Wednesday, January 25, 2006

One Step On the Journey

Well...a new day has dawned. I have learned to post scrapbook pages to 2Peas AND created my own blog all within 24 hours. This should count for more than ONE step I think!

Today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole hysterectomy thing. Most days, I just feel like I am recovering from surgery -- but don't feel the emotions of it all. Don't think it is hormones...think it is just being a GIRL...and realizing that a whole phase of my life is gone -- never to return. There are good sides to it all...and most of all, I know I rest in God's hands 00 none of this caught HIM by surprise, I am just needing to run to catch up a bit.


  1. First of all, congrats on your new technological advances. ha!

    I can see how you would feel sad about having that done. Even though you probably had no plans to use that stuff, it was good to have it there, huh? What's done is done now and you'll feel better in the long run.

    I speak blessings to you today that you will have renewed joy and peace - in Jesus name!

  2. The sadness is passed today...feeling much stronger. Of course having TONS of work to accomplish has helped focus my mind off of my belly button and onto things that are healthier.

    None of this caught God by surprise, and He loves me and has many wonderful, challenging and delightful things in store for me. When I feel sorry for myself, it is because I have taken my eyes off of HIM and focused on me which never allows me to see all the many blessings I already have received. Thanks for the blessings, I receive them and am joyful.


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