think that my working on

this layout has stirred my desire to go back to Italy. I loved everything about this trip...the weather...the country...the people -- the Mediteranian...I didn't even mind turning 40 while I was there!

Royce took me there for my 40th birthday because he said, "they appreciate old things in Italy." Yeah right -- he's one to talk. We had a deal -- he only had to go walk through one ruin a day...and he could have as much pasta as he wanted...I don't think I would have a hard time convincing him to go back -- we had such a lovely time. I can't believe that was five years ago...MAN has time passed quickly.

Speaking of old things...I took a picture of myself yesterday because I realised that I don't really have any pictures of me since I have lost weight -- and I wanted to use them in a project I am working I got everything all set up -- cute outfit -- late day sunlight...pretty blurred fall foliage in the background...and it turns out that I wish I had focused on the foliage and blurred my face! For crying out the door -- when did I get wrinkles between my eyebrows?!?!?! Do I frown that much? I refuse to use these pictures...or to show them to anybody. Sure -- the double chin was gone...but I looked like the worried witch of the west! I have GOT to stop frowning...get botox of SOMETHING to get rid of these things. Why did not my friends tell me -- Jann...your face is gonna stick that way if you keep frowning? My mom used to say that when I would cross my eyes about something that I thought was stupid...and while it never is probably because she warned me. Now -- I have wrinkles and NOBODY warned me! What in the world has me so worried that my face is stuck in a wrinkled furrow?

Oh wait...the sun was in my eyes.....*whew* there for a moment I thought I was showing my age! Heaven forbid! *laughing* Actually, I am beginning to have a few wrinkles and I intend to wear them proudly -- it means that I have lived and survived (by the grace of God) enough things in my life to warrant them. They should be seen as a badge of honor -- not something to be horrified of. Some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken were of older women...their faces showing the wisdom of years of of having lived life. I wouldn't mind that so much...I think it is just the shock of seeing yourself change in the mirror everyday. It doesn't happen all at once...just little things at the time...and if you don't take time to really look at yourself it can come as a shock. Ok..I have rambled very long about a very unimportant just was so funny to me yesterday to see these pictures where I thought I was going to look just a bit ravishing (because of my plan to work with the early evening light -- hot outfit and beautiful composition with the leaves behind me) and what I saw in the pictures was someone who didn't resemble the picture I had in my head. I think it might be a good thing to somehow take that kind of picture of our hearts as well. We think they are all pure and beautiful...but if an unexpected snapshot was taken, I am afraid that my heart would look mean and dark -- not like I expected it at all. i am going to have to ponder that...and work harder to get the wrinkles out of my heart than I am to get them off of my forhead.

Ok...enough ramblings...just the thoughts of a woman (who thinks she's still a girl) and a child of God who had a moment's realization that there is still a lot of work left to do to clean up my heart so it is ready for that snapshot.

Have a great day...consider yourself loved and appreciated. And if you ever get to the Amalfi Coast in Italy...consider me jealous!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fun Friday

 Monday's are usually my favorite day of the week...because they seem fresh and full of potential. But for some reason -- I am SOOOOO happy it is Friday this week. I am looking forward to the weekend....ready to enjoy the crisp fall air that has shown up here in Nashville. YEAH! I always feel more productive and energized in cooler maybe that is it.

Thought I would share a couple more layouts with you (for some reason the scrapbooking "muse" has been with me lately...I have actually been doing one or more layouts a night for a couple of weeks). The one above was very fun to work on...I got some of the Fancy Pants HUGE CHIPBOARD sheets...and I started to take the Big flower chipboard out of the package and realized that what was left would actually make a great "frame." So I went a whole different direction....and this lovely fancy pants shabby paper and a gold leaf pen just seemed to jump into my hands. Go figure.

