Monday, February 09, 2009

Stamping on Buttons

I am so excited about this Monday morning...I think there is something fresh and new about the beginning of a new week. Hope you are anticipating a great week too.

Today's card started from a scrap of vintage wall-paper. I sometimes think I am an "old" lady stuck in a young woman's body -- just because of the things that I love!

There really wasn't much needed for this card after I glued the scrap of paper to my card...just wanted to pull out some of that red and green in the embellishments...and chose a couple of buttons to do that. They looked too "modern" on the I decided to stamp a bit on them.

To stamp on plastic you need to use solvent ink (Like Stazon or Archiver Ink by Ranger). Because of the rounded surface on buttons, I have found that small stamps work best. You can stamp and turn the button several times until it has been covered with the image the way you like.

Just tie a bit of twine through the buttons and add to your page...and you have a lovely embellishment!

Have a superb week...filled with lots of creativity!


  1. Did you emboss the buttons after you stamped them? Or put something over them so the ink wouldn't smear? Also did you use white ink?

    Simply Gorgeous!!!

  2. I am also feeling awesome this Monday! The more springlike weather and sunshine is doing it along with help from my Savior! I am determined to be His beacon this week and see the positive in everything & everyone! (I struggle with the latter at times!)

    I came across a little stash of vintage wallpaper this weekend and need to do something with it. You've inspired me! (as always!)


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