Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Getting Busy

I have been busy...well -- one night I got busy! I had been thinking about how to use this picture of the funny that my little scrawny "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" pear tree that is in my front yard only grew two pears. There is a story behind this poor little pear tree...When I moved into my house, I went to buy two ORNAMENTAL pears to put on either side of my driveway....a stately greeting to visitors. Unfortunately, only ONE was ornamental --the other was a REAL pear tree...that has remained very scrawny and stunted. Not really a very stately entrance...beautiful rounded ornamental tree on the left...and its ugly step sister of a tree over across the driveway. It did produce these TWO pears this year it has blessed me with beauty if not bounty!

This other lay out is of my friend Ruthie...I just love her...and thought this picture needed to celebrate that...I think she is wonderful...

In addition to getting lo's done last night I also got my big ole shower cleaned all spic and span -- and added little scruffy things to the tiles so I don't slip and fall...which has been an issue ever since I moved into the is a beautiful spa like shower -- but I have always been a little trepidatious stepping into it even with the bath mats 'cause they didn't really stick to well to the tiles. Long luxurious shower in my future...with NO fear.

Hope you all are having a terrific day.

Love you guys...thanks for your prayers


  1. Beautiful!!! I love that you printed that picture of Ruth on fabric! Wow! Annie told me about these so I checked your blog to see if you posted them. Go you on getting them done so fast! Wow!

    I cracked up when I read your post because I say "trepidatious" all the time. I looked it up once to see if it was a real word and I couldn't find it but if you say it - it must be! ha!!! You're like Tiff, you always say big words. I love that. LOL

  2. I have been showing everyone your layouts!
    Everyone loves them!
    Can't wait for Ruthie to see it.
    Thanks for visiting today.

  3. I saw the "Ruth" layout today at Scrap It! Beauty is the correct word..I love it! Awesome job!
    Your Stampin' Up product is there at Scrap It! for you. I am leaving for Texas this Sunday morning..won't be back until the following Sunday.


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