Sunday, October 02, 2011

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Hello sweet friends...

Hope you have had a great weekend - and are looking forward to the week ahead!

I just got a notice on my phone that middle Tennessee is likely to experience frost tonight!  Woo Hoo - I think that may mean that FALL is actually on its way here! YEAH!

I was able to re-tape the video tutorial on the mini canvases - it was a little frustrating having to tape it with the camera off to the side - so I am really hoping to get back to using my computer and the overhead camera again soon! I apologize for the number of times I was demonstrating something out of frame or the goofiness of telling you to "look at something" that you clearly COULDN'T see because my left hand wasand was in the way! LOL.  Oh well - I learned a lot by doing this one and hopefully will do better on the next one.

This afternoon, I got to start on the project I told you about in the video...the mini album that we want to send  to the family of the kidney donor Royce received last October 8th.  We want to share with them our gratitude - but want to be mindful that the gift we received came at the cost of the life of their loved one.  We take that sacrifice to heart - and want them to know that Royce cherishes that gift - and throough his life, their loved one is continuing to influence the lives of others. This is one of those opportunities where I can use my art to express what is in my heart! I hope that you find an opportunity to do the same!  Have a great week - and I will be back to share the progress I am making with our mini albums.


  1. Hi Jann
    Missing you on your blog and can't 'talk' via Chatroll as it won't recognise my username/password which are all correctly entered!

    How are you and how is your album and canvasses proceeding?
    Hope you have fully recovered from pneumonia and aren't overdoing things :)


  2. Studio Jann :-). Awesome tutorial you have created for this installment. Watching it on my phone is great but I will be glad to see it at home on my computer on a larger screen.

    I'm really happy to hear your news of Royce's one year anniversary with his new kidney. I can't believe it has been that long already! Your idea for a mini album full of letters to the donor family is heart warming and I think they will appreciate it so very much. I look forward to seeing the mini. Knowing you and how creative you are your gift will be beyond awesome.

    Glad you are feeling well. Hope you get your computer back soon - for your own peace of mind :-)

    Love you Girlfriend - Leslie


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