Friday, October 10, 2008

So -- How Did I Do, You Ask?

Lists are good. At least for me!

I was up by 6:15 -- three snoozes felt oh so good! But still up in plenty of time to get everything done before I headed off to my classes at Cumberland. It was a gorgeous day -- and I just felt GOOD driving to class knowing that I had accomplished everything that I needed to before I got to the school.

My students were "on the mark." They all turned their papers in -- and nobody got lower than an 82 on the exam...I am real proud of them. With the new Monday=Friday class schedule, we have had less lecture time -- so I had to rely on them to do more work for themselves out of the book...and they had -- because there were questions on the test I hadn't covered in lecture. YEAH for them!

While they took the test, I got started reading their I didn't make much of a dent in 63 3-5 page papers..but I got started -- which puts me AHEAD of the list, cause grading papers wasn't even on it. After class, I went over to the library and did the "scantron" thingy -- so all my tests are graded! Mark that one off the list!

I stopped by the post office -- got my packages in the mail...stopped and saw a dear friend -- and actually felt like I had time to stop and talk for a few minutes because I was ahead of schedule.

Came home -- got things started for the evening -- two loads of laundry (again NOT on the list -- but it was fun to write it in and then SCRATCH it off!)....headed out to walk -- 2 miles...great music....dinner...and now I am catching up on my emails, blogging and off to visit the galleries on SIStv for some creative inspiration.

Because I got the WHOLE list done -- and a couple of extras...I am going to go crop with some girlfriends from church and not going to feel guilty or like there is SOMETHING else I should be doing...

Yep....lists are a good thing -- at least for me.


  1. YEAH you!!! It is funny because I am busy making my list as I am reading about yours! Miss you - can't wait to see you!

  2. I do not make list in advance...instead I make them at the end of the day to see what I accomplished. That way I am always successful. :) Totally odd-ball I know.

    You go girl,


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