Friday, October 06, 2006

Fun Friday

 Monday's are usually my favorite day of the week...because they seem fresh and full of potential. But for some reason -- I am SOOOOO happy it is Friday this week. I am looking forward to the weekend....ready to enjoy the crisp fall air that has shown up here in Nashville. YEAH! I always feel more productive and energized in cooler maybe that is it.

Thought I would share a couple more layouts with you (for some reason the scrapbooking "muse" has been with me lately...I have actually been doing one or more layouts a night for a couple of weeks). The one above was very fun to work on...I got some of the Fancy Pants HUGE CHIPBOARD sheets...and I started to take the Big flower chipboard out of the package and realized that what was left would actually make a great "frame." So I went a whole different direction....and this lovely fancy pants shabby paper and a gold leaf pen just seemed to jump into my hands. Go figure.

This one is of my nephew, Tyler when he was less than a year old (he is now 13). He was such a mischevious little boy (aren't they all?). He was sitting out on his grandparents patio and while we were all watching him he was just playing with his ball...which is when I took his picture...but two minutes later when we had moved onto adult conversation and didn't have our eyes on him...he had crawled into the little cement fountain soggy diaper and all and was just splashing away -- unfortunately, I was out of film and didn't capture that particular moment. However, when I look at his face in this picture, I can see he was totally planning on getting into the fountain as soon as we stopped looking at him Mr. Mischevious.

The other thing that was fun on this layout was working with my new fun is it to have letters in matching patterned paper without having to do all of that intricut it.

Ok...enough of my ramblings. I am sitting in the dark in my office with a migraine and my fingers are apparently operating without my brain. Do you all ever find your fingers doing that? They just start typing and it is a surprise to my brain what they come up with...weird wacky stuff.

Hope you all have a wonderful blessed weekend. Enjoy the fall weather. Hopefully there will be tons of folliage pictures taken this weekend...and I would love to see them all.

Love you guys...


  1. I love these layouts! The first one kills me because of the quote. I have thought of that quote since I saw your layout at the store. I love it!! So true. You're so wise (and talented).

  2. Hey! I sooo missed my Saturday fix with the girls! The boys and I will be back tomorrow night - I will be driving home by myself (at least for the second part of the trip as Mike has to stay in East TN for business). Talk to you soon! D


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