Thursday, January 26, 2006

Step Two

I have a love of journaling that extends back to elementary school. It started out with a five year diary -- that my Mom actually found a few months ago...and now is a collection of almost 45 journals that cover the span of my lifetime. I guess you would say I am a woman of many words. Some make my laugh when I read them again. Some make me sad, because I realize how self-focused I was during parts of my life. But most really remind me of the things that matter most to me: my relationship with Jesus, doing what God wants me to do, loving my family, my desire to have a family to call my own, delighting in my dear girlfriends...and using this creative gift that God blessed me with.

I have also discovered them to be a GREAT source for my new love: Scrapbooking. Not only do I want to scrap about events, trips and people that are currently important in my life -- I want to do a retrospective of others can have a glimpse into who I really am -- and what I have seen God do in my life.

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