Saturday, January 28, 2006

Me and My Big Ideas!

Ok...I have to remember that I am still recovering from a hysterectomy...but *geesh* how could I be this tired from cleaning out a closet?!??!

I was brutal. If I had forgotten I had it -- it was either thrown away or put in a box for the yet to be scheduled yard sale. I now have four contractor trash bags full of "stuff" ready to go to the dump...and a totally cleaned out closet in my office. I thought I would have enough energy to get all of my scrapbook stuff moved into the closet today as well...but alas and alack -- I didn't.

However, in my defense (yes, here comes the rationalization) -- I decided to take this opportunity to organize all of my paper and supplies and turned out to be a HUGE project. I found that planning the closet space needs a little thought so I can easily get to my supplies and still leave it organized and accessible. I have made a good start.

After church tomorrow, I will finish the organization and be ready to actually do some work on my projects late in the day.

There is something VERY satisfying about getting organized. Not that I would want to do it every day -- but I am SO excited to get all my scrapbooking out of my living room -- and into my MOST creative space -- my office.

On another note -- I went to my first crop last night. I LOVED it. First of all -- what a delightful concept -- getting together with other creative women and hanging out for several hours. Secondly, it was very stimulating to see what others were doing -- and to get feedback on my project. As a creative person, I really hate creating in a vacuum. I need feedback -- and I find that perhaps that is what I have missed most these past few years. I realized last night that I used to have lots of creative people in my life to bounce ideas (of all sorts) off of and get feedback (no, not just praise). I hadn't really realized how much I missed it. So -- what a lovely thing to be immersed in it once again. A good healthy dose.

Well...I have to stop organizing and get some work done on my "real" job. I have an event the end of this week and I need to work on lyrics and get everything ready to go for my seminars. Good thing I love that too! What a blessed woman I am.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Next Reasonable Step

Isn't that interesting that "the next reasonable step" is all that God requires from us? Not just that...often it is all that He shows us. Me? I want to run way on down the path -- like a scout from the Old West...I want to see all the potential dangers and make sure that path is guaranteed. But God doesn't want that for me...He wants me to trust Him...and take the next reasonable step. Even if it scares me. Even if I am not assured that there is no danger. Even if I can't see the step beyond that.

God says,"Jann, do you trust me? Do you TRULY believe that I have your best interests at heart? Would you go where I intend for you to go if you KNEW every step that would require?" He knows that I want to be obedient...but I am still a weak soul who wants to avoid pain...even if it means great joy in the end. Perhaps it really is His great love for me that asks me to only take that "next reasonable step."

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Have An Idea

As I was sitting here in my home office, working on an ad for MediaShout, I had a brilliant idea. (Unfortunately, it wasn't for the ad *smile*)

I think I can manage to get my scrapbooking moved into my office. This room has a closet that really is just all the stuff I didn't know what to do with when I finished moving into my house. Since I have not opened ONE of those boxes in the almost 3 years I have lived here -- perhaps I don't need all that stuff so close at hand. I think I will dig through it all, decide if I need it, and if not -- turn that closet into my Scrapbooking stash. I also realized that one of my new favorite acquisitions for my office -- an antique Pub table from England -- would really be a perfect surface to scrapbook on. It has leaves that pull out to extend it to double its length (you know how those pub tables are...compact for seating four and expandable for when more patrons need a tankard of guinnes!). This has me totally motivated -- I can get the clutter out of my dining room...and actually have it all conveniently located near my computer and in the room that I designed originally to be "creative" in....why didn't I think of this before.

Guess I know what I will be doing this weekend. May have to go down to Franklin and check out the Target there to get the closet organized and usable once it is all cleared out. Sounds fun to me!

Step Two

I have a love of journaling that extends back to elementary school. It started out with a five year diary -- that my Mom actually found a few months ago...and now is a collection of almost 45 journals that cover the span of my lifetime. I guess you would say I am a woman of many words. Some make my laugh when I read them again. Some make me sad, because I realize how self-focused I was during parts of my life. But most really remind me of the things that matter most to me: my relationship with Jesus, doing what God wants me to do, loving my family, my desire to have a family to call my own, delighting in my dear girlfriends...and using this creative gift that God blessed me with.

I have also discovered them to be a GREAT source for my new love: Scrapbooking. Not only do I want to scrap about events, trips and people that are currently important in my life -- I want to do a retrospective of others can have a glimpse into who I really am -- and what I have seen God do in my life.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

One Step On the Journey

Well...a new day has dawned. I have learned to post scrapbook pages to 2Peas AND created my own blog all within 24 hours. This should count for more than ONE step I think!

Today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole hysterectomy thing. Most days, I just feel like I am recovering from surgery -- but don't feel the emotions of it all. Don't think it is hormones...think it is just being a GIRL...and realizing that a whole phase of my life is gone -- never to return. There are good sides to it all...and most of all, I know I rest in God's hands 00 none of this caught HIM by surprise, I am just needing to run to catch up a bit.