Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inking with Embossed Resist

This technique has so many variations, it could keep you busy for WEEKS! hee hee I think you will be seeing it from me several times in the days to come because my mind has been having fun thinking up new projects to try out -- so hopefully I will have some to share soon. Let me share with you the basics...and then I would love to see what you come up with.
Basic Embossed Resist Technique:
1. Ink a stamp with embossing ink.
2. Sprinkle the stamped image with embossing powder (clear or tinted).
3. Heat the embossing powder with a heat gun until melted. Let cool.
4. Apply distress or chalk inks in multiple colors to background.
5. Wipe the excess ink off of the embossed image with a baby wipe.
A few variations you might want to try:
1. Use colored ink for your stamped image.
2. Used tinted embossing powder (or put different colors on different areas of the image).
3. Collage multiple stamped images.
4. Use Distress Embossing powder -- and rub the release crystals off prior to inking your background.
Have fun...and let me see where you go with your creative muse!

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