Friday, January 27, 2006

The Next Reasonable Step

Isn't that interesting that "the next reasonable step" is all that God requires from us? Not just that...often it is all that He shows us. Me? I want to run way on down the path -- like a scout from the Old West...I want to see all the potential dangers and make sure that path is guaranteed. But God doesn't want that for me...He wants me to trust Him...and take the next reasonable step. Even if it scares me. Even if I am not assured that there is no danger. Even if I can't see the step beyond that.

God says,"Jann, do you trust me? Do you TRULY believe that I have your best interests at heart? Would you go where I intend for you to go if you KNEW every step that would require?" He knows that I want to be obedient...but I am still a weak soul who wants to avoid pain...even if it means great joy in the end. Perhaps it really is His great love for me that asks me to only take that "next reasonable step."

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your wonderful words.
    That is a hard one too many times, too many days.
    He really doesn't require much from us does he?
    I just make it hard.
    Glad you'e my friend.


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