Thursday, October 26, 2006

Guess Who Is Ready for Winter

Oh yeah baby! That's right! Anastasia is ready to romp in the cold crisp air. So much so that she isn't staying all snug in her bed at night and early in the morning...she is FAKING having to go outside to potty.

Can you believe that? A potty faker!

That's what having a cute face like that around will getcha...a trip to the door where you are hit with a COLD blast of air to your face and up your nightie! And is she contrite? NOoooooooo! She just gets a "wiggly butt" and happy that it is cold and wet outside...runs around until she has sniffed every area of the yard then comes in and sits patiently on the rug while I grab "her" towel and give her a quick rub down....then patters back to bed like she had actually DONE something...and was ready to sleep. I take my chilled feet and body back to my snuggly bed -- and KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that soon she will be at the side of the bed "faking" it again....but just on the off chance that she really does HAVE to pee...I can't not let her out.

Ok...have I really spent my whole blog time talking about my dog faking me out in the middle of the night? Hmmmmm says something about my life huh?!?!?! *laughing*


  1. She is cute! But your going to have to tell her you need to sleep and she can wait until 6:00 (or whatever time you prefer).

  2. heeeeeeeeeee . . . i could easily devote an entire blog entry to potty talk . . . as i have already demonstrated . . . :D


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