Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pretty Woman

Sometimes you never know what your camera will capture when you snap a picture. I think that is part of what has me so enamoured with picture taking. Part is definitely to capture memories...but the other part has to do with the way a camera (particularly in black and white) can capture something that our eyes pass over in search of more detail.

Every book I read about photography tells me to focus in on the part of the scene that I want to tell the story becauase the camera lens isn't capable of taking in all the details that my eye is -- and that the composition of the picture will be muddy if I try to get it all. I think that may be the coolest thing about working with a camera...it helps focus my attention on what is REALLY important. Like this face of my friend Ruthie. She has such a beautiful smile -- and eyes that sparkle when she giggles. I LOVE that about her -- but I am usually so busy taking in the WHOLE experience of being at ScrapIt! with my friends that I miss the beauty that was captured in this moment. So this morning I just wanted to pause and say, "Good morning pretty woman! I hope you have a terrific day."

Blessings to all my other beautiful friends...I look foward to capturing a moment in photography that shows your beauty too. Have a great day.


  1. That is an awesome picture! Ruth is one of my favorite customers. I need to take time out to get to know her better though! She is a doll. Love you Jann!

  2. You captured an awesome smile from her..Ruth and I hung out at Tammy's last night..she keeps us in stitches I tell ya..she is so great to be around. I enjoy all you guys..I am so happy to have sooo many sweet friends!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jann, you rock! nuff said:)


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