Friday, June 01, 2007

Stop The Clock

Ok...I had to keep playing with Jenni's kit...and then remembered the one little word challenge going I decided to try and combine is what I ended up with.

Don't we as adults want time to slow down -- but when we were kids we couldn't wait for the hands to spin on the clock so we would be OLDER!?!?!?! What was up with that...boy talk about 20/20 hindsight! *smile*


  1. Very cool layout! Love the clocks in the title!

  2. Oh that is so true!
    I remember being little and so wanting to be the next age.
    I would always say 8 1/2 instead of 8, for instance.

    Your layout is cute!!

    I chuckled when I saw that you changed your profile pic.
    Now THAT looks more like you!

  3. {{{OH JANN}}} This is one of my very favorite layouts ever! It's gorgeous!

    I was going to say that I couldn't even possibly enter the OLW challenge now. BUT then I remembered this is not a contest (even though there are prizes) but a challenge! Two completely different things. So I will try to do a STOP layout too, just for the challenge.

    Is the clock over the picture a transparancy thingie or a stamp? At first I was thinking it was a stamp and how cool it was for you to be able to stamp right on the picture.

    Wow I'm just so amazed!

  4. I love this layout! Good job!

    one little word

  5. Hey Chelle:

    It is a stamp...I used Stazon Ink in Opaque Baby Blue...I like the way it turned out....was kind of nervous stamping on the picture...

  6. wonderful layout!
    i am going to work on my stop layout this weekend:)
    see you at JB's!

  7. jannie baby... LOVE this girl!!! so glad ur playing w/us!!! xoxo

  8. Gorgeous page. Love all the elements they work together to add such an excitement to the overall design. I especially love the clock overlay.

  9. i love this page! love all the embelliesa and love that blue!

  10. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Helloooo! Loved seeing you at Jenni's this week. It felt like old times getting together with all the gals from Scrap It. I'm going to check out this challenge blog you mentioned -- Annie mentioned it too on a layout on her blog. It might be a good excuse to play with some of my new scrapbook goodies I've been hoarding. See you soon!


  11. oooooooh jann! love the layouts!!! great titlework on that stop one!!! and the missions one . . . love love love!!! :D

    great seeing you yesterday! and bummed i missed you gals last night! and eeps! just remembered i wanted to borrow that lens . . . :D


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