Monday, January 08, 2007

A Happy

Look what I made!
I have a layout I am working on that needed....something. Kind of vintagy...kind of hip...and I couldn't figure it out....then it came to me -- it needed crocheted flowers!
Easy pattern...if I can do it -- you can do it. Here you go:
Hook D/3
Large Flower:
Chain (ch) 2
Rnd 1: 5 single crochets in second chain from hook
Rnd 2: Single chain (sc) in back loop of first sc, 2 sc in next back loop, sc in next back loop, 2 sc in next back loop, sc in next (that gives you seven loops)
Rnd 3: (Sc, ch 2, 2 double crochets (dc) sc) in back loop of each of the last seven sc around.
Fasten off with a slip stitch in same sc as first petal (seven petals)
Small Flower:
Chain 2
Rnd 1: 5 sc in second loop from hook
Rnd 2: (sc, ch2, 2 dc, s) in back loop of each of the 5 sc loops (5 petals)
Have fun!


  1. yah! Ok then- I know that was for me, but it looks like a foreign language to me. Maybe you could show me in person?

  2. but of course...for you...I would do whatever it takes to help you achieve success with the created flower. When shall we work on this?

  3. Aw Jannie... Love them! I wouldn't know the first time about crochet... Had Doris made me some flowers about a month ago... Love Love them! I need to start a collection. I love em!! xoxo
    O.. and Roxy is just about 35 lbs and she is done growing. She has filled out, I think that is it. She is still pretty small.

  4. I know how to knit, but never learned to crochet. those flowers look beautiful! Hope everything is going well with you and the wedding plans!

  5. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Cutesy-patootsy! So like, can we purchase some of these from make an order...maybe even supply the yarn-y stuff? I know I could do this if I just had a hands-on lesson once! You should make and sell them on ebay or something!

  6. I know how to crochet..but I don't read was just taught to me..I need a class with Chelle please!
    Having fun with wedding plans? I loved putting mine together!! I did it all by myself..what a wonderful memory!


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