Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where does the time go?

I thought it was only yesterday that I blogged...and then I checked the date on my last post...and had to just laugh...time just speeds by (when you're having fun, have a huge list of to do's .... or you are over 40!).

I had so much fun getting together with a group of ladies that I have met on SIStv. We all got together for a day of scrapping, eating, giggling and all around fun on Saturday. It was actually one of my most productive days ever at a crop! It helped that we did several "round robins." Have you ever done that with your friends? The basics are: you start a layout with your picture...and you have anywhere between 5 - 10 minutes to begin. Then the buzzer rings and you hand it off to the next person at the table -- and you take the layout from the person on your right...and have 10 minutes to work on it. and so on and so on -- until your layout comes back to you....with a bit of everyone else at your table on it! I love it because it stretches me in a couple of ways. 1) You get a project mid-way in and have to see what would be appropriate and helpful to add. 2) you are on a time limit -- so you are forced to think, act and glue it down...which is not one of my strengths...I tend to like to linger and ponder and try lots of different things -- adding up to extended time on each and every layout. This makes me move out of that comfort zone -- and discover that I like what my initial instincts are in most cases. I will try and get a couple of examples posted so you can see what I am talking about -- I really like the results even though they don't end up how I thought they would in my head. You might want to try this idea too sometime...

School has started and I have two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is really interesting because each class has it's own personality...and are both going to be a fun challenge to me this semester. I do love the energy I get from working with young people...although I am tired at the end of the day -- my creative side seems to be rev'ed up and ready to take off. These are some of my students from last semester...good guys....and am enjoying seeing them around this semester to -- kind of makes me feel like an "insider" here too!

Am off to a conference in Dallas this week. Haven't been back to Dallas since September and am hoping to get to hug my family's necks while I am there...I miss them a lot. All that being said -- I was telling Royce that I really have begun to feel like Nashville is home to me. I just feel very blessed in all of this.

Hope you all are having a great week. I am prepping for taping again next week...and think we will have some fun things to work on. Hopefully, there will be a link for January's The Big Stuff on my website in the next day or two...and I am working on the prompt for February. I am excited about all of you who have decided to play along. If you want to get our monthly newsletter GLUEPrints...just sign up here.


  1. Hey! Have a safe trip to Dallas and I will see you when you get home!!

  2. Glad you have a great group of students and that the semester is going well.


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