This one is of my nephew, Tyler when he was less than a year old (he is now 13). He was such a mischevious little boy (aren't they all?). He was sitting out on his grandparents patio and while we were all watching him he was just playing with his ball...which is when I took his picture...but two minutes later when we had moved onto adult conversation and didn't have our eyes on him...he had crawled into the little cement fountain soggy diaper and all and was just splashing away -- unfortunately, I was out of film and didn't capture that particular moment. However, when I look at his face in this picture, I can see he was totally planning on getting into the fountain as soon as we stopped looking at him Mr. Mischevious.

The other thing that was fun on this layout was working with my new fun is it to have letters in matching patterned paper without having to do all of that intricut it.

Ok...enough of my ramblings. I am sitting in the dark in my office with a migraine and my fingers are apparently operating without my brain. Do you all ever find your fingers doing that? They just start typing and it is a surprise to my brain what they come up with...weird wacky stuff.

Hope you all have a wonderful blessed weekend. Enjoy the fall weather. Hopefully there will be tons of folliage pictures taken this weekend...and I would love to see them all.

Love you guys...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ode to Kelli Crowe

This is a layout that Kelli did after Kelli Darr came to visit

This is a layout I did to be a copy cat

Clearly....I am not
Kelli Crowe.

Although I admire her
a lot...a whole lot.

She is so free (freestyle...get it?!?!)
She is very creative
She jumps on trampolines
She is friends with Kelli Darr Super Star (that's a big one)
She can doodle
She owns a Bedazzler (can you say "jealous")
She makes me laugh -- and I don't even know her
She writes a blog
one word
each line.

So...I decided to do an
Ode to Kelli Crowe
layout...featuring my friend
Kelli Darr.

Don't get me wrong.
I am happy to be
who God created
me to be.

I just think she
is cool.

And you can see that
my style really isn't
like hers...and that
is ok...I still like her.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Getting Busy

I have been busy...well -- one night I got busy! I had been thinking about how to use this picture of the funny that my little scrawny "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" pear tree that is in my front yard only grew two pears. There is a story behind this poor little pear tree...When I moved into my house, I went to buy two ORNAMENTAL pears to put on either side of my driveway....a stately greeting to visitors. Unfortunately, only ONE was ornamental --the other was a REAL pear tree...that has remained very scrawny and stunted. Not really a very stately entrance...beautiful rounded ornamental tree on the left...and its ugly step sister of a tree over across the driveway. It did produce these TWO pears this year it has blessed me with beauty if not bounty!

This other lay out is of my friend Ruthie...I just love her...and thought this picture needed to celebrate that...I think she is wonderful...

In addition to getting lo's done last night I also got my big ole shower cleaned all spic and span -- and added little scruffy things to the tiles so I don't slip and fall...which has been an issue ever since I moved into the is a beautiful spa like shower -- but I have always been a little trepidatious stepping into it even with the bath mats 'cause they didn't really stick to well to the tiles. Long luxurious shower in my future...with NO fear.

Hope you all are having a terrific day.

Love you guys...thanks for your prayers

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pretty Woman

Sometimes you never know what your camera will capture when you snap a picture. I think that is part of what has me so enamoured with picture taking. Part is definitely to capture memories...but the other part has to do with the way a camera (particularly in black and white) can capture something that our eyes pass over in search of more detail.

Every book I read about photography tells me to focus in on the part of the scene that I want to tell the story becauase the camera lens isn't capable of taking in all the details that my eye is -- and that the composition of the picture will be muddy if I try to get it all. I think that may be the coolest thing about working with a helps focus my attention on what is REALLY important. Like this face of my friend Ruthie. She has such a beautiful smile -- and eyes that sparkle when she giggles. I LOVE that about her -- but I am usually so busy taking in the WHOLE experience of being at ScrapIt! with my friends that I miss the beauty that was captured in this moment. So this morning I just wanted to pause and say, "Good morning pretty woman! I hope you have a terrific day."

Blessings to all my other beautiful friends...I look foward to capturing a moment in photography that shows your beauty too. Have a great day.