Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fun In the Form of Photography

Guess what is coming to my house tomorrow? I am so excited. I must confess that many of my friends have been the source of great envy as I have seen them take breathtaking photographs with the Canon Rebel. Of course, I totally give them their due -- it might not be the camera at all.

However, if I am to have any hope of taking delightful pictures...I need good tools. (This does begin to sound like a rationalization doesn't it). Ok...flat out -- I wanted it...I waited til I had the money to buy it and NOW ------it is mine. well -- at least in less than 24 hours it is. *sigh* Do you think I will be able to get any scrapbooking done at the ScrapIt! crop tomorrow night? I packed my things like I will...but I am guess my nose is going to be in the manual of my new XTi...unless I am conversing with my girlfriends. It is bound to be fun either way.

All of you Rebel users...give me your best tip...I learn best by people telling me stuff -- so I have become your local friendly sponge. I will even get you a Starbucks if you teach me something nifty!

Have a great day....I am going to be watching for the FedEx guy.


  1. happy HAPPY day!!! :D

  2. Oh you lucky duck! I'm cracking up because it seems like every week - another one of our friends gets this camera! LOL I'm glad I'm one of them! You will LOVE it. I'm still on the learning curve big-time. Sandra loaned me a DVD that hopefully will help.

    Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

  3. Oh so cool and awesome!
    So happy for you!

  4. I don't like starbucks, so no tips from me. ha ha
    I don't have any to share really and if I did, you wouldn't have to pay me for them!
    Congrats on your new camera, you will LOVE it!


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