Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Small Things

make me happy. Oh granted -- the big things do too...but small things often go un-noticed and therefore their intended joy creation never gets released into the universe. i find this happens because of ttwo reasons...

1, The small thing is TOO small to be notice by those of us that go at sucha hectic pace that we simply miss the small things.

2. We are so focused on achieving the BIG THINGS that the little things take up too much of our energy to stop and deal with them -- allowing them to release their intended into the we belittle the small is an obstacle to achieving the BIG thingS....

Case in point 'TO DO' list was several different areas of my life. THESE areas are important to me -- they have potential impact on my life for years to come...I was focused on accomplishing a few things to check off the list and report back to the powers tha be that I had made progress....when across my path came two little boys named erin and tate. They were in the parking lot at Walmart...and I ALMOST PASSED THEM BY. They were singing nursery rhyme kind of silly songs...and even though they were croutched down by the tires of a car -- I STILL felt sure that their Mommy was somewhere nearby...I kept walking...but the sounds of their sweet innocent voicesbecame like a gossamer string around my neck...not hurting...but not breaking. And I stopped and went back to talk wiht them. Erin the older one -- he's ALMOST 5 said that they were on a trip...a really really reallylong trip...but he was afraid that he and tate were going to have to do the rest of it by themselves. T hat certainly got my attention. "Why would you do the trip by yourself." "Well, we waited a long time for our poppa to come home...andwhen he did he said we weren't going on the trip. My Mom just laughed and said..."you don't have to go...but you can't steal the good it will do these boys." So we left on the trip about three days ago. . . and we think we are almost these...but we haven't seen our Mom for a long time." I asked questions to determine how long...and discovered that the boys last saw their mom on New Years Eve Night...she left them to fend for themselves in the car in the Walmart Shopping Center while she did something. At this point I knew that this situation was a HUGE situation nand beyond my ability to manage. I asked the guys getting the shopping carts from the area around us to immediately go and get a store manager. And then I sat down on the ground between Erin and Tate...and I learned some new songs...and I taught them one about HOPE. There was no crying...nashing of teeth...just two confused boys doing what they had been taught to do and wait...and one middle aged lady willing to get down on their level and sing. There was beauty in that...for a small moment the rest of the world went away...and I had two lives held in my hands while others scurried to get the right authorities to show up....and we managed to giggle...snort...somebody tooted (not me!) and we laughed some more. Tate is the little one..about three. Said, "it can't be her that tooted cause Angels don't toot." To him, I was an angel. To me he had once been a small thing...who's innocence and trust in ME...parlayed into me stopping...spending time with a couple of small things -- that will most likely leave an everlasting impression on my soul.


  1. O My Goodness Janni, I bought lost it in tears... What an amazing impact u had on those 2 boys. U are such a blessing to everyone that you come in contact with. U are such an amazing women. Thank you for sharing this story. I will always be more aware of the "smaller" things now. Thanks you for that. Much love...xoxo

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    what a blessing you are -

  3. Oh Jann...I've been so emotional the last couple of days, so this had me crying. What a blessing to those little boys that you have a heart so big and you stopped to question what was going on. I only hope that their mother has a good explaination and that no harm has come to her.

  4. Oh my gosh! I'm crying. Um...are you going to keep up with them to see what happens?

  5. Update on the boys:

    They were taken to DHS and fairly quickly reunited with their mother. She apparently is a sweet thing...trying hard to take care of the boys (en route from Ohio to Florida) was out of cash -- low on gas and realized they weren't going to make it to Florida with what she had. She was going to stay with her sister while she got back on her feet. She heard that they were hiring over at Providence and instead of burning the last gasoline in their car took a bus...but got totally lost and didn't know where she had left the kids. She was young and scared so she didn't go to the police immediately -- just thought she could find them if she went to enough Walmarts.

    The boys are fine...they are currently in foster care -- probably for about 10 days and then hopefully their mom will have enough money to take them the rest of the way to Florida. It sounds like while they feel she made a poor choice that they have pity on her situation and since the boys were not really harmed...(when I met them they were not scared and had found food and had only gotten OUT of the car to walk around and play for a bit). I am so glad this all resolved so well and to a good end. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for these boys...pray for their Mama too -- sounds like she is in a really tough place. She appears to be clean and totally sober -- just very down on her luck...but is being helped now so should be fine. I will let you all know if I get any more updates.

  6. very thankful that you were there for them. you are a rare and wonderful person. just think of how many people had walked by them before you came along...

  7. You are such a wonderful person. I couldn't tell you that I would have stopped, not because I feel I wouldn't have cared for the boys, but my mind is so all over the place that I probably would have never even noticed them there.

    You should feel very proud of yourself and those little boys are blessed to have had you walk through their paths.

  8. Praise GOD that the person who stopped for these little boys was someone whose heart was full of love, tenderness and compassion.

    It chills me to think that some sort of child-predator could have reached them and done who-knows-what...

    Blessings on you for obeying your instincts and turning back.

    -- kimB

  9. Jann you are really their angel!! I do not even know what to say, you are an inspiration and I want to be more like YOU!

  10. wow- what an amazing story of God's providence.

    found you through kelli darr's blog and was sitting here mouth wide open and in shock at what you were saying.

    praise God that He had you there and at that time! So amazing!


  11. I think they're right--you ARE their angel!

    God bless you all!



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