Sunday, January 14, 2007

Off to Panama

My guys are off on a mission trip to Panama with 20 other men. They are way up on a mountain building a school and a church for the Guymi Indians and a pastor that works with them. I miss them -- but am so excited that they are getting to do this together. Royce is in charge of logistics for the group...Weston is in charge of cutting block. If you think of it -- please pray for them...for safety and for some great opportunities to share with the children and their parents that they come in contact with while they are there.
Have a great week...


  1. Jann, as someone said at New Hope last week-we pray that God's will be done thru these wonderful people and their hard work. And of course, I pray for their safety too!

  2. I will pray for their safe return and that they will have many opportunities for sharing Jesus.
    That photo is at the airport isn't it? I don't miss going there every week to drop my honey off!!!

  3. They will be in my prayers.
    What a wonderful experience for a father and son to have together.
    You should have gone as the photographer!
    Hope they took your old camera!

  4. How amazing to have the opportunity to go on this trip! I will be praying for their safe return..and that God's power & love just completely saturate whomever they come in contact with!
    Let me cook dinner for ya this week..if you aren't too does Italian sound? Wednesday is good for does your calendar look?

  5. Wow! Ya'll do the coolest things. I would love to go on a mission trip. Is it through your church?


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