Saturday, January 28, 2006

Me and My Big Ideas!

Ok...I have to remember that I am still recovering from a hysterectomy...but *geesh* how could I be this tired from cleaning out a closet?!??!

I was brutal. If I had forgotten I had it -- it was either thrown away or put in a box for the yet to be scheduled yard sale. I now have four contractor trash bags full of "stuff" ready to go to the dump...and a totally cleaned out closet in my office. I thought I would have enough energy to get all of my scrapbook stuff moved into the closet today as well...but alas and alack -- I didn't.

However, in my defense (yes, here comes the rationalization) -- I decided to take this opportunity to organize all of my paper and supplies and turned out to be a HUGE project. I found that planning the closet space needs a little thought so I can easily get to my supplies and still leave it organized and accessible. I have made a good start.

After church tomorrow, I will finish the organization and be ready to actually do some work on my projects late in the day.

There is something VERY satisfying about getting organized. Not that I would want to do it every day -- but I am SO excited to get all my scrapbooking out of my living room -- and into my MOST creative space -- my office.

On another note -- I went to my first crop last night. I LOVED it. First of all -- what a delightful concept -- getting together with other creative women and hanging out for several hours. Secondly, it was very stimulating to see what others were doing -- and to get feedback on my project. As a creative person, I really hate creating in a vacuum. I need feedback -- and I find that perhaps that is what I have missed most these past few years. I realized last night that I used to have lots of creative people in my life to bounce ideas (of all sorts) off of and get feedback (no, not just praise). I hadn't really realized how much I missed it. So -- what a lovely thing to be immersed in it once again. A good healthy dose.

Well...I have to stop organizing and get some work done on my "real" job. I have an event the end of this week and I need to work on lyrics and get everything ready to go for my seminars. Good thing I love that too! What a blessed woman I am.


  1. Hey girlie! I was just thinking about you tonight and thinking about how much fun it was talking to you at the crop. I hope you'll make our crops a regular part of your schedule. You are so super talented, I love seeing your work!

    I need to clean out my closet too. I've been dreading it! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished! Miss you!

  2. Hi Jann!
    We are back from Las Vegas!
    Hope you are doing well.
    DON'T over do it!
    I hope to see you soon - I will be here ALL week (except for a little break given by Tracie and Tammy)!
    Miss you...

  3. You two girls are so affirming to me...THANK YOU! It is such a blessing to have a couple of sharp and creative women in my life to spur me on. I have come to REALLY not take that for granted and am blessed by you both.

    I am back and as you can see from my post today -- a bit weary...but happy. I am planning on coming to the crop this Friday -- I found that even if I weren't SUPER productive, it was so good for my soul that I can't wait to do it again. Can't wait to see you guys and just "hang."


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