Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet Woodreaux

It rhymes with

Royce and I went to the car auction today
and I found a new friend...that I just had
to bring home.

It is perfect for scrapbooking crops...all
the seats fold more reaching
in the back seat...just lift the hatch....load
and we are off to ScrapIt!

I didn't know I could be so giddy about a
car...but I think he is cute! (Don't ask me
how I know it is a boy...but he is..just like I knew
my last car was a girl....Ali the Altima).

Ok...enough craziness....just wanted to share.

Love you guys...


  1. wowzas . . . that is one cool ride . . . :D

  2. you crack me up!! naming your cars!
    he is cute.
    so...i need to know, what cricut cartridges do you have? do you have the christmas cheer one or something to that effect?
    and might i add that i just looked at the letters i have to type in just to post...and it is LONG......

  3. Here are the comments made aloud by me upon seeing those pictures:

    "Ahhhh....too cute! Oh my word! That is...oh cute. Oh my."

    ha!!! You go girl! I am super jealous of that ride. Dude! It's smokin! I love it! Where are you takin' me? heehee

  4. Perfection!
    Oh so you!
    And you look soooooo good in it!

  5. Woodie, the Wagon! Love it! Can't wait to see it in person! Lots of scrappy stuff in there, I see! Seems it's cars and cameras for you these days! Rock on!


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