Monday, October 30, 2006

The joy of time with a SuperStar

I love Kelli Darr Superstar...

Here is why:
1. She has a tender heart
2. She is an encourager.
3. She shares.
4. She makes me laugh
5. She looks great in blue
6. She has the most expressive green eyes I have ever seen.
7. She loves Jesus.
8. She loves her husband.
9. She loves her kids...
10. She teaches me to use my Rebel camera better.
11. She is a linear scrapbooker
12. She knows when there is ONE embellishment too many on her page
13. She isn't afraid of color
14. She knows the value of chocolate
15. She is a good friend
16. She is a good listener
17. She is a good storyteller
18. She makes time for the important things in life
19. She not only knows my love language but is willing to speak it.
20. She lives her faith out in the open.
21. She is a woman that understands balance in life...but is willing to let the scales be tipped out of balance for something that is important.
22. She doesn't take herself or others too seriously.
23. She is a giver.
24. She is wise beyond her years.
25. She is willing to express sadness instead of acting like everything is ok when it isn't
26. She is able to live with an "unknown" even though she prefers for everything to be planned out and in its place.
27. She uses what she has available to her in unique and creative ways.
28. She appreciates the beauty in little things.
29. She is a teacher that doesn't make you feel stupid for the things you don't know.
30. She applauds success in others without feeling like it takes away from her own significance.

I think she is a wonderful woman...and I am blessed to know her.

Is there someone in your life that you think is terrific but perhaps haven't taken the time to tell them? Consider this a challenge to encourage them with words of affirmation.

Have a great week. I am blessed to have each of you as my friends...


  1. What a great tribute to Kelli!!!! She is a doll. I missed hanging with you guys Sat.

    Love you!

  2. PS - those pics of you are cute, did she take those?

  3. What an awesome post Jan!! So funny! Those pics are histerical... Taken at the crop Saturday right?? haha Such wonderful things to say about her! Ur so precious! Love u!!! O i posted pics of our trip and new lo in my slide...

  4. I second that! Yeah Kelli!

  5. such a fabulous post jann . . . yep . . . love that kellidarr superstar . . . she is everything and more . . . esp liking #22 and #30 . . . :D

  6. wow. I am speechless (which you know is a rare thing). You seriously made my year.
    I so glad our paths have crossed and I know it wasn't by coincidence. Thank you for being a blessing in my life:) xoxo

  7. Wow, if I wasn't already sold on Kelli Darr, I'd be sold now! :)


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